Kage is Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Newest Character, Available Now

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Kage is Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Newest Character, Available Now

Kage, the Embodiment of Satsui, joins the roster to bring in the next season of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

We have now ended an unforgettable year for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition with the champion officially being crowned for Capcom Cup 2018! We’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone who has made this possible, from all the tournament organizers, volunteers, professional players, and especially the community. Our year of mayors, presidents, and kings would not have been possible without you! But on to the future, as all the lights from Capcom Cup 2018 have created a shadow in the form of Kage, the newest character in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and the beginning of the next season.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition: KageStreet Fighter V Arcade Edition: Kage

Kage, meaning “shadow” in Japanese, is the physical embodiment of the Satsui no Hado, an evil force rooted in humanity’s obsession with power. Those who have control over this force, like Akuma, carry immense strength, but at the cost of their humanity. Ryu is one such being who knows the Satsui no Hado exists within him and has been struggling to keep it at bay. Hypothetically, if Ryu let the Satsui no Hado consume him, the being known as Evil Ryu takes over and begins a path of destruction. However, after the events of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Ryu has been able to overcome the Satsui no Hado’s influence and be at peace…until the force decides to have a mind of its own. Kage rises in order to prove to Ryu that his true power comes from the Satsui no Hado.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition: Kage

Seeing as how Kage has ties to both Ryu and Evil Ryu, his move set takes inspiration from both of them. Kage has the iconic Hadoken and Shoryuken, though the former does not act like a projectile unless used in the air. Kage also has Evil Ryu’s Shakunetsu Hadoken, a red fireball that goes full screen, and Ryusokyaku, a wide arcing axe kick. Finally, Kage has access to two Critical Arts, Ryu’s Metsu Shoryuken and the Shun Goku Satsu, commonly known as the Raging Demon. Both of these Critical Arts feature a background of crimson red to show the stark difference between Ryu’s serene blue. Kage is available for MSRP $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money on December 16!

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition: KageStreet Fighter V Arcade Edition: Kage

Along with Kage, the latest balance changes to the rest of the 32 characters have arrived! Five of the characters – F.A.N.G, Vega, Chun-Li, Abigail, and M. Bison – received brand new moves to enhance their playstyle. Head to training mode to see how your favorite characters have changed!

Finally, we have officially confirmed the Capcom Pro Tour will be returning in 2019 to offer another year of vigorous competition and gasp-worthy moments. Stay tuned for more details regarding the Capcom Pro Tour and Capcom Cup 2019!

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition: KageStreet Fighter V Arcade Edition: Kage

Once again, thank you for an incredible 2018. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned in 2019!

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  • Wait. I am really confused. Does this mean there is no season 4? It’s just the one character? I’m not spending anything until I know for certain. If he’s part of a pass, I’ll wait for that. This was a very poorly done announcement.

    • That’s how Capcom does. Show a character most players will want, makes you pay for him or use your fight money, then announce the Season 4 pass that will probably include him..

  • This was such a lackluster reveal. I was hoping for E. Honda. I would have preferred Rose over this bad Halloween costume for Ryu. There is nothing hype about Kage.

  • So instead Ingrid, I got over pissed shadow Ryu… well, no reason to reinstall it again, back to Monster Hunter World…

  • Ehhh, come again? Even if I wanted to buy him individually, there’s no option I saw other than Fight Money to obtain him and I DO NOT play online, multiplayer, etc. It’s not my thing. So if I wanted extra stuff I’ll simply pay out real life money for it. But there’s no option to do so. Fix!

    • there is an option, but you’re right its poorly done. Its listed as the costumes under the character. so buy the costumes not just the character. its a bundle for Kage, and battle costume.

  • Is his first name Nicolas?

  • Kage (Evil Ryu) looks like a crazed cosplay character. Those glowing horns really? I bet Capcom must have been pretty torn between the horns or giving hin neon cat ears.

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