PS Gear: New Bloodborne Figure, PlayStation Socks, and More

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PS Gear: New Bloodborne Figure, PlayStation Socks, and More

New PlayStation Gear is here for the holidays. Just giftwrap and go!

It’s not always easy knowing what to give during the holidays, but if you’re looking for that perfect grab-and-go bundle of PlayStation inspired products, then look no further. These boxes are 100% giftwrap friendly and stuffed with PlayStation inspired goodies that are sure to delight. A variety of PlayStation collectible boxes are available now for purchase at major retail chains including GameStop, Walmart, and Target.

PlayStation Gear: God of War Comic #1

Anxious for more God of War lore beautifully illustrated and insightfully written? Well then, you’re in luck this holiday season! Our friends at Dark Horse have recently released the first issue of the new God of War comic series! Learn more at Dark Horse’s website.

Five Stocking-Friendly Favorites

When it comes to stocking stuffers, these compact products are where the rubber meets the road, or more appropriately, where the skis meet the snow! Here’s a list of some of our favorites to inspire your holiday shopping.

PlayStation Gear: The Hunter Figure

Totaku Collection: Bloodborne Hunter Figure (Only at GameStop)

This Bloodborne Hunter figure stands 10cm tall, but is huge in presence! Get it at GameStop.

PlayStation Gear: Kratos FigPin

God of War FiGPiN – Gold Kratos (Only at GameStop)

FiGPiN is a popular collectible among PlayStation and God of War fans alike. This Gold Kratos FiGPiN is available only at GameStop.

PlayStation Gear: PlayStation Socks

PlayStation Crew Socks 3 Pair

These socks are both festive and stocking friendly! Best of all, they come in a pack of 3 which helps fill the stocking faster. Get it at Box Lunch.

PlayStation Gear: Kid Robot Mini Series

Kidrobot God of War Vinyl Mini-Series

Square boxes are just easier to wrap, am I right? These eight highly collectible figures come individually packaged in… you guessed it, a square box! You can order these blind boxes now on the Kidrobot website.

PlayStation Gear: Stubbins Clank

Stubbins Plush Toy – Clank

Our gift giving list wouldn’t be complete without a plush toy. Among the many PlayStation plush pals, we think this Clank plush is among the cutest!

Coming Soon

Here’s a sneak peek…

PlayStation Gear: God of War Mini Figures

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  • Won’t you need those socks for after you’re done doing what you do with your silly hentai games though? YOU KNOW WHAT I TALK ABOUT!

  • Wow, you totally #gottem – it was an executive board room decision to make socks rather than capitulate to concerns regarding censorship.

    Grow up, buddy.

  • Any info you can share on when will be back up?

    • I’m interested in that too Chaoz.

    • I’m interested in this as well. It’s been what, 3-4 months now? I missed the new PG shoes yesterday because I slept in and the “draw” system was “sold out” in less than three hours. Need a more reliable way to purchase merchandise that won’t get scooped up by scalpers.

  • While I’m not playing the sorts of games getting censored. This should raise concerns with both of you. Silly little things like the fans from DoA Volleyball are being removed from the game. Personal I don’t feel like they add anything to the game overall. Clearly there is an audience for that sort…. thing…. However this does open avenues for other stronger censorship positions that could start impacting other games. Language could start to get censored to an extreme. Certain brackets might get bumped up by sony into the AO category even if the ESRB states it is an M rated title. Etc.

    While some of these more anime style games venture into Loli land which honestly should raise some debate in the US and see policies in place. There are other things that probably should be dialed back as needing to be removed. A few games should get grandfathered in since they are in a localization phase.

  • Are these made in china? kinda expensive don’t ya think.

  • The Totaku Bloodborne figure is hard to find man.

    • Tell me about it. Even when the site says a store has them they dont. I was able to get two Bloodbourne before scalpers got em. Now working on the Dark Souls one that I preordered but keeps getting pushed back grrr…!

  • I have that bloodborne figure on my desk at work, is it really that hard to find?

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