How to Crush the Competition in Override: Mech City Brawl, Out December 4

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How to Crush the Competition in Override: Mech City Brawl, Out December 4

Master these monstrous tips to keep your mech one step ahead.

Hey Party Pilots! With Override’s release just around the corner, we thought it would be nice to give you some mech-sized tips before the big day, December 4! Our gigantic mechs have a wide range of abilities and personalities, so we can guarantee that you will find the perfect, insanely large fighting robot to suit you! First, let’s dive into some basics.

Override’s combat is easy to learn, hard to master. To build a solid foundation, there are three core mechanics you should be familiar with: basic attacks, charged attacks, and blocking. Each have their strengths and weaknesses, and it is up to you know when to utilize them!

Basic Attacks

Basic attacks consist of your normal punches and kicks, and they are quick and easy to pull off. Although they deal the least amount of damage, basic attacks are great for interrupting charged attacks, chaining combos together and quickly building up your meter for special abilities.

Charged Attacks

While charged attacks take a bit of time to set up, their payoff is huge. A successful charged attack will send your opponent flying, and it will even break your opponent’s guard if they attempt to block it. Plus, it just looks awesome. But, be careful. A quick basic attack will interrupt a charged attack and stun you!

Blocks and Counters

Blocking with your face is a bad idea, so why not block with a cool energy shield instead?! Not only does blocking allow you to take zero damage from basic attacks and small projectiles, it also gives you the opportunity to counter punches and kicks. To execute a devastating punch counter or kick counter, press any punch or kick button respectively while blocking. If you are unsuccessful, however, you will end up in a vulnerable state where your opponent can punish you.

Staying a Step Ahead

Mastering these mechanics means you’ll always have an answer to what your opponent is cooking up. In fact, you can even bait them into punishable situations. For example, you can telegraph a charged attack to bait them into executing a counter-attack. If you cancel out of your charged attack, their counter will whiff and leave them vulnerable to attack.

Specials and Ultimates

As you dish out damage, you’ll build up your Special Meter which will allow you to execute any of four unique abilities with each mech. There are offensive abilities like Vidar’s explosive arrows, or more defensive abilities like Vintage’s EMP that stuns everyone around him.

When you’re low enough on health, you’ll have the ability to pull off a devastating Ultimate Attack to help you make a comeback. You can combo them with certain special attacks to ensure you seal the deal, like stunning an opponent with MetaGeckon’s laser, then following it up with his massive sword strike Ultimate Attack.

We’re super excited for you guys to get your hands on Override! We hoped this brief guide helped and we can’t wait to face off against you guys online. Get ready to bash some mechs in the face!

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