Creating the Apocalypse in Darksiders III, Out Tomorrow on PS4

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Creating the Apocalypse in Darksiders III, Out Tomorrow on PS4

Gunfire Games shares concept art of Fury and the Seven Deadly Sins. Plus, a selection of new wallpapers for your phone!

The world of Darksiders has always been replete with outlandish beings, weaponry and environments. Interpreting planet earth’s Apocalypse and its inhabitants for Darksiders III was like working inside a playground for our artists. No design direction was off-limits.

The playbook was simple.

The Darksiders III world is modern and post-apocalyptic, designed as a vertical gamescape that takes the player from the bowels of Hell to the heights of Heaven.

Darksiders 3 wallpaperDarksiders 3 wallpaperDarksiders 3 wallpaper

Our heroine, the third horseman of the Apocalypse best known as Fury, is everything her brother War and Death aren’t: a duty-bound, vengeful mage who is presented in five different designs complete with evolving weaponry.

And finally, a seemingly endless cast of enemies. The headliners of which being The Seven Deadly Sins.

Much of the team here at Gunfire had art and design roles on the original Darksiders, Darksiders II, or both. Coming together to continue the story of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse like never before all these years later has been an absolute blast. We believe we have created an absolute feast for the player’s eyes!

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  • Fix the frame rate issues on the PS4 Pro. Overall, game so far has been decent.

  • Unfortunately, this game is gonna get buried.

  • Why my iPhone not ringing?

  • After the disaster of Darksiders 2, not sure i am goining to be getting this one.
    Darksiders 2 was awful to me for so many reasons, begining with the hardlock of 30fps even in the remastered edition.
    So anything below 60 is a no deal for me, it gives me motion sickness

  • I’m not saying that Darksiders 3 is a bad game, but the promotions aren’t encouraging me to give it a try. They barely talk about the game. Instead it’s the art direction. Seriously. Whether true or not the impression being made is that Darksiders 3 is a re-skin with a female protagonist. She looks absolutely generic so zero interest there too. Some titles you just know will have deep discounts very soon after launch….

    • I wish it was a reskin… DS2 was amazing and I’d love to play another DS2…

      In stead, they abandoned the good elements of DS1 and DS2 and added Souls influence to it, creating a mess that is designed to just waste your time.

  • Really enjoying it so far. Feels a lot like Darksiders 1 (which was my favorite). It is a great Darksiders game if you love the franchise like I do and like Hack & Slash games (it is a bit harder this time around though… if you play on normal on the old games start on the lowest difficulty in this one, trust me you will thank me if you want a more casual experience).

    • It feels nothing like DS1… combat is drastically different, ability acquisition is much less organic, word design is much more straightforward with less exploration.

      Darksiders is one of my favourite franchises and this is not a ‘great’ darksiders game.

  • There was a whole lot of hype about this game, videos of gameplay and all they did was talk about the art Concepts but IGN rated it an 7, I’m still waiting to pick my copy up to give my own personal rating hope it’s good the first two were great, great storyline great gameplay not going to sit here and complain about a game that I didn’t help create or make money off of I hope they come out with a fourth

  • Worth a rental but not a purchase.. unless it’s $15 or less

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