Battlefield V Out Today: Inside the Bold New Grand Operations Multiplayer Mode

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Battlefield V Out Today: Inside the Bold New Grand Operations Multiplayer Mode

Wage war on massive maps across a mix of new and iconic multiplayer modes.

Battlefield V launches today worldwide. All-out war across a mix of new and iconic multiplayer modes for up to 64 players on massive maps are in your hands. So, where do you start?

Press X on Grand Operations and you’ll start an intense tour of Battlefield V’s World War 2-based maps and multiplayer modes. Each Grand Operation is arranged as a clash between opposing forces played on rotating maps across up to four “days” of matches.

Veteran players will recognize these as upgraded Operations from Battlefield 1. However, this time with a better focus on fast-paced, coordinated military actions to invade or defend, sabotage or disarm, and make a final stand if all else fails.

Here’s How it Works

Each Grand Operation contains several in-game rounds referred to as days. Two teams try to best one another in each round for final victory. Each day’s results affect the conditions of the next, making it one big battle where the momentum can shift.

Typically, you’ll start with an insertion mode like Airborne, and then proceed to fight on the ground in modes like Breakthrough or Conquest. However, the setup varies between Grand Operations and can be modified in many ways (more on these modes below).

Grand Operations at Launch

The experience is built into the four major geographical areas of the game, Holland, France, North Africa, and Norway — each represented by two maps per region. The operations are inspired by historical battles of WW2 and the offering will grow post-launch with the Tides of War.

A Look at Grand Operations in North Africa

The iconic WW2 experience of staging an invasion from above comes to you in Airborne. This is how day one starts; Allied paratroopers drop from the skies as Axis forces dig in and prepare to hold territory. On the second day, two teams will clash in Conquest, specifically the Conquest Assault variant, where the round starts with defenders controlling every flag that attackers must capture.

Both Airborne and Conquest Assault are contested on the Hamada map, a massive playing field of sunbaked rock and sand inspired by WW2 battles on a strategic point between Libya and Egypt.

Drenched in sweat and caked in dirt, the fight continues in the Aerodrome map. This one is loosely based on the British attacks on German installations, supply lines, and airfields in the Libyan desert in 1942-1943. Control of the central hangar is ideal here, but you’ll have to survive a barrage of infantry nests and tank shells.

Day three on Aerodrome is won in Breakthrough, where one team will push to seize all control points in a sector, and to force the enemy to retreat. Day four is a worst-case scenario. If nobody pulls ahead after three days, it’s time for Final Stand. Few will survive in this sudden death mode, where you’ll have depleted ammo and no respawns. Final team standing wins!

Experience Them All

Each Grand Operation brings something different. For example, day three in the France Grand Operation is contested in a match of Frontlines, where teams fight for one objective point at a time, and once an objective is captured, the action moves on to the next. Conquering the last flag opens the vulnerable enemy base.

At launch, some game modes will only be available to play in Grand Operations, such as Airborne and Final Stand. Grand Operations will be the initial home for many new experiences as the post-launch Tides of War journey expands, so it’s always worth a visit.

Deploy now on PS4 with the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition or the Battlefield V Standard Edition.

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