Gallery: Hands-on With PlayStation Classic

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Gallery: Hands-on With PlayStation Classic

A little quiet time with one of our old favorites.

PlayStation Classic

“This thing is tiny!” That was my first thought upon meeting PlayStation Classic in the flesh. It’s around the size of a small paperback novel. It even fit snugly it into my back pocket. It’s slim, trim, and charmingly reflects the visual look of the original PlayStation in almost every way.

Next came the controller, a recreation of the model that launched alongside PlayStation in North America. I wrapped my hands around it, and the feel of those ergonomic grips sent me tumbling back to 1995, when I was huddled in a friend’s basement playing Battle Arena Toshinden for the first time. The directional pad felt a bit more comfortable to me, but otherwise, it was almost a carbon copy of the original controller.

I turned on the PlayStation Classic system and was pleased to see the original opening screen, compete with the teeth-rattling original system sound. Here, I noticed the logo was updated to Sony Interactive Entertainment. How things change!

PlayStation Classic

Then I browsed the 20 pre-loaded titles, a lineup that includes essential classics like Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, and Tekken 3. While navigating through the UI — which is charmingly rendered with a lower-res aesthetic circa 1995 — each title depicts its original year of release, publisher, and the number of players supported.

I moved to the memory card management screen and encountered a UI that appeared to be nearly identical to its original incarnation… right down to that rainbow-hued Delete button.

Speaking of memory cards, PlayStation Classic adds some nice quality-of-life improvements in regards to saving game progress. At any time, you can press the Reset button on the system to exit your game and return to the main menu. Pressing the Reset button creates a Resume Point, which means you can play another game and return later to pick up your progress.

You can also use in-game save functionality to create traditional save files on the unit’s virtual memory card. In a nice touch, each game can accommodate 15 save slots’ worth of save files, so you’ll have plenty of headroom.

PlayStation ClassicPlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic

PlayStation ClassicPlayStation Classic

Meanwhile, the system’s Open button has limited application, and is solely used to change “discs” in multi-disc games like Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid. It’s a cool touch and well implemented.

Then I fired up Twisted Metal, Grand Theft Auto, Jumping Flash, and a few other titles. Overall, the games played as I remembered them, 4:3 aspect ratio and all. I noticed that some of games on PlayStation Classic are sourced from PAL (European) versions of the games, with the remainder being NTSC (American) versions.

Overall, PlayStation Classic’s cute formfactor, nostalgic interface, and overall ease of use point to a well-designed trip down 32-bit lane. Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer in the comments!

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  • What kind of power input does it use? Is there a chance more games can be side loaded like with the Nintendo Classic systems?

    • It uses a micro usb and will be compatible with most phone power blocks/adapters.

      Nobody from Sony, or on their website(s), will comment on hackability. It’s something they don’t want you to do, and will be against the EULA in the user manual.

      Only time and the Internet will tell if it’s hackable.

    • Having it hackable with different games would be the most appealing thing of the system.
      It’s not like all the games are bad. There are a ton of good games. But there’s a lot of filler games.
      So there’s incentive to change the game’s selection.

  • How long are the controller cables?

    • THIS!
      Good thing is they’re USB, so cord extenders are cheap. But I’d rather have a usable cord out of the box.

    • Roughly five feet

    • they could’ve been wireless though…
      3rd party retro system of multiple systems have some wireless controllers.
      Yes, you can say it’s “nostalgia”… but I still have some of these old system and the cords are significantly longer…

  • Will it connect to PSN?

    • No. It was confirmed there is no PSN support, no trophy support, and no plans to add additional games to the roster.

    • Seems pretty expensive to only have access to these 20 games with no option to add extras. I’ll stick to my OG PlayStation and original boxed games off eBay.

    • Expensive? This is cheaper than what they cost on PSN. PS1 classics start at $6 and can be up to $10. The software alone would be minimum $120 on PSN and that doesnt take into the production cost of the hardware.

    • Yeah it’s pretty expensive, paying for 20 games, maybe 5 I’d play all the way through with no option to add any more games. Stand by my statement but thanks buddy.

  • Hi Sid! How are you? We have a nice conversation on BGS last year! Cheers from Brazil

    Just by curiosity, do you know if the 20 pre-loaded games will be saved in a internal HDD?

  • Are there graphic options, like to smooth out some of the pixelated graphics?

  • So this will play original Playstation discs as well?

  • “I noticed that some of games on PlayStation Classic are sourced from PAL (European) versions of the games, with the remainder being NTSC (American) versions.”

    Is this a mistake for the US blog post? Why would the American PS Classsic have ANY PAL versions?

  • Will it be possible to plug a PS3 or 4 controller via USB cable into the system to use analog stick features on supported games?

  • I get that this is attempting to mimic the look of the system at launch but most people used a dual shock during the later years of the systems lifespan which could’ve improved the games list a bit.

  • The use of PAL versions is odd, will those be playing in 50Hz everywhere, or did they patch them to 60Hz? How well did the games accommodate the change if it’s the latter? 50Hz versions, if optimised properly originally, would have timers that run 12.5% too quickly unless that is in turn compensated for.

  • I know I may be in the minority, but I would have gladly sacrificed Intelligent Cube, Mr. Driller, and Street Fighter Fighter (even Rainbow Six) for some Vagrant Story, Crash Bandicoot, or any game that truly was an actual Classic, not a niche classic.

    I’m still picking this little guy up, but some of those games will never get touched.

    • Well said. The Japan version has several jrgs that could’ve worked better here, I mean even the o.g. gta coulda been culled for something better. Parasite eve even.

  • Twisted Metal, the best ps1 game seriously. So glad at least it’s been recognized.

  • Will there be future games download onto the system? Or will you have the option to buy more games?

  • It’s a shame voting system is set to 2,5 stars minimum, this deserver zero stars. Shameful nostalgia-based ripoff, offers 20 lousy games for 100€. Shame on you Sony!

  • Instead of half-assedly copying nintendo, why do you put some effort into listening to your customers and stop censoring japanese games?

  • Please tell me you added perspective correction to the texture rendering

  • Can I use my old Memory Card?

  • I just GOTTA know… Who was in charge of picking the games for the ps classic?

  • Sony drive me nuts. They have the most incredible back catalogue ever with the psx/playstation and yet they refuse to release more playstation classics on the playstation store, or add more titles to this console. They could of filled this thing with games and it would of been a monster hit.

  • It doesn’t seem this will sell out as the NES classic did. That’s good because we all hate scalpers. I pre-ordered and will get one. I’m excited to play all the games that I didn’t when I was younger. The game library is too huge!

  • Yes so many other great games that could of been put on, i wonder can we download others later? I still have my ps1 and games so getting it so i dont have to put wear and tear on original

  • Sony dropped the ball hard with this. Here is why. (I have zero experience with the classic, but I am a full on PSX veteran)

    First off, the controller. From what I understand, any console with a controller with force feedback requires a license from a company that has a patent on the feature. However, that doesn’t mean that analog support needed to be sacrificed. The Dual Analog was a phenomenal controller, and should have been included.

    Second, the lack of memory card support.

    Third, the games. Here are the titles I would have ditched…GTA, Intelligent Qube, Mr Driller, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Rainbow Six. That is five games. I would replace them with Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Racing, Disrupter, and Wipeout XL (or Three). Then I would switch out Twisted Metal with Twisted Metal 2. Battle Arena Toshinden with either part 2 or SoulBlade. I would also swap out Ridge Racer 4 with Ridge Racer 2, maybe 3.

    Lastly, I would have gone a bit further with adding in some features towards graphics that can be turned on or off. Features such as those found in emulators like ePSXe.

    • I agree with you for the most part, but not completely. Intelligent Qube should stay on the list. They need to have at least one game from the puzzle genre on there for variety, and Intelligent Qube has become a bit of a hidden gem over the years. GTA should also stay. It’s the original game that started it all. It’s very nostalgic, and that’s what the console is all about. Instead of those, I would suggest getting rid of Destruction Derby. It’s a very decent title, but it’s not what most people would consider a PS1 classic. I like your suggestions for replacements and have no problem with any of them, but there are many more games that should have been on here as well. Alas, to include them all would bring the total number of games to well over 20(probably somewhere between 30 and 40) and make the console around $150.00 or more. Pretty spendy for a mini console with no ability to add extra games without hacking it.


  • Do you think there will ever be a ps2 version with hit and run

  • I must say I’m pretty stoked. I wish it came in original size tho. I literally want to swap the guts into the old one for sure!

  • I hope the universal negative response will convince you to update the library.

  • The library’s not even close to on the mark. Even the cheap genesis systems are a much better choice than this. Major fail Sony

  • Great game selection! Not sure why anyone would be complaining about the games, most of them are great. If you want to play different games, jusy buy a real ps1 and get the games you want. It’ll be cheaper.

  • I’d want this if it had PSN connection and allows me to swap the pre-installed games from the ones in my downloads list and still allows me to keep the pre-installed games as psn downloads.

    Here’s also another idea.

    Why not make use of that memory card slot and make it a physical card slot for additional classic games.

  • I would just like to know why Sony didn’t they include filters, an anti-aliasing option, a nice UI instead of a very plain one with no music, and why they went with an outdated 3rd party emulator to run these games. You did a good job making the console sound appealing, and in some ways it is, but the huge flaws it has just ruin it for me. Other classic mini consoles(you know the ones I’m speaking of) have done all of this FAR better, and they even had a much better game selection.

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