Meet Warframe’s Next Massive Expansion: Fortuna

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Meet Warframe’s Next Massive Expansion: Fortuna

Aim your Liset to the new, open high-fantasy world of Venus.

In real life, Venus is that bright, pretty “star” you see in the early night sky named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love. In the world of Warframe, however, Venus is something much different. Terraformed by the ancient Orokin masters, it’s now defined by skies burning bright with hues of orange and blue, towering mushrooms, craggy cliffs and silken coolant lakes, guarded by enormous mechanical spiders. This is Fortuna, Tenno, and it’s your next stop in the Origin System.

Coming later this winter to PlayStation 4, Fortuna is Digital Extremes’ new open-world creation, three to four times bigger than last year’s super popular Plains of Eidolon, vibrant, surprising, and fantastically imagined. For new players, Venus is the second planet available on your star chart (after Earth), making it fast and easy to get to. Just download Warframe and you’ll find it quite easy to access Venus within about 1-2 hours. And getting there is simple: Follow the Lotus’ very clear suggestions and consult the Star Chart’s Venus Junction to complete five quick prerequisites. You’ll get there in no time!

Warframe: Fortuna

Upon arrival, you will experience a vastly divided world. Below the ground in the dark, gritty city of Fortuna, you’ll meet the debt-interned Solaris Faction, a people so deeply in debt, they have sold off their body parts as payments. On the planet’s surface, aka the Orb Vallis, you’ll encounter the money-driven Corpus Faction overlords and the egocentric leader Nef Anyo who patrol the research bases and four strategically placed towers.

Warframe: FortunaWarframe: Fortuna

You may feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of Orb Vallis, but fret not! The new K-Drive hoverboard makes it easy. A futuristic snowboard (skateboard? wakeboard?) that glides above the Venetian surface, the K-drive is a customizable vehicle designed for Tenno to explore the world and, quite frankly, to get rad! Without losing a hint of space ninja coolness, Tenno can call up the K-drive from their inventory, hop on their new decks and charge into the alien landscape. If you’ve played too many skateboarding, snowboarding or surfing games like I have, you’ll immediately see the Orb Vallis is a brand new light, suddenly filled with gaps, grinds, trick spots, and combo opportunities. Even those giant mushrooms can be properly tamed by the glowing blue hue of the wicked-cool K-drive.

Warframe: Fortuna

This isn’t to say that the ruling Corpus will make it easy on you. Led by Nef Anyo, the Corpus aristocrat driven by greed who has created entire buildings built around his likeness, he is prepared to thwart any resistance — be it Solaris or Tenno — to keep his face polished and unscathed. You’ll find Nef has ushered in a small army of new enemy soldiers to bear, along with a new alert system — one that escalates with increasing numbers of enemies. So, either keep it cool, or just go for broke, but either way, turn to your new friends the Solaris United to arm yourself with powerful weapons, trick out your K-Drive, and defeat the “prophet of profit.”

Warframe: Fortuna

If you’re still wondering how to get ready, download Warframe from your PS4 browser and come join our awesome community! If you’re a PS+ member, grab the free Booster Pack II and start figuring out your favorite Warframe!

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  • Seriously why give our money to destiny when this exists

    • To be honest, nobody bought this game, its free on plus… Its fun in very small doses and graphically it doesnt impress.

  • I will have to revisit Warframe once more after I finish some of the Destiny DLC. I dropped off Warframe a little after Melee 2.0. So much has changed can’t wait to dive back in re-figure everything out once more. Just don’t have the time to keep up. The game was very addicting. I totally wore out my 1st Dual shock 4 playing that game in the void.

  • Any word on the ps4 pro support patch?

  • I don’t know how you all do it DE – keep bringing all of these amazing (free) updates to an already amazing (FREE!) game. As a lover of skating games, I can’t wait to get my hands (feet?) on that K-Drive.

    Warframe is the PS4 game I keep coming back to (over 850+ hours since I picked it up in 2014), and it doesn’t look like I’ll be stopping any time soon. All of you folks at DE please know your hard work is vastly appreciated!

  • I really really want to play! Just downloaded but I’m so lost don’t know what’s going on so much going on! Wish there was a good tutorial for new players

    • Hey I tried to send you a message on PSN but it said you have settings that won’t allow it. I was going to offer to give you a hand I know the game can be super overwhelming when you first start and you have no idea what to do next once you hit your ship so feel free to send me a message and we will get you going! Happy Hunting Tenno!

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