How to Survive The Forest, Out Tomorrow on PS4

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How to Survive The Forest, Out Tomorrow on PS4

Learn how to survive in Endnight's terrifying open world survival horror experience.

The Forest isn’t like other games. You won’t be given tutorials or guidance, there are no NPCs or missions. You’re dropped into a world and it’s up to your creativity and abilities to survive. You’ll probably die a lot, especially at first.

Survive in this new type of game unlike anything else with these hints and tips:

The Forest


One of the simplest weapons you can make is a CLUB. This weapon is effective in combat but won’t chop trees. To make a club, simply find an enemy cannibal and kill him. Once he’s dead, chop his head off and then build a fire. Place the head on the fire and wait for it to burn away the skin and flesh. Now, take your freshly cooked skull, find a stick and shove the skull onto the stick. You now have an effective weapon against the bad guys.


Another effective survival tactic is to fully dismember all of the enemies you kill. With your new club this should be much easier. Take as many body parts as you can carry and decorate stick effigies with them. You can then light these all on fire as a warning to others not to mess with you. Extra hint: Build a log sled to transport lots of bodies at once to make harvesting them easier.


It’s important to keep your energy up, and that means eating. You can hunt deer and rabbits, or maybe find a boar or racoon. Berries are available but some might be poisonous. Another option is to cook and eat the body parts of the enemies you’ve killed. Body parts can be cooked by drying on a drying rack, placed directly on a fire, or for an energy-boosting stew add a leg to a pot of boiling water with some mushrooms and berries.

The Forest


A good base needs a good fence. You have a few options here, you can make a weak fence out of sticks, a strong wall out of stones, or take a dead enemy, drop him on a fire, wait for the body to burn away, and then collect his or her bones. These bones can make a great decorative fence that’s a lot stronger than regular wood.


Finding your weapons too weak against the ever encroaching enemy threat that cannot be reasoned with? Weapons can all be upgraded. First, chop at a tree to receive some TREE SAP. Now, bash away at some enemies — TEETH should fly out. You can now use the tree sap with the teeth to make your weapons even deadlier.


Smash open the skull of a lizard and then cut off it’s skin to wrap around your body for an effective light armor. Combine skin with leaves for a stealth armor. Want even more powerful armor? Slice away at the corpses of some of the game’s bigger monsters and wear their skin as protection.

The Forest


Covered in blood from fighting and chopping enemies? Make sure to find a clear water source to wash off. Getting blood inside your cuts won’t be good for you.


Invite a friend to play with you. Sure, the enemies will scale up in difficulty as a result, but going online is a great way to learn the ins and outs of survival as well as making new friends. Chop, build, and fight to survive in The Forest, out tomorrow at PlayStation Store for $19.99.

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  • It sounds cool

    • I bought this game a couple years ago in Alpha on Pc and even then it was a masterpiece. I have enjoyed many hours that I have put into it. The devs are great and have put their heart and soul into this game. It is worth double what they are asking if not more. I fully recommend this game and will be buying it myself on console as well. Thank you guys for bringing it to my favorite system!

  • As a guy that NEVER buys Day 1 (anything)…this game is going to break that for me. I’ve been waiting for it for 4 YEARS! So bring the fear, baby! I’m ready!

    I was willing to pay up to 40 bucks for it…but the fact that you guys matched the Steam price tells me that I definitely need to support you and instabuy it. In these very greedy days seeing a publisher/developer NOT trying to scam their customers is a rare commodity.

    So KUDOS for being super-cool! You deserve the best in this & all your future projects! ;)

    • Heh I bought it in alpha for like 8$ ahhhh PC wake up and smell the roses sir

    • Bro if this game is anything close to what it is on steam your gonna love it I played forest on pc since early beta and I have to say the dev support was fantastic every update worked well when it was released I honestly can’t say enough good things about the guys handling this game you won’t regret buying it for sure

    • @NapKan_ : Nah, pass. I’m not a teenager. As an adult I don’t have time to deal with stupid installs, drivers, updates, upgrades, DRM and all those cute lil’ things you “master race” apparently love so much. I absolutely LOVE to play on consoles, since it’s the REAL plug & play. Plus I’m not into paying for beta testing for free for devs. So…yup.

      @Silent_Plague420 : Sweet, thanks for sharing! I’ve been in love with the look & feel of this game since E3 ’14, watching the occasional vid online and patiently waiting for the promised port. So I know I’m gonna love it. This is my RDR2. The hype is real. LOL

  • Having it on PC & now console official release I’m excited so ready!

  • question how much dose it actually cost because i have $20.89c in my ps4 account

  • plz respond

  • Id love to just get lost in this game for hours. I haven’t found a survival game thats kept me interested. I hope this one does :)

  • when can we preorder it and whats the cost

    • It literally comes out tomorrow so there are probably no pre order options, and its $19.99. Did you even read the article?

  • Really looking forward to this!

  • will this be cross-platform?

  • Wow, just from reading this post, I’m impressed at how much depth and interacting systems seem to be in this game. Also that price! I was considering picking this up anyway, but that price completely sold me!

    • Lol y’all get to have stuff they removed effigies from PC to my knowledge as I’ve no longer seen them in the book

  • still can’t see it in the PSN store in the UK, any info? i need to be able to download it before the release!!

  • tax rate is 5.500%. and i have $20.89 and it cost 19.99 i need to know home much its cost fully im bad at math

    • You’re short 19 cents mate.

      the fact people can’t figure basic math like tax percentages is a big problem. You have internet and a phone / computer etc.

      obviously your education isn’t worth a lick, perhaps games shouldn’t be your only priority.

      base number * tax rate =

      19.99 * 1.055 (the 55 is your 5.5 tax) = ? (19 cents short)

      percent out if a hundred that is how you figure decimal place if it was 50% then 1.5 or .5 fo the actual tax

      the reason you use 1.xx is so you don’t have to add them together after (eek more grade 2-3 marh oh noes)

      percentage is dead easy, and a big reason people get ripped off all the time in stores and with raises etc at work, doing basic math in your head and remembering stuff.


      guess you need a psn card (or paypall / credit card etc like the adults)

    • But if doing it the “long” way helps you understand…..

      $19.99 + ($19.99 × 5.5%) = $19.99 + ($19.99 × 0.055) = $19.99 + 1.09945 = $21.08945 = $21.09 (rounded up)

      Basic stuff.

    • O no it’s not that easy now you have to do it the common core math way other wise everyone is confused and cant understand how you got your answer…..

  • In 7 hours it’s the 6th….it’s not on the store, i guess someone will be working late and upload it a minute past midnight.

  • Two questions. Will there be CrossPlay and will there be VR support?

  • im 7 and its for my big brotherr

    • Don’t have quite enough, little man. Sorry. Don’t worry about the math too much though. That will come :) Have a nice day.

  • So there is no couch coop? That’s very sad because this is a feature you should implement

    • Couch Co-op would’ve made the game %110 better as you would be able to play with friends without the internet. I play without internet most of the time because the closest thing we have to it (because of our location) is my mothers mobile data. (I’m a High School student that’s why I said my mums mobile data)

  • Will there be VR support like on steam?

  • Super excited for this!! But wanted to know how the online works. Do you find a game? Do I have to host and if so does that mean my friends can only make progress if I’m online?

  • Yes VR support please

  • Please tell me this is releasing @ 12 @ midnight tonight cause imma be staying up to play it all night! Does anyone know if it will release @ midnight tonight please let me know!

  • Buying instantly. Finally a PC port that isnt jacked up in price by 50% or more. Its getting old frankly so I fully support this game bucking the trend. Oh and it looks awesome as well.

  • Made with Unity3d

  • In so glad survival games are making there way to ps4. I recently got Conan: Exiles. So good. 7 days to die is another one of my faves on Ps4. Cant wait to gey this!

  • Ahhh this is crazy! I’m gonna have to find some friends to play with as 4 dads fight over who’s child it is. Nah, but in all seriousness I’ve been waiting ages for this game and it’s an absolute buy because you matched steam price. Thank you so much!

  • I am not so easily shocked and I love horror films, but honestly this description of game mechanics like cannibalism, using body parts to craft weapons and setting them on fire sound sick not in a good way – it’s one thing to have that in some silly pixellated platformer and another with this game’s hyper-realistic presentation. And right in this thread we have a 7-year-old adding up his lunch money to buy it for his brother. Not everything that can be done should be done.

    • Yeah, I’m with you on this one Pikinau, I love survival games and was about to grab this game until I read that how-to above. Cannibalism, dismembering, stewed legs for food, sounds really messed up. Might give it a miss.

    • @Pikinau brah your doing to much with that comment save it for the birds bro their the only ones that care about that censorship bull. Maybe you should realize every game is a choice to purchase. It also has ratings for a reason, so regardless of how you feel about a 7 year old on here maybe you should let parents and other people be responsible for themselfs and stop blaming games. P.s it’s that kind of thinking that results in us having bland and boring games because you wanna be shocked rather then impressed with creativity and something fresh.

    • I’m tired of games being watered down or altered to appease ratings. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

  • hey this is Ethertron1 from Australia, checked the Aussie PS store and the U.S PS store its not popping up except for The Forest movie about a girl who looks for her sister in a Japanese forest where people commit suicide. can someone please contact me on the PlayStation network when it is released to the public.
    thanks everyone.

    • and here in Australia, it is the 6th of November sooo. don’t be confused, please, thank you

    • Maybe it’s november 6th accord to some zone-time to make a global release.

    • Not trying to be an @ss here…but this is the NORTH AMERICAN Blog. So everything you see here is meant FOR AMERICA.

      Of course you’re not going to see the same date and/or time in Australia, man. Sadly there isn’t a “global” PSN but a lot of regional ones.

  • Is the co op cap still 4 players max?

  • It’s a really nice sort of guide, but as a weapon I’ll recommend to get the katana first, that’ll make your life a lot easier. Also craft the bow (until you can find a better one) and tons of arrows

    complete The Forest
    1. Plane axe
    2. Crafted Bow
    3. no better than lizard armour
    4. cannot use anything else.
    5. rusty axe accepted for gathering resources but no killing unless using Plane axe.
    6. can build whatever
    7. Multiplayer allowed
    8. must prove of completing challenge by recording full gameplay and posting on youtube
    9. must refer Ethertron1 (with gamer pic) in video and description for accepting challenge
    good luck gamers

  • One of the best survival games ever made, definitely a day 1 buy, you won’t regret it.

  • What time does it actually release today?

  • Will this have the VR support like the PC version?

  • Looks pretty cool. I would much rather play shame that is for Doomsday Preppers! A modern day holocaust. History repeats itself, so it would be cool to practice for what’s ahead.

  • Is this free? If so, I have no problem.

  • Why is the game selling for $26.99 on the ps store?

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