How to Survive The Forest, Out Tomorrow on PS4

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How to Survive The Forest, Out Tomorrow on PS4

Learn how to survive in Endnight's terrifying open world survival horror experience.

The Forest isn’t like other games. You won’t be given tutorials or guidance, there are no NPCs or missions. You’re dropped into a world and it’s up to your creativity and abilities to survive. You’ll probably die a lot, especially at first.

Survive in this new type of game unlike anything else with these hints and tips:

The Forest


One of the simplest weapons you can make is a CLUB. This weapon is effective in combat but won’t chop trees. To make a club, simply find an enemy cannibal and kill him. Once he’s dead, chop his head off and then build a fire. Place the head on the fire and wait for it to burn away the skin and flesh. Now, take your freshly cooked skull, find a stick and shove the skull onto the stick. You now have an effective weapon against the bad guys.


Another effective survival tactic is to fully dismember all of the enemies you kill. With your new club this should be much easier. Take as many body parts as you can carry and decorate stick effigies with them. You can then light these all on fire as a warning to others not to mess with you. Extra hint: Build a log sled to transport lots of bodies at once to make harvesting them easier.


It’s important to keep your energy up, and that means eating. You can hunt deer and rabbits, or maybe find a boar or racoon. Berries are available but some might be poisonous. Another option is to cook and eat the body parts of the enemies you’ve killed. Body parts can be cooked by drying on a drying rack, placed directly on a fire, or for an energy-boosting stew add a leg to a pot of boiling water with some mushrooms and berries.

The Forest


A good base needs a good fence. You have a few options here, you can make a weak fence out of sticks, a strong wall out of stones, or take a dead enemy, drop him on a fire, wait for the body to burn away, and then collect his or her bones. These bones can make a great decorative fence that’s a lot stronger than regular wood.


Finding your weapons too weak against the ever encroaching enemy threat that cannot be reasoned with? Weapons can all be upgraded. First, chop at a tree to receive some TREE SAP. Now, bash away at some enemies — TEETH should fly out. You can now use the tree sap with the teeth to make your weapons even deadlier.


Smash open the skull of a lizard and then cut off it’s skin to wrap around your body for an effective light armor. Combine skin with leaves for a stealth armor. Want even more powerful armor? Slice away at the corpses of some of the game’s bigger monsters and wear their skin as protection.

The Forest


Covered in blood from fighting and chopping enemies? Make sure to find a clear water source to wash off. Getting blood inside your cuts won’t be good for you.


Invite a friend to play with you. Sure, the enemies will scale up in difficulty as a result, but going online is a great way to learn the ins and outs of survival as well as making new friends. Chop, build, and fight to survive in The Forest, out tomorrow at PlayStation Store for $19.99.

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