Tetris Effect: Free Demo Out Today, Watch the New Mini-Documentary

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Tetris Effect: Free Demo Out Today, Watch the New Mini-Documentary

So... what exactly is the Tetris Effect? Watch the new mini-documentary and play the free demo to find out for yourself.

So what is Tetris Effect? The simple answer is “a mind-melting new puzzle game coming November 9 for PS4 and (optionally) PS VR.” (Hopefully by now you’ve seen our trailer, or some of the other recent coverage of the game?

But there’s another “Tetris Effect” — the psychological phenomenon that happens when someone plays Tetris (and where the game takes its name from!), which can lead to everything from hallucinating blocks, to affecting how you pack your suitcase, to… well here, just watch this little mini-documentary we made all about it!

Whattaya think? Sound like something you’d like to experience yourself? Well, you’re in luck: starting today the Tetris Effect: Weekend Trial Demo is available for download at PlayStation Store! As with the final game, the Weekend Trial Demo is fully playable in 2D, including 4K resolution and HDR support on PS4 Pro, or optionally in PlayStation VR.

(Note: This is a true limited-time demo—once it’s deactivated early on Monday, November 5, the demo will no longer be playable or available for download. Because of this, an online connection is required to play the demo, though it’s not required for the final game.)

The Tetris Effect: Weekend Trial Demo consists of three stages of the main “Journey Mode” campaign (FYI: 27 total Journey Mode stages in the final game), as well as two “Effect Modes” (FYI: 10+ in the final game): Marathon Mode and Mystery Mode. It’s just a taste, but hopefully enough to make you hungry for more.

Tetris Effect for PS4 and PS VR

Help complete the Weekend Ritual, open for 24 hours only this weekend!

Also, a special “Weekend Ritual” event will run for 24 hours over the demo weekend (starting 12pm UTC on Saturday, November 3), during which all players of the Weekend Trial Demo can play a specified mode to earn points towards a Community Goal. If 100% of that Community Goal is reached in the 24-hour period, a special in-game avatar will unlock for all players who participated in the event, which is usable in the demo only. A Weekend Ritual event like this will run every weekend once the full Tetris Effect game launches on November 9, spotlighting different Effect Modes each week.

Tetris Effect for PS4 and PS VR

What is Mystery Mode? Check out our free demo and find out!

So check it out, and definitely let us know what you think of what you see and hear and feel while playing down in the comments! Who knows, maybe you’ll experience the Tetris effect yourself by playing Tetris Effect!

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  • Looking forward to checking it out.

  • Can’t wait to play. Great doc and thanks for making this game and the doc!

  • I’d love to get it but I can’t sign in to PSN. Everything says that the service is up and running but I can’t open the store on my PS4 or on any browser. If everything is fine why can’t I go to the store?

  • So for clarity…

    The demo will expire less than 72 hours from now.
    We have a limited 24 hour window to win an avatar.
    That avatar will then NOT transfer to the full game.

    Uhm…okay. This is the grand plan your crack marketing team came up with? :)

    I love Tetris and wish you luck, but this trial just seems odd to me.

  • Metaphysical Tetris? The music is very entrancing. It’s the best Tetris game to date based on my initial impressions.

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