Players’ Choice October 2018 Winner: Red Dead Redemption 2

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Players’ Choice October 2018 Winner: Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar's open-world outlaw epic took home the most votes -- by a wide margin -- to secure the title of October's best new game.

Congratulations, Rockstar! Red Dead Redemption 2 trounced the competition in the polls for October, earning its place as the month’s best new game. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey each made a respectable showing, but not enough to take the top spot.

As we draw closer to the end of the year, which games do you think will take the win for November and December?

Goodness gracious, what a month! Look at all those games! Look me in the eye and tell me you can pick just one.

Well, I mean, you’re gonna have to.

Cast your vote for October’s best new game below, and we’ll tally ’em up first thing Monday morning. See you then!

How does it work? At the end of every month, PlayStation.Blog will open a poll where you can vote for the best new game released that month. Soon thereafter, we’ll close the polls, tally your votes, and announce the winner at PlayStation.Blog. PlayStation Store will also showcase some top Players’ Choice winners throughout the year.

What is the voting criteria? That’s up to you! If you were only able to recommend one new release to a friend that month, which would it be? In keeping with our long tradition in the Game of the Year Awards, remastered or re-released games won’t qualify. Ambitious, larger-scale rebuilds and remakes like Shadow of the Colossus and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will.

How are nominees decided? The PlayStation.Blog and PlayStation Store editorial teams will gather a list of that month’s most noteworthy releases and use it to seed the poll. Write-in votes will be accepted.

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  • We all know whos going to win. Even someone like me who didnt buy rdr2 knows it will win

  • I think we all know that Red Dead Redemption 2 will win this but I personally voted for Astro Bot Rescue Mission. It’s one of the biggest surprises of the year and got outstanding reviews. Really deserves some love.

  • Congratulations to the Red Dead Redemption 2 and the entire Rockstar Team!

  • Very Good Game

  • Best VR of the year for Astro,

    Overall game, well yeah that’s easy…… look at the cowboy ads on this page to find out.

  • So why isn’t KT Warriors Orochi 4 on this list?

  • Yeah, yeah, I know that it is almost obligatory nowadays to be in love with the Giuliano Gemma Sim reskin of GTA3, but I can’t but vote for Odyssey. Finally, a proper AAA game in Ancient Greece, fast paced and deep combat mechanics with equally deep progress system, multiple parallel main story branches (Peloponnesean War, Cult, Precursors) with multiple sidequest branches (character questlines, Mycenean tombs, beasts etc.). If it wasn’t for God of War and Spiderman, it would be my GotY. Close second for October, none other than Megaman 11. Why? What do you men why, because Megaman!

    • Here here. Red dead looks more boring than the first cant remember the last ti m i like the characters of a rockstar game. The kid from the bully and cj where their only good characters. All seems the same. Its all well and good having pointless detail and mechanics but if the story abd characters arent there from what i have seen it dont look too good. Way over hyped this game since there is no competition for a good cowboy game

    • Bought both AC Odyssey and RDR 2 this month. Both are absolutely fantastic, but I gave the nod to AC Odyssey. Not only is it the best AC game I’ve played to date (I’m really embracing the change to open world and RPG style), but the amount of content, the size and feel of the world and the sheer beauty of it is staggering… I want to go back right now just to take photos all afternoon! RDR 2 is amazing as well. It’s a beautiful game with a truly immersive environment. It has less repetition than AC Odyssey by far, so perhaps it is the better overall game in terms of quality and achievement, but I can’t shake the epic feeling I get when I jump into Kassandra’s shoes and continue my quest to ensure the safety of the world and future generations from the power-hungry Cult of Kosmos. Kudos to Rockstar and Ubisoft… One month, probably my 2 new top favorite games.

  • Ofc its rdr2 its such a perfect game and i never say that, one of the best sequels i have ever played

  • That’s a tough one… black ops 4?

  • Have many people finished Red Dead 2? I only just started chapter 2 It should still should win, though.

    • I finally finished the game last night. Took me 6 days. Playing here & there while doing some side missions.
      Honestly, I have no words to describe it, other than a masterpiece.
      I could care less about what other people say, it sucks, it’s buggy, it’s boring, etc. That’s your opinion, but the majority of the people agrees with me. You could totally tell by the number of copies Rockstar sold within 3 days.
      It’s a prequel of the first game but even then, it’s amazing!
      Now it’s time to platinum this!! Multiplayer is coming in November btw! So stoked for that!

    • I wasn’t sure how I felt about the ending but then the Epilogue chapters really made the whole game worth it for me! Anyone that complains about it and didn’t play all the way through is really missing out.

  • Hi
    red dead redemption 2 The best the year

  • Just completed Red Dead and I can honestly say Rockstar have blown the game out of the water once again. The story and gameplay is incredible. Looking forward to see what online is like!

  • The people who are trying to “buck the system” or “go against the grain” or “Have their own opinion” claiming RDR2 isn’t the best game of this entire generation so far are either just being the “cool kid” or haven’t touched the game.

    Anyone who has played it knows it’s truly a masterpiece. This isn’t even up for debate, it’s 100% fact. Stop trying to be that guy who doesn’t “follow the crowd.” The game is amazingly amazing!

    • Amen brother. Amen.

    • Yeah, because someone can’t possibly have a different opinion. So far I’m impressed with the game mechanics but the world feels kinda empty. I love it and it’s a technological powerhouse but masterpiece is an opinion. I think it’s great and all but don’t be that guy that claims everybody should love it because everybody loves it.

    • Also, yes, I voted RDR 2 :P

    • It’s not for everyone, though. It’s slow and methodical and complex. Even for me (who loved RDR1), it was challenging to get into after playing Spider-Man through a second time.

    • As I said in a comment above… Anyone complaining hasn’t played it enough, and the Epilogue blew me away!

    • If I had any interest in the game, comments like this would kill it pretty quick.

  • The only reason red dead will win is because of how “hype” the game was on release. It could be garbage which it probably is from the game play ive seen, and still win because of the hype

    • That is the dumbest sentence i’ve read all day.

    • Hype doesn’t make the game the best its on gameplay and how smooth it is but youve obviously never played a good video game instead of saying its hype just admit you dont like western theme or rockstar its the only thing that would make you say you dont like it

    • Out of all the garbage released this year, something beautiful like red dead comes along and this is the thanks it gets. Made with dedication, without microtransactions and fully enjoyable without any online play. Not to mention online hasn’t even been released yet so its not even at full power and it still trumps other games.

    • Don’t be a fool! Nothing about it is over rated! It’s crafted with passion and this game has love poured into it. Everything about it is amazing so don’t even bring up anything about over rated. Nice try

    • What are you talking about??? Do you haven’t played the game and your assuming it’s garbage?? This is the best game to come out this year for me! And it’s seamless! No glitches at all as of yet! The story is compelling and we even get to see a younger John Marston who was the protagonist of the the first red dead redemption! There’s so many unique events that occur just while you refer around! There statee coach robberies to join in on or foil! There’s strangers trapped under their dead horses why bed help! There’s drink wagon drivers who want you to watch/steal their stuff while they return to town and get a new wagon! There’s bounty Hunters after you and bounties to collect! There are random poker games and other types of gambling mini games! There’s so many good places to hunt too, and their not easy either! Trying to hunt legendary bears and not get mauled is a tall order! I just found a herd of wild horses and I caught and tamed their stallion, which is an amazing elite horse! So much stuff!!! And the online content will be even better if it’s anything like the story mode and GTA online are! You should not speak about what you do not know!

    • Talking about garbage game with an AC Odyssey avatar.

    • Lol @ this guy.
      One thing is playing the game and watching someone else play.
      Come on partner, be realistic here.

    • How hype? Garbage? I think you need to get in the trash can yourself! Considering every reviewer has reviewed it 10/10 or 5/5… I’ve completed the story and I think it’s the best video game of this generation go rear end COD or fifa in your wardrobe!!

  • I vote for Astro Bot Rescue Mission because I haven’t got around to play Red Dead Redemption II

    I think even when I do, it will be tough to top the joy that is playing Astro Bot Rescue Mission

  • giving props to Mega Man 11 which bring the franchise back to form

  • Great games this month, I know Astro Bot got buried, but I still love it

  • how can u purely say red dead is game of the month. yes it’s. long waited sequal. graphics re great. but story line is the same. played it for 2 days and already bored of it. black ops over rated given up on cods games as it will never compare to mw3. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey great game probably is definitely game of month. only let down is characters graphics. scenic visuals look great but game play mechanics get repretive but can change abilities moves on character to keep thing interesting enough

  • Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise should be an option on this list. It is new to the US at least. The gameplay is pretty smooth and the mini games are hilarious.

  • Rockstar:)

  • So, let’s state the obvious here, RDR2 is going to win, as you’ve all mentioned. I think it deserves it for sure. Love it so far and more is yet to come. Are there things I don’t like about the game? Yes, there are things about the game I don’t like. The pace is a little slow for my taste, but then again, it does work for this title. Also I feel like the world is kinda “empty” or something, can’t really put my finger on it just yet. Could be it opens up a little later in the game.

    Those are the only things I can think of that don’t work FOR ME. I can be critical on it for me but I have to say this game is one technological wonder. I remember playing GTA V and going in the water and the clothes only being wet where they touched water. I love this game for those little things. Beardgrow, new hats, losing your hat, the tracks in the mud wether you walk, ride or fall into it. If you fall into it there is mud on your back and holy hell do I like those lttle details. A treebranch actually bending when you take it with you, the voice acting is the bomb.

    I could probably go on for a little while but this game is fantastic overall. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Black ops 4 is lame! Why would i buy the game with nothing new except old maps from another cod game and then charge me for a full price game with old maps? Lazy work is BS!

  • Voted for Astro Bot Rescue Mission!

  • Rdr2 ❤❤

  • Red dead redemption 2 will win

  • Rdr 2 will win, cause it s the best game in this yea4

  • I cam to see the steam roller come through.

  • RDR2 is a great new entry in Rockstar’s Rage-powered series of open-world sandboxes, but it also shows the underlying technology’s age a bit. Rockstar tried to put a new coat of paint on it, but the poor “4K” checkerboarding, fake HDR, and ugly post-processing effects all just get in the way.

    No game this year can hold a candle to God of War.

  • I belive that both AC Odessey, BO4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 will be very high up (mostly rdr2)
    I play at the moment RDR2 and it’s the best game I have ever played since The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4

  • As everyone here will definitely vote for RDR 2 and for sure it will be the game of the month I voted for my favourite game Soul Calibur IV ❤

  • Great month for games! Too bad you guys crapped the bed on the PSmini. Just don’t even bother you guys. What an embarrassment.

  • Rrd2 is definitely going to win IT SHOULD WIN I haven’t even played the game yet and i can tell it’s a good game the graphics the detail the game play ..everything is just so smooth haven’t felt like this for a game since the witcher AND I CANT WAIT for cyberpunk 2077

  • RDR2 all the way sir! I’m so hooked! Even the PS theme that I got with the game is legit awesome. I am also excited for the soundtrack that’ll be coming soon!

  • RDR2 so fun i loved the 1st RDR also <3

  • Red dead Redemption 2 is an outstanding open world game. It really takes me back to the first game. The story is really really deep. Waaaaaay better than gta v’s story. Bringing back John marston was also something I was excited for. But I do have to say that this game isn’t for everyone. People who like fast paced games or mostly focused on multiplayer are probably not going to like the game right now. But if online is anything like story mode than it’ll be amazing. If they take everything from story and add it onto multiplayer plus a couple of updates that add more weapons and customization and what not will make it even better. Me and almost everyone of my friends have bought this game and I perosonally hope that rockstar adds wildlife in online so hunting can still be available and character customization like gta online. Hopefully tattoos can be a thing too, but I don’t know when they were first invented or thought of and rockstar is sticking to history on this game. Judging by purchases that weekend, rockstar made a total of $785 million, almost reaching gta v’s $1 billion. So this game may be the goty

  • Just the idiot will prefers games like cod & Odyssey on red dead

  • In my opinion, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (PS4) deserves to win this month

  • My friend and I keep talking about getting Soul Caliber VI. But this month is so good it’s hard to only pick one.

  • Read dead2

  • I know RDR2 is gonna win but as an avid MHA fanboy I gotta give it a vote in futility

  • I dont care about red dead so I voted for soul calibur 6!

  • RDR2 & Rockstar Games says sorry not sorry

  • Ac:oddysey im not jumping on the rdr hypewagon. Loved the hell out of oddysey, even though rdr is a great game. My vote will go for oddysey

  • Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtag

  • Even though we all know that RDR2 will more than likely win. I still plan on voting on my choice to at least give it a chance. #kassandraisbae #AC #Odyssey

  • Let’s be honest here, RDR2 is amazing. It’s gonna win. The Rockstar team did their absolute best creating the game making it a wonderful experience for everyone to enjoy. I am loving the game so far there’s so much to do in this big environment. A very great job to the people at Rockstar Games I really hope they win.

  • RDR 2 for sure I’m not even close to finishing the game I’m just exploring, lol I explored so much that I upgraded my first horse n missed out on collecting my pre ordered horse until a few hours in smh.

  • i know alot of people vote RDR2, but i never played the first game, so obviously i’m not going to play the sequel. i’m sure its a fantastic game. but i got to go with Black Ops 4. such a great game. i’m having so much fun!

    • Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel

    • RDR 2 will win black ops is nothing but the same gun tooting fps that isn’t even interesting.
      RDR 2 is made by talented people who worked hard both graphically and storywise while the BO4 didn’t even do anything related story just some multiplayer and BR because its hot right now.
      Not sure about the other game but yeah RDR GOTY

  • Whatever u say folks red dead redemption 2 is the best

  • My vote goes to Red Dead Redemption 2! It’s so enjoyable and there is so much to do. It’s the first game in years I’ve bought that’s actually worth the money. I got the Collector’s Box with the Ultimate edition and the digital Ultimate Edition.

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