No Man’s Sky Dives Underwater with Free Update, The Abyss

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No Man’s Sky Dives Underwater with Free Update, The Abyss

Submarines, sunken wrecks, and sea creatures add to your interplanetary journey.

Hello everyone! A new free update is releasing this week for all No Man’s Sky players. We’ve called it The Abyss, because it’s a seasonal update and re-imagines underwater gameplay focusing on some of the scarier elements of No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky NEXT launched just a couple of months ago. We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the positive response. We are excited to be on this journey with you.

We have been adding new free content, community missions and improvements to No Man’s Sky every week. From small features like allowing players to customize body shape, to large gameplay additions like the Pilgrim motorbike, and companion features such as addition of discovery leaderboards to the Galactic Atlas, allowing the community to track progress between factions.

Whilst we want to continue to do this, we are also still releasing major titled updates, starting with The Abyss.

The Abyss introduces aquatic environments with over five times more variety, varied creature behaviors, improved underwater visuals and much more.

Flora and Fauna

The variety and visual quality of underwater biomes has been greatly improved. Experience rare exotic aquatic biomes as you explore new depths.

Underwater creatures have become more frequent, and more interesting. Aquatic life inhabits the full depth of the ocean, and unique terrifying creatures can be encountered on the ocean floor.

Aquatic Missions

A new story, The Dreams of the Deep, brings a new context to the depths and a dark narrative to No Man’s Sky. Discover the fate of a troubled crew stranded from a freighter crash by the rising tides, or explore underwater ruins to uncover the tale of a lost soul trapped deep beneath the waves.

No Man's Sky

Sunken Wrecks

Investigate sunken ruins and find ancient treasures or dive to submerged buildings to find remnants of their lost occupants. Discover and scavenge lost cargo from gigantic freighter wrecks. Use the terrain manipulator to excavate treasures buried in the nearby ocean floor. Find and repair rare crashed star ships to restore them from the seabed to the skies.

No Man's Sky


Master the depths of planets using a new Exocraft, the Nautilon. This submersible vehicle give new meaning to underwater navigation, combat and mining – and can be summoned to any ocean on the planet, as well as docked at underwater buildings. Upgrade your submersible with installable Submarine Technology and customize the Nautilon to stand out from your fellow explorers.

No Man's Sky

Submersible Building Modules

Over a dozen new base parts have been added to unlock more creative possibilities underwater. Construct the new Marine Shelter for brief respite from the oceanic pressure, and use its protection to reach new depths. New glass corridors, viewing bays and multistory submersible view domes provide travelers the perfect view of the surrounding ocean. Bring aquatic life into your habitat with a decorative indoor Aquarium.

We hope you enjoy this and what follows – and we look forward to meeting you out there! Our journey continues.

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  • This is great! Thank you for your continued work on No Man’s Sky! The progress made is amazing. Here’s to hoping we some day get cockpit view for Exocrat and eventual PSVR support, even if it’s on PS5.

    • This game is good and getting a lot better with recent updates. Glad you guys didn’t give up on the improvements made. Glad I made the initial purchase. Please continue the great work.

  • Thanks guys I love that you stuck with this game and I love that the new updates just seem to get better and better. Keep up the good work!

  • Underwater?! YES! Honestly, I love how the developers keep expanding this game and rewarding players who’ve stuck with it.

  • I am glad to see more content keeps releasing for this game because over time this game has become a thousand times better. I just hope more people give the game a chance now because it definitely deserve it. I like how the developers didn’t abandoned the game like the people that bought the game did and returned it for a refund. Good things come to those that wait patience is a virtue.

    • I played it a lot and sold it once the original game developers lies were clearly visible within end game nothingness. It’s cool that you guys want to support it now that it’s what it should have been, but I don’t let people steal and lie to me and just go back like nothing happened. No thanks.

  • Probably the best bang for my buck game I’ve ever bought. Thank you Hello Games (and Sony) for supporting this game, it’s stayed fresh and interesting for 2 amazing years!

  • Hello Games have certainly done right by the No Man’s Sky audience after the initial disappointments over lack of multiplayer etc

  • At launch, I ran into the Atlas seeds bug where I was prevented from finishing the main storyline because I could not collect the final seed. In disgust, I sold the seeds/orbs. Where would I be at TODAY if I loaded the save file? Or a file in which I still had the seeds? Has the bug been fixed? Is the whole Atlas Path/seed thing still in the game even??

    • At launch huh? Well I platinumed the game before they started rolling out all these major updates. I went back when NEXT released to check out multiplayer. My original game is playable, but technologies and recipes have changed a LOT, so my ship, exosuit, and multitool upgrades were all gone. That’s ok though, I got to start a new game and I found they teach you how to do stuff better.

  • I have loved No Mans Sky from day one when seeing other player discoveries was the only aspect of multiplayer in the game. Hello games evolution of No Mans Sky is mind blowing and everything has been free. At this point I am starting to fee guilty and want them to monetize a future expansion. My sincere Thanks go to Hello Games for the wonderful experience I have had playing No Mans Sky.

    • Dont feel guilty I cant agree with you this game works well with free updatess! They even said themselves there will always be free updates for this game which is great!

  • I jumped into this game with the NEXT update (and sale), and it’s amazing. I’ve logged about 160 hours in it since early August, and I’m having a ton of fun playing it. This update looks great, and I can’t wait to spend more time exploring the oceans. I had found them a bit boring, and pointless before (especially once you’ve scanned all the creatures on a planet), so now we have a reason to go down there. I built a base near the water on a massive water planet, so now I’m excited to see what may be lurking down there… once my update is finished downloading.

    If you’ve never played the game, now is your chance to jump in and get your feet wet ;)

  • Thank you for tbis update Hello Games! This game has come a long way I cant wait to see what gets added to the game in the future! Thanks for the free updates I love it!

  • Finally they have subnautica on PS4 I thought they never would add it.

  • Last night I only stopped playing because couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. No Man’s Sky just keeps better and better!

  • That’s great!! Now PLEASE – give me a FEMALE BODY. Thank you.

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