The Drop: New PlayStation Games for October 16, 2018

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for October 16, 2018

SoulCalibur VI sets the stage of history once again, featuring new and returning warriors.

Welcome back to the stage of history! SoulCalibur VI adds new scenarios and characters, featuring a special guest appearance from Geralt of The Witcher fame.

Developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the latest installment of this weapons-based fighting series introduces new features like Reversal Edge and Lethal Hit, along with familiar mechanics from previous games.

For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop!

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PS4 — Digital, Retail
Crayola Scoot
Creativity wins in this colorful freestyle scooter championship! In Crayola Scoot, more tricks mean more color – and color can change the world in impossible ways. It’s time to make your mark on the scootpark!
PS VR — Digital
Drone Striker
Artificial intelligence has been developed to replace police and military to uphold world peace. But the AI defense network became self-aware and judged that humans were the largest threat to this world…
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross-Buy)
Fast Striker
Fast Striker is a 2D vertical shoot’em up. Blast through six action-packed stages and encounter huge boss battles. Four game modes, an elaborate scoring system and adjustable screen & control settings will bring back classic arcade memories.
PS4 — Digital
For Honor: Marching Fire
Join the fight as a Knight, Viking, Samurai, or Wu Lin Warrior, and fight for the survival of your people. Play in a variety of thrilling modes including PvP, story campaign, PvE, and co-op.
PS4 — Digital
Gnomes Garden
Head out with the gnomes on a journey in this exciting fantasy strategy game, Gnomes Garden! Construct buildings and manage resources, use powerful magic and restore ancient magical gardens.
Halloween Forever
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Out 10/19)
Halloween Forever
Something mysterious is happening in the pumpkin patch this Halloween! You control Pumpkin Man, a humanoid pumpkin thing animated by occult forces on a quest to discover why things are so creepy. And you vomit candy corn.
PS4 — Digital
Heavy Fire: Red Shadow
In Heavy Fire: Red Shadow, tension between a bold North Korea, which has managed to unify with South Korea entirely on its terms, and the United States has gone beyond its breaking point.
PS4 — Digital
The Jackbox Party Pack 5
It’s the biggest Party Pack yet with five party-saving games, including the return of the classic pop culture trivia mashup, You Don’t Know Jack. Use phones or tablets as controllers and play with up to eight players, plus an audience of up to 10,000!
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Lego DC Super-Villains
It’s good to be bad… Players will create and play as an all-new super-villain throughout the game, unleashing mischievous antics and wreaking havoc in an action-packed story.
PS4 — Digital, Retail
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2
NBA arcade action is back with NBA 2K Playgrounds 2! The sequel to the original smash hit takes street balling to the next level. Pick your team, get ready to jam, and ball without limits!
PS4 — Digital (Out 10/15)
Palm Reading Premium
Palm Reading Premium is the most luxury and professional palmistry and chirology software out there. You can use it to analyze, read and master your palm lines and palm fingers without knowing anything about hand reading.
PS4 — Digital
Phobos Vector Prime: The First Ring
Discover the origin of the Renegade faction with its leader, J.L. Brown, in the first single player campaign of Phobos Vector Prime, the frenzied third-person shooter arcade!
PS4 — Digital (Out 10/17)
Pipe is a physics-based BMX experience designed to simulate realistic BMX motion. Perform over 50 aerial stunts, grind any corner, and get big air in the Pipe!
PS4 — Digital (Out 10/19)
Resonance of Fate: 4K/HD Edition
The fate-changing multi-gun battle RPG is back with a new 4K/HD edition. Get involved in acrobatic gun fights while determining the destiny of a devastated Earth.
Riot: Civil Unrest
PS4 — Digital (Out 10/19)
Riot: Civil Unrest
Riot: Civil Unrest is a riot simulator that places the player in the heart of some of the world’s most fractious clashes.
PS4 — Digital (Out 10/18)
Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption
Rise from the depths a crumbling kingdom and to the challenge of defeating increasingly difficult demonic bosses. Choose aspects of yourself to weaken before defeating the avatars of Sin.
PS4 — Digital, Retail (10/19)
SoulCalibur VI
Introducing the newest entry in the SoulCalibur series! Experience all-new gameplay mechanics with the most beautiful graphics the weapons-based fighting genre has ever seen.
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Starlink: Battle For Atlas
Lead a group of pilots as you build a starship, explore the Atlas Star System, and battle the vile Grax and his Forgotten Legion. Gain the advantage against the Forgotten Legion with the entire first collection of pilots, starships, and weapons.
PS4 — Digital, Retail
theHunter: Call of the Wild - 2019 Edition
Experience the thrill of the hunt in a visually breathtaking, technically groundbreaking, vast open world. Explore the atmospheric single player campaign yourself, or go on the ultimate hunting trip with friends.
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Warriors Orochi 4
A dream collaboration starring heroes from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors! Introducing Magic to the series, you can now experience even more thrilling and intense Musou action.

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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  • Definitely Resonance of Fate.

    • Out of these, Resonance of Fate is what catches my attention most. I did try Soul Caliber VI during the open beta but the loading and matchmaking times were atrocious and the game itself is just not my kind of game.

  • I’d love to play Orichi and Resonance but I need to finish some stuff first.

  • Why didn’t you guys list The Missing in this week or last week’s releases? Found out about it randomly and I WAS looking forward to it. It’s a bit more expensive than I’d like but hopefully it’ll be worth it.

    • Oh it’s out on PS4?
      lmao dammit. I didnt see it on the blog so i got it on the Switch.

      Would have rathered ps4 tbh the switch framerate is pretty awful

  • Crayola Scoot sounded so awful i just had to look it up and man, it looks sick

    Just checked out a video of it from Gameinformer and they loved it. Might pick it up aha

  • why did you force XSEED to censor Senran Kagura while Nintendo and Steam is going for content like that? I don’t care if this is not the right place, but please, change your guidelines. They are absolute nonsense. I don’t want to abandon this brand but now I’m seriously thinking in do it.

    • what do you mean it was censored? In what way was it? Even if it was, it has enough fan service and such that I can only say that the games CURRENTLY on Playstation are before what Steam and the Switch got, you just want a patch that “uncesors” something that is probably minor to the point we already still have people using the dlc to “uncensor” it for you? Cherries here, peach there… i don’t need to go on. I saw what happened after the DLC Waves stopped, i was honestly unnerved despite buying the game.

    • Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal is being delayed in the West in order to remove the interactive “Intimacy Mode” from the PlayStation 4 version.

    • It’s likely just simply Sony seen the game had a mode called intimacy mode and the characters are underage so… you know they’re not with promoting that

  • really hype for soulcalibur . been a really long time since the last one , it’s one of my favorite fighting franchises

  • Gotta get me that Palm Reading Premium!! Ohhh yeah. Can’t wait for it.

  • I loved Soul Calibur 1-4, especially 4, which still holds up well. SC 5 was extremely bland as was that unnumbered SC game whose title I forget.

    I am not hyped for Soul Calibur 6. I’m happy to wait for reviews and a discount. Also, I would recommend avoiding the season pass, deluxe editions, etc. for SC6. Why? Bandai Namco was happy to take preorders for season passes for Ni No Kuni 2. To date (almost 7 months after release), the season pass is just money spent, nothing delivered. They have said something about some content coming next year. They were not upfront about this until months after the release. They should either have been honest and told people that it might be a year for content. (Obviously that would have diminished sales.) Or maybe they should have waited to sell the SP once they had something in the pipeline. Many of us don’t trust Bandai Namco. As I just pointed, there is good reason for that.

  • I want Resonance there’s no way to preorder it?

  • Where’s Halloween Forever? The post said it comes out today.

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