September 2018 Players’ Choice Winner, Q3 Editor’s Choice Picks

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September 2018 Players’ Choice Winner, Q3 Editor’s Choice Picks

Marvel's Spider-Man webbed up a huge majority of the votes in our monthly Players' Choice poll. Plus, a new batch of Editor's Choice selections, hand-picked by PS Blog and PS Store editors.

Hoo boy! I think it’s safe to say PlayStation.Blog readers were impressed by Insomniac’s new spin on Marvel’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The sprawling new open-world adventure swung away with a vast (vast) majority of reader votes, handily securing the number one spot in the Players’ Choice poll for September. Runners up included Shadow of the Tomb Raider, FIFA 19, and Destiny 2: Forsaken.

September 2018 Players’ Choice Winner: Marvel’s Spider-Man

Players' Choice September 2018

As an extra bonus, since it’s been three months since we last gathered a selection of Editor’s Choice picks from around PlayStation HQ, we’ve got a fresh new batch below. Editor’s Choice selections are hand-picked by editors of PlayStation.Blog and PlayStation Store, and we can heartily recommend that you add any or all of them to your collection. Enjoy!

Dead Cells
Sid Shuman // PlayStation.Blog
PlayStation Editor's Choice Q3 2018: Dead Cells
Motion Twin’s action-platformer weaves an addictive web that will quickly entangle you. Buttery smooth controls, crunchy combat, and bountiful secrets make Dead Cells one of 2018’s best games, period. But take caution: This game will haunt your dreams.
Donut County
Kristen Titus // PlayStation.Blog
PlayStation Editor's Choice Q3 2018: Donut County
If you told me one of my favorite games this year would involve playing a quippy racoon controlling an ever-growing hole in the ground, I wouldn’t believe you. Donut County hits all the right buttons with eye-catching graphics, therapeutically fun gameplay and an unforgettable soundtrack.
Destiny 2: Forsaken
Justin Massongill // PlayStation.Blog
PlayStation Editor's Choice Q3 2018: Destiny 2: Forsaken
Destiny 2: Forsaken shoots for the stars… and just nails it. Introducing an addictive new PvEvP mode alongside a gripping story of vengeance, Forsaken is a treat for dedicated fans and lapsed players alike. Just wait until you see the Dreaming City! This is Bungie at their best.
Hollow Knight Voidheart Edition
Justin Massongill // PlayStation.Blog
PlayStation Editor's Choice Q3 2018: Hollow Knight
Hollow Knight walks a thin line. Simultaneously gorgeous and grotesque, it rewards exploration of its vast world but punishes those who don’t tread carefully, starring an adorable little insect who will not hesitate to MESS YOU UP. This one’s special, and a definite must-play.
Marvel’s Spider-Man
Andy Yen // PlayStation Store
PlayStation Editor's Choice Q3 2018: Marvel's Spider-Man
Everything about this game just brings a smile to my face. From exhilarating open-world web swinging to fast and fluid combat to an authentic story blending humor and humanity, Insomniac Games’ latest creation is easily the best Spider-Man game — and perhaps the best Super Hero game — of all time.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Kristen Titus // PlayStation.Blog
PlayStation Editor's Choice Q3 2018: Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Lara Croft’s latest adventure doubles down on the engaging environments, intense combat and thrilling puzzles of previous entries, while layering on an intriguing new exploration into our heroine’s moral psyche. Her final transformation into the titular Tomb Raider is a compelling adventure.
The Persistence
Sid Shuman // PlayStation.Blog
PlayStation Editor's Choice Q3 2018: The Persistence
A survival-horror shooter mashup of Bioshock, Dead Space, and Dark Souls, The Persistence ups the ante with an outstanding VR interface, impressive procedural level design, and an arsenal of deadly experimental weapons. Highly polished, endlessly replayable, and scary as hell.

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  • I have a mild disagreement on Donut County. I loved it, but it was over too fast. I wish there’d been more to it than there was.

  • I can’t believe Sid didn’t name Firewall: Zero Hour as one of his Editor’s picks. It’s all he talked about leading up to release.

  • Oh dear, where is Dragon Quest XI?? It’s shaping up to be my 2018 GOTY AND ITS A PS4 console exclusive to boot and it’s nowhere to be seen here! That’s very depressing.

    Guys if you like traditional JRPGS you’ll love DQXI. It may be THE best JRPG on the console!

    • I actually prefer Ni no Kuni 2 over DQXI. I would give it my game of the year. I could not put that game down when I got it. Went back after the DLC and was hooked again. DQXI is a good adventure I want to finish, but it doesn’t feel amazing for me apart from polish

    • I have no idea how you’d prefer Ni no Kuni 2 to DQXI. Ni no Kuni 2’s characters are horrible, and the story is barely anything. Utter disappointment and my love of JRPGs was restored with DQXI for actually having characters participate in the story (whaaaaat?! take notes Level-5) and a story that actually develops characters and does something.

      No idea what happened to Level-5, they were so amazing at one point. But hey, at least you enjoyed it. It’s not terrible, but it sure isn’t something I can say I enjoyed that much.

  • What, no Dragon Quest love???

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