Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition: Details on the Upcoming Remaster

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Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition: Details on the Upcoming Remaster

How uprezzing Resonance of Fate actually made it resonate.

Resonance of Fate, originally released in 2010, has been remastered to a 4K/HD Edition. You can now immerse yourself in stunning graphic details while traversing this devastated earth and engaging in acrobatic gun battles. With the 4K resolution, you’ll be able to better experience how the fate of the world has changed, a theme of humanity that may be at their twilight. The acclaimed battle system that lets you take control of layered strategies with dynamic movement.

All this while listening to the fantastic score created by Sakuraba and Kohei Tanaka.

This was a challenging project for us since not only did we remaster it as an HD version, but we fully committed to taking it to 4K resolution. In order to make the pre-rendered movies 4K, we had to utilize ‘deep learning’ our proprietary technology in order to up-rez. We also strived to maintain 60 frames per second at 4K resolution.

We took special care with the textures to improve their quality. Take a look at the hair carefully to get a sense of this. Not only did we make Leane better, but check out Vashyron’s silky locks as well. We also all really enjoyed being able to see the expressions on the characters as they are traversing the environment.

While working on the remaster, it really brought back how atmospheric the original game was, so we really made an effort to retain that by showing how the passage of time affects the backgrounds, fog effects, light sources and shadows, and reworking the camera angles. The stellar quality of the original movies really shine through with the improved resolutions.

We also fixed made sure to fix some old bugs and improved the load times to make for a better game playing experience. It’s a remaster that still has over 100 hours of gameplay with a dynamic engaging battle system that we hope you’ll enjoy. We’ve enjoyed remastering a game that allows players to have their own play style, customization and ingenuity to get through the game.

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2 Author Replies

  • I can’t wait to buy this, was a fantastic PS3 game. But I would also like to know if there will ever be a re-release of Star Ocean 2: The Second Story in US like Japan got. That is legitimately my favorite PS1 game. I bought the PSP version and played it for 200+ hours, and would love to have it on the VITA/PS4. Let me give you more money! please!

  • I would love to get a physical copy of this. I mean, I have the PS3 version, but a psychical PS4 copy would be great. Maybe a bundle with the Star Ocean PS4 HD remasters. I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

    Either way it’ll be nice to see this game get more attention, despite not making it very far in the original due to, well, having kids around when it came out, I always loved the aesthetic and the battle concepts.

  • I’m excited about this and planning to get it, but wasn’t the original release already HD (obviously not 4K)?

  • I’m so glad you guys remastered this, it’s one of my favorite games ever. Wasn’t able to beat the final boss so I’ve wanted to come back for so long now.

  • So awesome that I can finish this. Now about the xenosaga games getting a port or update ;)

  • I’m excited but remember being extremely overwhelmed by the game when it first came out. Little dissapointed to see it doesn’t have an easier difficulty option being added as I know there are a ton harder post-normal, but, definitely well-deserved to see Resonance getting another release!

  • Can’t wait to play it ! I hope 4K @ 60 FPS is not just for PC but also PS4 Pro version ?

  • Definitely excited for this would like a physical but digital is ok and seriously xenosaga guys we need these too!

  • WAIT! WHAT?! OMG, this is like the best news I’ve had in weeks! Loved this game so much, but never got to finish it.

  • I have questions.
    What’s the pricing and will there be a physical release? If not Will there be Japanese physical release? End of Infinity sounds cooler, anyway.And if so, will the Japanese version have English support?

  • Can’t wait to play this again. Also, I’m still holding out hope that Tri-Ace / Square-Enix remaster the PSP Star Ocean games for modern consoles. Japan has SO2 on PS4 so we’re halfway there already!

  • One of my Favorite jrpgs, finished it like 9 time across 6 years and Platinum. It’s battle system is very unique. I’m. Already waiting for preorder on psn. Hope it’s successful to warrant a sequel

    • Thanks for being a super fan. We’re coming back with the 4K/HD since we loved the game so much and wanted to see if all of you could be help spread the word about a game we consider a gem.

  • Will there be a retail copy? I’d absolutely love this but I’m a stickler for retail.

  • The game is out in 4 days and still can’t pre order

  • When will it be up for pre-order for the PS4?

  • Yeah its 15 will there be any chance of pre ordering this im not pre ordering the day before doesnt make sense love to see the NA link up so I can get a spot playing this game

  • The game released on steam today, does anyone know when it will be on PS4 it comes out the 18th right? Im not able to preorder for the ps4…i would really love to play this game again.

  • The game is delayed for NA?

    • Its delayed for Europe they dont get it until the 23 of october. it’s suppose to release for NA and Japan for the PS4 Today. Im. guessing they are delaying it for NA to now

  • Update from my previouse comment i found it on the
    playstaion store but i cant buy it now. Am i missing something? This is fustrating.

  • Does anyone know if you get the theme and avatar by purchasing the game in America? The store page doesnt say anything about it.
    Im a big fan of the series and i love the fact that i will be able to play it again but i dont see a reason to buy it on ps4 if they wont include the goodies, especially since the game is cheaper in pc.

    • I would also like confirmation on this, been holding out all day on the buy page for it.

    • To update if anyone else comes in here questioning the theme and avatars, you will not be provided them despite it being advertised as purchasing it, as it was said “Pre-order” in articles and Customer support may not be helpful on the matter, as I tried to keep having it pointed out “It wasn’t in the description, therefore you must not get it” and when i made mention of it not being Pre-order available on the PS Store, i was kindly told he’d look into it, and sent me a link to the blog to tell me games update tuesday not all week, when I actively knew this but was waiting for a “Pre-order” option ALL week.

  • Release date for Mexico? I want to pay with my credit card :(

  • Well, my country (together with many more in EU) didn’t get thsi game. HYPED for nothing. thanks SEGA….. for forgettign rest of EU

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