How Slime is Used to Great, Gross Effect in Nickelodeon Kart Racers

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How Slime is Used to Great, Gross Effect in Nickelodeon Kart Racers

This kid-friendly kart racer includes familiar Nickelodeon characters, creative tracks, and plenty of that signature green slime.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers is a kart racer featuring characters and slime-filled tracks from iconic Nickelodeon shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Hey Arnold!, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (and more) that’s meant to be accessible for younger kids while also remaining a challenge for nostalgic, older players. It’s a classic kart racer, but has quite a few innovative features that have been fun to work on and are even more fun to play.

Though our team had not worked with these characters before in a game, our whole team knows and loves them. Our group ranges from 22 to 45 years old, so we all have fond memories of the same iconic characters.

Did You Know?

Double Dare introduced the first messy Slime-y physical challenges to kids and families in 1986!

This game is a mixed-universe game and that kind of game needs something to glue the different IPs together (pun intended)! A great symbol of Nickelodeon’s irreverent humor and crazy antics is the iconic green slime. I remember seeing someone slimed for the first time, during the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Watching celebrities get unexpectedly slimed is one of the most exciting parts of the show and how can that not be a great game mechanic?

Nickelodeon shows have featured slime for over 30 years and it has never lost its popularity and appeal. My eight-year-old daughter was watching slime-making videos on the internet before we started on this game. It jumped out at us as a way that the game could scream Nickelodeon, have a super fun device for game mechanics and attract a younger audience that loves slime.

Did You Know?

In 1990, Nickelodeon Studios opened in Orlando, Florida. Visitors are greeted by a Slime Geyser that erupts with Slime every 15 minutes.

Bright green slime is a great visual and it shows up throughout the tracks, making them interesting and varied, while still being intuitive. Slime fills your kart’s turbo meter, which can activate a speed boost so getting slimed can really determine who wins the race. The karts can even sail like a jet ski on top of slime pools! That creates a change in mechanics and visually looks awesome. Slime pickups and triggers give players secondary objectives and, of course, in true Nickelodeon fashion, you can’t stand on the winners’ podium without your racer getting covered in slime! The Vector Unit game engine supports water racing, so we saw that as a great opportunity to introduce a different racing experience. Your kart will transform into a jet ski and it’s easy to get turbo charged when sailing on slime. Plus, the areas are wide open, so you can go really fast.

Did You Know?

In 2010 Katy Perry received one of the most epic Slime-ings in history while presenting at the Kids Choice Awards. The pressure of the blast was so high; it knocked her off her feet.

The important thing that kids have quickly figured out in play-testing is that slime helps the player; in their feedback, they’ve given the slime more importance than any other feature. They enjoy how it looks, behaves and is used in the game which makes us feel great because that’s what we have strived for.

We were super worried that slime would be a big challenge to technically embody so we used Nickelodeon’s special slime recipe to make a few gallons of slime for real, which was a lot of fun. Kids are no fools and they know the difference between slime and green water, so we had to study every element of the goo to truly capture the slime in-game.

Our FX and graphics programmers spent a crazy amount of time perfecting the virtual slime. There are over ten different kinds of slime art, including wavy slime pools, puddles, pipes, spray, splashes and more. Most are done with a mix of procedural particles, shaders and textures, sprites and UV maps. The extra effort was worth it; we’re really proud of the result.

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  • the graphics are absolutely lackluster. So i wouldnt be entirely proud of that, in the ps4 era

    • Couldn’t agree more JMG24BAD. I meant that is probably the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Literally PS2 level. Screenshots are usually the best the game has, I was excited about this. Thinking to the recent Sonic racing games. This is disappointing and no way I could play this

    • Hi JMG24BAD, thanks for your comments. The blog post was focused on the slime aspect of the game, so we chose some screenshots to show-off the slime. Have you checked out the video in HD to get a better idea of the gameplay visuals? Hope you get a chance to see the game running at 60 fps in 1080 with 4 player split screen multiplayer. The static screenshots don’t really show off the dynamic materials and lighting that I think makes the game pop.

  • I’ll get it if there’s other classic 90’s characters like Doug and whoever else counts (CatDog, Angry Beavers).

  • Online multiplayer?

    • Hi Bu3ouf91, thanks for asking. We have made this game for 4 x local multiplayer to be able to maximize the features for most players. If we had gone with online-multiplayer then we would have had to nerf some aspects of pickups, attacks and Arena mode combat to account for lag. By keeping the gameplay local, we are able to make the game better for local multiplayer, which we think is the majority of kart racing sessions. Racing in multiplayer mode is fun, but the three different Arena battle modes seemed to be the favorite with testers. Hope you enjoy.

  • I’d play it, but the graphics are disappointing. Nickelodeon deserves better than that.

  • OMG, yea-the graphics are PS2 era. Maybe if this was up to par I would consider it to play with my kids. Sadly ewwwww

  • Also, $40?!? Are you kidding me? Lol, maybe $19 maybe, def. not $40

  • It seems like nobody in this thread has ever played a PS2 game before. This looks way better than any PS2 game to anyone over 15 years old. The graphics look fine(especially for a budget title). I’ve been looking for a fun cart racer to play, so I’ll definitely keep my eyes on this game.

  • Love to see the return of these characters.
    Would be interested in a “Hey Arnold!” Telltale-type game.
    Or I’ve always wanted a co-op TMNT Open-world 4-Player co-op game like Infamous.. just throwing that out there. :)

  • Hi Adam, I had a question I hope you could clear up. There’s been some confusion on whether there are 12 characters in the game or if there are 12 represented franchises in the game. Could you confirm either?

  • Since the developer has been responding: MORE ROCKO’S MODERN LIFE PLEASE!!!

  • I want to see DANNY PHANTOM in this game!

  • Please add more characters and tracks from other Nick shows like CatDog, Rocko, Angry Beavers, Jimmy Neutron, ect, in future updates and DLC. It’s very disappointing to only have 12 characters from only 4 shows and to have them all revealed on announcement day. Especially when the original Nicktoons Racing in 2000 offered more variety.

  • Will the Nintendo Switch version of the game peform the same as the other versions at a smooth 60 FPS? Or has it been cut down to something like 30 FPS instead?

  • Why only 12 characters if Nickelodeon has other classic shows and cartoons that could be way better implemented into the game with other characters 12 roster is very small :/

  • Is the game not going to have the Voice Actors?

  • Hi Adam, I’m excited for this game and I can’t wait to buy it, just a couple of questions

    1. Why are there only 12 characters when you buy the game? Isn’t that a little low? I think there should be more characters in the main game like 20, I know there will be dlc characters and I’m excited for that

    2. Here are some requests for some other shows as dlc

    The Loud House
    Rocko’s Modern Life
    Invader Zim
    Fairly OddParents
    Rugrats (Grownup version)

    3. Are there 24 tracks in the game? How many are spongebob themed?


    • Hi WoofWoofGam3r-YT

      A lot of games have a similar number of characters at launch and then add more if the game is successful. Since each character has a whole load of kart upgrades, power-ups and animations, we are limited on how many we can get out for launch. We looked at a bunch of the shows that you have mentioned, and there is some cool concept art and even models for some of them just waiting for a DLC greenlight if the game is a success. As with all games, a lot of great features dont make it into production.
      Yes, 24 tracks, plus arenas. I donit want to give out any spoilers, but we are proud of the Sponge Bob levels for sure.
      Hope you enjoy.

  • Hi Adam, so I am a YouTuber and I’ve been making videos about Nickelodeon Kart Racers on my channel! I’m looking forward to getting the game and sharing my thoughts. But if you were interested in seeing what other people are thinking about the game, I highly encourage you to check out the comments on some of the videos! Thanks for all your hard work.

    • Hi Rider8, thanks for these great videos about the game.

      Very perceptive comments, your passion for the Nickelodeon characters and karting games comes through, so we really hope that you enjoy the game when you get it next week.

      Single player is fun, but if you can get your friends together for arena mode battles I think that you will have a lot of fun too.

      I see that you have a lot of comments from similar minded people, which is fantastic.

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