Marvel’s Spider-Man Swings Into Stores!

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Swings Into Stores!

A message from Insomniac to the True Believers out there.

I didn’t expect it to be so hard to type, “Marvel’s Spider-Man is launching worldwide!”

The process of bringing our unique interpretation of Peter Parker’s world to life has been so consuming for us at Insomniac Games, it feels almost strange to see the game released into the wild. We’re excited, proud, and yes, a little nervous too. The nerves are merely a reflection of how much we’ve loved collaborating with Marvel Games and our longtime friends at PlayStation on such a beloved character as Spider-Man.

Marvel's Spider-Man

We can’t wait to hear what you think about the game!

During our development odyssey, the team has written countless lines of dialogue and code, and we’ve traveled across the globe spanning nearly every continent promoting the game. Several Insomniacs brought new children into the world during game production and have since lovingly taught them about Spider-Man’s virtues, introducing an entirely new generation of fans to the web-crawler. And speaking of parents, during this process we were so fortunate to be able to meet and spend time with one of the fathers of Spider-Man, the one-and-only Mr. Stan Lee!

The last few weeks leading up to launch have been such a wonderful ride, and it all culminated last night with two spectacular events. The first being our TV spot that aired on NBC during the kickoff of the 2018 NFL season. As a huge gridiron fan, it was surreal to hear the legendary sports announcer Al Michaels introduce Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The second was our “Countdown to Launch” livestream, which was an absolute blast. There were a ton of interviews with so many amazing people that worked on the game, plus some new content, including this behind-the-scenes look at the music from the TV commercial. The music from our composer John Paesano is a giant piece of what brings the heard of this game to life, and we’re excited to show you a glimpse of how it comes together.

If you want to catch the full livestream, it’s archived here:

Finally, I must mention this adorable iOS sticker pack that is based on the stickers you can access in our in-game Photo Mode* – which is SO MUCH FUN! We hope you check out both and send us your best selfies from high atop Marvel’s Manhattan. To access the sticker pack, you can download the Marvel Stickers app, or find the Spider-Man Game Stickers app separately on the iTunes Store. Either of these two apps will enable you to use the stickers. You’ll need iOS10 or later to use this app.

Marvel's Spider-Man: iOS Sticker Pack

That’s enough from me! On behalf of EVERYONE at Insomniac Games, thank you for joining us on this amazing, spectacular journey developing Marvel’s Spider-Man these last few years. The reason we make games and have done so for nearly 25 years is to create positive and lasting impressions in people’s lives. We hope we accomplished that for you.


Marvel's Spider-Man

*Photo Mode available via patch version 1.04 and later. Internet connection required for update.

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  • > this amazing, spectacular journey

    Pretty sneaky! Looking forward to getting home from work and slinging some webs; by all acounts, I have some great fun ahead of me. Nice work, Insomniacs!

  • Which is best: Being Greater or Being Better?

  • The combat, the web slinging, voice acting…it is all excellent!

    So is the amount of things to do and also graphics, gameplay, upgradeables.

    Everything is great. Finally a SM game that tops Spider-Man 2 for me.

    Great job everyone at Insomniac and all others who had a hand in creating and bringing this game to the PS4!

    Thank You!!

  • Yesterday my ps4 was really lagged and i cudent buy the game.. and today i tried to get the preorder bonus and failed.. hope they give it anyway because its still before the opening date 09.07.2018 thanks

    • You still get the preorder bonuses even if you don’t preorder the game the people that were able to preorder the game just got those bonuses at the start of the game instead of having to unlock them later on

  • So far I like the game, is my first time with a PS4, I got the bundle yesterday, the game is fast and difficult, you did a great job.

  • SPECTACULAR GAME!!! Wow, what a great start to the game. Can’t wait to play again later today. Thank you Sony and Insomniac for making PlayStation such a special place to play!

  • I’ve played approx. 2 hours & I’m enjoying it so far. I’m very pleased that the web swinging feels smooth & natural from the beginning. I normally don’t pre-order games but I’m glad that I made an exception for this one. Moving on to a past Insomniac game, Resistance 2 had an amazingly fun separate online co-op mode which I very much miss even to this day. I’m curious to know if Insomniac would bring a similar separate online co-op mode to any of their upcoming games?

  • It wouldve been awesome if i could’ve played it at the time that it finished downloading at midnight, instead of getting multiple blue screens saying the application cant launch. I mean i paid 80 bucks for the excluve add ons and theme and now im waiting another 11 hours cause i had to download it again to see if it actually launches this time. ive been waiting for this game a long time since the first pre alpha footage was released. Im sure the game is still amazing but i just wished i couldve enjoyed at the same time as everybody else.

    • Are you still having this problem? I’m getting error code CE-34878-0 and I cannot launch the game at all. I can’t even get to a menu or anything!

  • I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else , but I preordered the game digitally in GameStop and they have me the code for the game on the receipt , I got the game and everything but none of the preorder bonuses.

  • Insomniac did a terrific job with this game. Hate to beat a dead horse but, it’s very Arkham Asylum like with the combat and web slinging around. This is a proper Spider man all the way. I’m definitely glad I picked up the Spider man limited edition ps4 pro bundle. The console itself is absolutely gorgeous. Great job to Sony and Insomniac games.

  • Kudos as well to John Paesano the music composer for this game. Very dramatic music. Feels like a major blockbuster Marvel movie instead of a game. John Paesano is a terrific Composer. This is his 2nd major game he’s scored. The 1st was Mass Effect Andromeda. Great score but terrible game unfortunately. Nonetheless his work on this game is epic.

  • Long time fan since Spyro, bought every Ratchet and Clank and everything else you released on PS3. Even purchased an XBoxOne solely to play Sunset Overdrive! So, of course, I bought Spider-Man. But when I began the campaign I simply couldn’t play due to the lack of inverted x-axis, I had to turn off the game :( Please add this feature to the game, I’m sure you will eventually, you have always been loyal to your fans, so I’ll just wait until then. Thanks for the years of fun.

    I know this isn’t exactly the proper location to address this matter but I was also curious with how many others agree, I know we inverters are in the minority.

    • Any chance you guys will make more Spiderman PS4 Pro Bundles? They sold out in minutes.

    • This comment structure does not make it clear where you are posting – but anyway – I agree about the inversion. Inverted is the only way to play.

      And please make more Spiderman PS4 Pro Bundles.

  • I’ve heard nothing but great things about this latest Spidey game, it’s going on my “need to buy” list, unless I find the PS4 Pro Spidey console!! :D

  • Great experience i really want to see more games like this. Its a very different change in pace for games this year. I think this game made its self proudly known great work insomniac. First hours playing this literally nade me one (insomniac) lol.
    Im looking forward to all of the Downloadable Content.
    I bought this game with the Pro. Such a beautiful system Love It

  • From several people including myself, the first time I tried installing the game from a disc I’ll get the cannot download error message, after selecting try again game does download but it’s just terribly buggy, from the characters looking distorted to the audio skipping to the game freezing and the crashing. I emailed insomniac and they replied to contact PS. How can it be a PS problem when all the other games work? And I already tried deleting and reinstalling and that didn’t work. So I can’t say how the game is.

  • Please release soundtrack . love the score! U keep playing making music video over and over.

  • Having a blast so far. I could just swing around the city for hours.

  • From the bottom, most deepest part of my being–Thank you, Thank you THANK YOU!!!!!! I have literally waited for a game like this damn near my entire gaming life, and I’ve been gaming and a SpiderMan fan since 8 (I’m 47 now LMAO)…SPiderman on PS2 was great, but not on the level of this new iteration…..damn all (if any) negative talk about this game; it is TRULY AMAZING!!!!!! You guys at Insomniac F’N ROCK!!!!!!! People always find something to complain about; I’ve heard people rumbling about the 20 hour play time (wish I could Web their mouths shut); I want to go on record for giving you guys a ton of credit and much deserved accolades–this SpiderMan game has caused me to lose sleep and gym time–DON’T CARE–LMAO!!!! Well worth it; can’t wait to get off work and zipline to my PS4—thanks again, Insomniac!!!!!!

    P.S. I also got that sweet SpiderMan PS4 Pro bundle, so thanks for that, too……

  • I am still unable to play the game.
    I’ve tried digital and disk versions of the game, deleted and installed the game many times, Rebuilt the database, initialized the PlayStation, even installed a new hard drive.
    I was on the phone with PS support about 8 times when FINALLY an agent told me other people are having this issue as well!
    When the game tries to launch I get error code ce-34878-0.
    Is anyone else have this issue?

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