Customize Your Court in NBA Live 19, Demo Out Now

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Customize Your Court in NBA Live 19, Demo Out Now

EA gives us an inside look at NBA Live 19's new Create a Court and Court Battles

The team here at NBA Live has been unveiling new features all summer, beginning with our cover athlete Joel Embiid. During this period, we’ve also announced our full NBA Live Squad, with each member accompanied a key moment in our campaign. The last of our reveals are highlighted below – with Create Your Court, you get the chance to customize your homecourt by flexing your creativity. Court Battles gives you a way to compete against other NBA Live fans and show them you’re the boss, and we included the details for the demo which is dropping today!

Create Your Court

Creativity needs to be expressed and celebrated and in NBA Live 19 you’ll be able to do just that, starting with creating your own court in the game. The steps are simple, but the possibilities are endless.

First off, put your court on the map! You start off by picking a city from the thousand-plus options around the world. This can be where you’re from or anywhere random – the freedom to choose is completely yours. Next, express yourself in your designs. You can take the quicker route and choose a theme, but you’ll also have the option to fully choose from an in-depth color palette what you want to see for line colors, paint colors, and court textures. Even text on the court and logos can be modified how you want them.

After working out your color scheme, pick your floor material. Go with hardwood to concrete or even asphalt – you make the call. To me, the most interesting part about all this is being able to put cool graphics like animal prints, camo prints, throwback 90’s patterns, and much more – check out the classic Seattle Supersonics’ court! But creating your court is just the first step in a big process that includes defending that court and defeating others on their courts.

NBA Live 19 Custom Courts

Court Battles

Are you ready to fight for your court and legacy? Then get ready to engage in Court Battles. To put it simply, Court Battles are split into Campaigns – periods where you attack and defend courts. These campaigns are set up as specified amounts of time when you race against the clock and attack as many courts as possible. Based on the amount of courts you’re able to attack successfully, you’ll gain different rewards. Rewards range from new players for your squad to different court customization items and options, and more.

As you earn more rewards and win more games in Court Battles, you’ll also get Court Hype. Hype is a system created to help continue to build your legacy – your Hype is reflected by the success you attain and can only be gained through playing the game. As you progress though, you’ll have six tiers to go through (Rookie, Pro, All-Star, Superstar, Legend, and Icon) and each contains five levels within it. More Hype can equal better rewards.

NBA Live 19 Custom Courts

But you’re not just attacking courts – people are also attacking your court, and you need to set up a defense. Really, it should be the first thing you do. Remember, though, it’s your court and your rules, which means when people attack your court, they have to play by your rules against your team (controlled by the AI), so make sure the players you select for your five are best-suited to play by the rules you set forth. We are bringing 38 different rulesets and you’ll have to choose an Attacker handicap, as well.

Rules can be as specific as something like only having dunks count – pick it, and you should adjust your lineup to athletic dunkers. You can also attach an attacker handicap – something puts a restriction on the attacking team coming into your homecourt – and you can also set gameplans, which can include anything from plays to just simple things like guarding shooters or playing tight on superstars.

NBA Live 19 Custom Courts

NBA Live 19 Demo

Want to get a jump on the season? You’re in luck, baller – the NBA Live 19 demo is available today! In it, there are a number of features you’ll be able to try for the first time before actually playing the full version. In the demo, you’ll be able to create a player, begin your journey across the world, and start to build your squad for global dominance.

A good place to start in the demo is the Play Now mode, where you play a game with a couple of the best teams in the league right now. Or hit Practice Mode to work on your shot and other attributes by doing different drills designed to help you understand the game before you really get on your quest for greatness. Lastly, you’ll be able to put your game to the test and compete in some very specific Live Events – yes, the bragging rights are already starting!

Start your path to dominance today and be sure to order the full game so you can play on September 7!

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