Introducing the Cloud Remote for PS4

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Introducing the Cloud Remote for PS4

Enjoy hassle-free remote programming enabled by advanced Cloud technology

Simple. Easy to program. Compact. We’re happy to bring you the new Cloud Remote for PS4 through our continued partnership with PlayStation. What makes it so great? Let’s dive right in!

The Cloud Remote for PS4 programs your remote for you. Programming the remote is straightforward with the downloadable PDP Cloud Remote App, which uses advanced Cloud technology to auto-detect devices connected to the PS4 for hassle-free remote programming. It’s super easy.

PS4 Cloud Remote

The compact design of the Cloud Remote makes it simple to find the button you’re looking for—and you can reach all essential controls under one thumb! It has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Here are a few more benefits to the brand new Cloud Remote for PS4:

  • Includes controls for power, input, and volume for TVs
  • Hassle-free Cloud-assisted technology for programming remote
  • Connects via Bluetooth to control your PS4 system
  • Access all essential controls under one thumb with a sleek and compact design
  • Features the most important buttons for navigating system menus and apps

As an added bonus, gamers get a 30-day free trial of the PlayStation Vue Core plan worth $49.99 with the purchase of the Cloud Remote at GameStop or Amazon*—offering 65 channels of live TV from top networks like ESPN, FX, AMC, Cartoon Network, NFL Network & MLB Network!

PS4 Cloud RemotePS4 Cloud Remote

The Cloud Remote for PS4 is officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and will be available for an MSRP of $29.99. You can pre-order now at PDP’s website, as well as at GameStop and Amazon. For additional product information, please visit

(*Offer available while supplies last. Offer valid for new users only.)

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  • Nice product, pre-order in!

  • How do you know if your TV can be controlled with the remote?

  • Ummm, you’re missing a ‘Stop’ button there, guys.

    • Lmao if you didn’t mention it I wouldn’t notice but if anything the circle button is normally the stop button. Users can use that I guess.

    • Except when the circle button is the pause button, like on blu-rays.

    • I can’t even remember the last time I saw an actual “Stop” button on a remote. They’re usually pretty pointless considering the “Back” button on most modern remotes does the exact same thing (or “Home” for the nuclear option). That said, the usual “Stop” replacements aren’t on this remote either. And that line they use twice as if it’s a huge deal, “Access all essential controls under one thumb,” only really applies if you for some reason consider the standard Dual Shock 4 controller buttons the “essential controls” for *media*.

      PDP seems to have prioritized making this a replacement for a PS4 controller over making this a, you know, REMOTE.

    • Can’t stop, won’t stop.

    • Umm just hit pause it should stop not a vcr

  • Is the 30 day trial of ps vue only for new suscribers?

    • Hello,

      I work for PDP. To answer your question, the 30 day trial for PlayStation Vue is only for new subscribers.

  • So, you want me to give you money so that I can add a non-universal remote to the pile of remotes that have been replaced by a single universal remote? That’s what you are getting at Sony/Performance Designed Products?

    What EXACTLY is the benefit to the consumer here? Not having to use the Dualshock to control/watch video content (something I can already do for the same or less cost using Performance Designed Products’ PlayStation 4 IR Receiver For Logitech Harmony Remote Control Devices)?

  • Interested in this product. Couple questions though. If my smart TV has Roku functionality built into it, would this remote be able to control that as well?

    • Hello,

      I work for PDP. The Cloud Remote supports basic TV Functions like Power Toggle, Input Toggle, Vol +, and Vol -. Unfortunately, the Remote will not control any of the advanced functions of your TV.

  • Nice remote. Does it do all the things a Bravia remote does. Because those things are huge.

    • Hello,

      I work for PDP. The Cloud Remote supports basic TV Functions like Power Toggle, Input Toggle, Vol +, and Vol -. Unfortunately, the Remote will not control any of the advanced functions of your TV.

  • How does the battery life on the Cloud Remote compare to your other PS4 remotes?

    • Hello,

      I work for PDP. All PDP Remotes for the PS4 are Bluetooth devices. Standard remotes like those that might come with your TV are usually IR and require very low power in comparison to a Bluetooth device so you will get less battery life with any of our Bluetooth remotes. We do continue to strive towards optimizing our products and if you own our original Universal Remote for PS4, you will see significant improvements to the battery life.

    • Thank you for the reply. I do own the original Universal Remote, and I’ve heard that you’ve already improved battery life and response time with the Media Remote. It’s good to hear that I’ll see improvements with this one — I may need to pick it up.

      Again, thank you.

    • My Samsung remote is Bluetooth expect for the on/off button. I haven’t changed the batteries in two years. My old PS4 remote had to wake up and absolutely chewed up the batteries.

  • would be down but no menu button is a dealbreaker. Cant turn off and on Game Mode

  • Can it control the volume of the amp? The old PS3 remote was able to do this.

    • The Cloud Remote only works with TVs.

    • Let me elaborate a little on this. The Cloud Remote was design specifically for TVs. If your TV and Receiver/Soundbar support HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel), the Cloud Remote can control the volume of those devices.

  • I’ve had the previous PDP PS4 Media Remote. How does battery life compare to that one?

  • How does this compare to the current PS4 multimedia remote? That one is pretty long and some of the buttons aren’t that easy to get to without looking. I got that one strictly for watching movies. Does this one properly handle the BD and DVD menu systems?

  • Also, do you have to hit the PS button to wake it up or will simply pressing a button in general work (like on the old PS3 versions?

    • Any button will wake up the remote and establish the bluetooth link with the console. The remote remembers the button you pressed and will resend that command to the PS4 once the bluetooth link is established. So for example, if your remote has gone to sleep and in the middle of a movie you press the pause button. The bluetooth connection will be established and the pause command sent to the PS4.

  • Does this one have a better battery life than the last PS4 remote? That thing was garbage… My toddler likes to play pretend remote with it though so I guess it’s only garbage adjacent.

  • Sony i hope this will compatible with any future Playstaion console ,and sony tv

  • When is cloud remote released in uk

    • At the moment there is no date set for the Cloud Remote to release outside North America. We are in discussions with Sony about it.

  • I can already use my TV control (SONY) to control my PS4, so I guess I dont need it :)

    • How are you controlling inside apps?

    • Because on Sony TVs the menu commands can be passed through to the PS4, which includes anything running on the PS4 (Netflix, etc). This PDP remote may or may not be an improvement depending on one’s situation. Personally, I find PDP products to be a little bit cheaply made compared to Sony 1st party accessories. They aren’t terrible, mind you, but not 1st party quality, at least judging by the other PS4 remote they’ve released. The 1st party PS3 one was much better IMO. I’m disappointed that Sony stopped making their accessories in house and farmed them out to PDP, but that’s just me. Sorry, Brad. ;)

  • I use the old version of this pdp remote. Works pretty well except the enter button doesn’t register every time. It could be wearing out. The buttons in general are clunky. I wish Sony would do a proper remote will all system functions on it like the PS3 one. Until then I guess this is the best option.

  • This looks like the kind of updated remote I was hoping for. I have the current PS4 remote and it’s been a miserable experience with it from day one. Small buttons, no dedicated L1/L2/R1/R2 buttons, hard to read in dim light. This one has a nice simple design. Fingers crossed it works as good as it looks.

  • cool, can we get navigational controls for psvr now?

  • Here is a question, will it only work with the slim and pro version of the ps4 to work due to the updated bluetooth or will we be able to use it on the original one as well

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