The Unsettling Influences of Torn, Launching August 28 for PS VR

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The Unsettling Influences of Torn, Launching August 28 for PS VR

Step into a dark, strange world influenced by BioShock, Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone.

Have you ever dreamt of stepping into your own episode of Black Mirror or the Twilight Zone? Meet Torn for PS VR.

Torn is a dark science-fiction mystery created by Aspyr Media. During pre-production, Aspyr brought in industry veteran Susan O’Connor (BioShock, Tomb Raider) as the Lead Writer to develop the dark journey through the mansion. And with O’Connor’s experience in fascinating and strange narratives, the early Torn script felt like an episodic screening from Black Mirror.

“The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror were huge influences for this story,” O’Connor says. “Both shows are such a strange mix of horror and sci-fi and drama. And both shows do such a great job of finding the monsters hiding in the shadows of everyday life, like watching our nightmares playing out in the real world.”


The atmosphere of Torn doesn’t end at the narrative, though. The whimsical world of Torn is brought to life with a full orchestra, led by Garry Schyman. You may recognize him from his previous work on the BioShock and Middle-earth franchises.

“Torn was fascinating to score and is one of the most interesting games I have worked on since BioShock,” Schyman recalls. “Both share a dark mystery at its core that shocks when discovered by the player and both were spectacular opportunities for a composer moved by passionate work.”



Our goal was to create a virtual reality tourist destination for science fiction fans, where players could immerse themselves in a strange world with even stranger machines. The Torn mansion may be abandoned, but the doors aren’t exactly closed.

As part of Totally Digital, you can pre-order Torn now to save 15% at PlayStation Store. PS Plus members save an additional 5%. See you in the mansion August 28!

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  • Not that it matters as I can’t wait for this but can anyone say how long the game is supposed to be?

    • ~6-8 hours depending on how much exploring you like to do and how quickly you can solve puzzles.

    • Honestly was curious about this too. spendimg 33-40 dollars and only getting an hour or two out of it would mean wait for sale. but at that length (I explore in ofher games a bit TOO much) looks like I’ll be grabbing and streaming.

  • Looks very interesting, thanks for bringing this to PSVR!

  • Oh I’ll definitely be in the mansion on August 28.

    Been looking forward to this one.

  • Please fix your theme. Key tones are too loud, but music is good. I want to use it, but can’t because key sounds ruin everything.

  • Looks really great and interesting. Will be buyed on day one!
    But i have one question: How will be the controls ? Will we have the possibility to walk and turn smooth ?

  • Looks like one of the best adventure VR titles yet! The pre-order (with 15% + 5% discount) came to $23.99. I felt like it was a great price!

  • “Step into a dark, strange world influenced by BioShock, Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone.”

    I am sold.

  • I had the chance to play Torn today. Was having a great time playing but was wondering if any body else had problems with the game crashing. Mine crashed twice and the second time I lost my saved game losing two and half hours of play.

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