Dig into Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe on PS4 August 28

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Dig into Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe on PS4 August 28

Extra time in the oven allowed us to pack Battle Chef Brigade with Deluxe flavor

I’m so happy to announce that Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe will be served piping hot to your PS4 on August 28! We are incredibly proud of how we’ve improved Battle Chef Brigade for PlayStation fans. When we met so many of you at PSX, it was clear that you deserve the very best version of Battle Chef Brigade.

Before we get into the fresh new Deluxe additions, here’s a recap for novice chefs. Battle Chef Brigade combines combo-based hunting with puzzle-based cooking in a hand-drawn, fantasy adventure. In the campaign, you play as Mina and Thrash, cooking your way into the Brigade while subduing Victusia’s destructive monsters. Battle Chef Brigade is a crazy chocolate burrito sushi spicy burger full of innovative, unique flavors you’ve never tried, much less together. We know you’ll love it on the first bite!

New in Deluxe: Ziggy, the Undead Necromancer

Ziggy is the most mysterious and possibly unsanitary chef in Battle Chef Brigade. He has a lazy streak and relies heavily on his summoned minions. His sous skeletons lead the way, with rolling pins and pans, his imps carry ingredients to the pantry, and his turret-like demons take care of any stragglers. Of course, a good Battle Chef can’t always rely on magical help and, when necessary, Ziggy knows how to take care of business. A few breakdance-style kicks and a spin or two are enough to prep any monster for the kitchen. We had an incredible time designing him and can’t wait for you to slide into battle as Ziggy.

Local Multiplayer Added

In a game centered on intense hunting and cooking duels, multiplayer kicks it up a notch. We drew inspiration from fighting games, brawlers, and our couch-based childhoods to make dueling your friends and enemies perfect. Wait for your opponent to kill the Dragon and then swipe its spicy steak for yourself! There’s a buffet of options and items to choose from, including quite a few new ones for Deluxe, such as Ziggy’s Grill, Bony Tongs, and Carnivorous Expertise.

Side dishes

We’ve added a lot more replayability and polish for Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe. Here are some of the additions:

  • New Survival Mode: A speedy arcade mode where a death in the arena ends your run. Each win lets you pick from an assortment of items as you conquer the leaderboards.
  • New Free Play Mode: Practice hunting in any biome and crafting the 120+ dishes. This is the place to perfect your combos and analyze each ecosystem.
  • New Gallery: As you level up your Brigade Rank with Survival runs and bouts in the updated Daily Cook-Offs, you unlock gorgeous concept art.
  • New maps: Enter the Darkrealm in Daily Cook-Off, Free Play, Survival, and Multiplayer!
  • New Challenges: Ziggy gets his own pair of Break the Dishes stages.
  • Accessibility Improvements: We’ve added color-blind options, updated fragile state art, and let you fast-forward through duel introductions.
  • Thrash Buffs: Everyone’s favorite father of two has a much-improved Counter, better Berserk timer, and speed tweaks.

Dynamic Theme for your PS4

We’ve put together a theme for you, too. A calm, cherry blossom-filled backdrop welcomes you to your entertainment hub as a soothing remix of many of the Battle Chef Brigade songs fills you with contentment. Enjoy!

See you on the Daily Cook-Off leaderboards on August 28! Vive le Brigade!

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7 Author Replies

  • the art-style is really cool, but i would prefer for it to be in 3D, while trying to get the same artistic vision (similar to GGXRd)

    • Oooh, that would be lovely! We’re a tiny team of 3 and don’t have a dedicated 3D artist, but perhaps something for the future :)

  • Such an amazing game. I have this on the Switch and am tempted to double-dip.

    • Thanks so much! Double-dipping is encouraged when it comes to Battle Chef Brigade and sauces that you don’t have to share :)

  • Yeeeeess! I’m a PROUD backer of this game but before it completed development, my laptop bricked so I haven’t been able to play it. I’ll finally get the opportunity to enjoy it next Friday!!!

    • Thank you so, so much for your support on Kickstarter! The Deluxe version is the best time to enjoy it for your first time :)

  • Gotta love the art style and the characters look cool too,will keep ma eye on this one.Also kudos for improving the game to bring to us PS playas,much respect for devs who do that.

  • Is this a sequel or DLC? Or a remake of the first one with new features? I loved Battle Chef Brigade so I’d be interested in more content, but it wasn’t clear from the trailer what I’m looking at.

    • Great question! For owners on other platforms, Deluxe is a free update to celebrate the Playstation 4 launch :)

  • Wow, I didn’t know you guys were only a team of three. To have made such a fun game with few people, that’s amazing! I have Battle Chef Brigade on Nintendo Switch and I’m not finished with the campaign yet. I’m loving every minute of it.

    You already answered one of my questions that the deluxe edition will be a free update on other platforms, which is great. My other question is will we be able to purchase the dynamic theme separately?

    • We certainly had some help with art, writing, and audio! We also took a lot longer to make BCB as a result of being so small :)
      The dynamic theme should indeed be available separately next week alongside the game! Enjoy!

  • Will this be available in the UK/EU? It looks fun.

  • Can’t wait to dig into (pun intended). I’m also thrilled at the prospect local multiplayer. All the indie games I was most excited for are coming to PS4 now. first Dead Cells, now this, and hollow knight next year! Thanks Guys, wish y’all all the love and success.

  • Love the art style! Just curious if there’s a physical version or will this game only be available digitally?

  • Sorry, but I would like to add that I couldn’t find the game in the US PSN Store.

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