God of War New Game Plus Live Today, Top Reasons to Play

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God of War New Game Plus Live Today, Top Reasons to Play

Let’s see how you hold up against the Valkyries this time around...

Hey! I wanted to share the top reasons to play God of War’s New Game Plus (NG+) mode, which launches today as a free update for God of War owners. This update is our largest one yet, and several of the improvements and features within can be enjoyed in both standard and NG+ playthroughs of the game. We’ve been waiting for you all to see what we have in store!

God of War: New Game Plus

Top Reasons to Play New Game Plus

  1. Relive the adventure of Kratos and Atreus, while keeping all of your earned equipment and abilities. Start a new game with all of your armors, talismans, enchantments, Runic Attacks, skills, and yes, even weapons. [NG+ ONLY]
  2. NG+ is for everyone! Upon starting a NG+ game, you will be able to select your desired difficulty – no matter which difficulty you picked for your previous playthrough. Enemies will be levelled up accordingly, so choose the amount of challenge which suits you best. [NG+ ONLY]
  3. Explore new customization options with more powerful versions of existing armors, talismans and enchantments. Collect Skap Slag, a new resource used by our blacksmithing duo to craft Perfect rarity-level gear. [NG+ ONLY]
  4. Forge a handful of new armor sets for both Kratos and Atreus, including some with exciting new gameplay abilities, such as a chest piece which creates massive explosions whenever Health or Rage stones are stomped on. [NG+ ONLY]
  5. Push the boundaries of combat by converting certain talismans and armor sets into enchantments, creating combinations which are not possible in a standard playthrough. [NG+ ONLY]
  6. Enemies can now turn elite even on “Give Me a Challenge+” difficulty. Add a new dimension to combat, even if you don’t want the ultimate challenge on “Give Me God of War+”. [NG+ ONLY]
  7. Some enemies have new behaviors and attack patterns. Maybe you should see how you hold up against the Valkyries this time around? [NG+ ONLY]
  8. Test your skills on timed Realm Tears. Running away won’t help you against Hel-Vikens and Revenants (once you open a rift) anymore. [NG+ ONLY]
  9. Receive a new shield skin when starting a game on NG+. Unlock an additional one by completing NG+ on “Give Me God of War+” difficulty. [NG+ ONLY]
  10. Repeat the New Game Plus experience as much as you’d like by starting another NG+ game from one you’ve just completed. [NG+ ONLY]
  11. Engage the story the way you want to. Skip cinematics as you please on both standard and NG+ playthroughs by completing the story at least once. Experience the scenes again to catch secrets you might have missed, or simply jump right back into the action.
  12. Switch out your armor pieces as much as you like without worrying. Easily transfer all enchantments from one piece of gear to another in the menu with the push of a button.
  13. Many bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, such as ensuring that Parry Attacks keep Kratos safe at all times, improving the Wrath of the Frost Ancient Runic Attack, fixing inconsistencies with how enemy attacks can be parried, and much more.

God of War: New Game Plus

And there you have it. Thanks as always for all of the support and, regardless of whether this will be your first, second or even tenth time playing God of War, we hope you enjoy the adventure!

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  • what time does the patch go live?

  • Amazing! This GOTY has just gotten so much better! Thank you Sony and SSM for making this perfect game!


  • For the ones who got EVERYTHING in the game, whose waiting on Asgard to unlocked?

    I will only reinstall GOW until more trophies comes. So I’m happy with the platinum I got.

    • Thought it was pretty clear when you beat the game that Asgard,Vanahein and Svartalfhein will only be available in the next game.Cannot believe there are people actually waiting on these 3 realms to be unlocked in this game.

    • Nothing about that makes sense. So keep waiting I guess.

    • I’m also excited about Asgard, Vanaheim and Svartalfhein to open and I realize its probably going to be in the next game. However I think making these a DLC would be so much better and possibly more cost effective. I prefer having the disc for many games but if they added these as a DLC I’d gladly purchase the PSN version. Just my opinion.
      Have a great day and game on

  • Why are we still waiting for this patch to come out?!!

  • I just loaded up god war with the new patch and have already beaten the game, the new game plus isn’t working. There is no option in my game that let’s you start new game plus. Plz help, unless I just missed something

  • Nicely done Santa Monica hope the patch ain’t much big and please confirm that GoW will never get new trophies…that would be wonderful.

  • Does anyone know if saved games from the disk-based version of the game are compatible with the PSN version? If I buy the PSN version do I have to start over?

    • Digital and physical copies of a video game are the exact same, one just doesn’t require the disk. So yes, you’re save data will work.

    • You can’t say that as a blanket statement, as many Playstation games internally treat the disk and PSN versions as different titles – one can’t read the other’s saves, and you can even get trophies for each version.

      I want to make sure that’s not true for God of War before I plunk down cash for the PSN version, when I’ve gone quite a way through the disk version already, but don’t have the disk any longer.

    • I’m not sure if the files consistently transfer but I used to have a physical copy of Infamous: Second Son and redownloaded it digitally when it was free for ps plus users. After booting the game it just loaded into my old save files like normal.

  • After beating the game I started a new game. In doing so, did I lose my ability the play the new NG+ mode retaining all weapons and items or will the new patch identify my prior progress and restore my weapons and items?

  • damn it now i have to buy it again.

  • Thanks for all your hard work! I did my first playthrough on Give Me God of War and it was so freaking hard. I think this time I’ll do NG+ on Normal. I’ve alrrady proved myself!

  • Still haven’t fixed the most annoying bug in the whole game Going back to the Witch’s cave there’s a big a** movable stone that’s blocking my path and preventing me from going to where the Valkirye is. I’ve seen several folks complaining about tye same situation on forums, so I know that I’m not alone on this. I was hoping that this patch would fix things up, but NOPE….I can’t get 100% completion because of tgis stupid bug ——-_____——

  • I’m finding it harder than the usual GOW games as I’m only a casual gamer ( though it’s my passion and didn’t start gaming until my 40s ) but this I find complicated ( to me ) and can see what I need to do to advance, but just can’t seem to get what I need , maybe lack of experience or it’s just outta my reach …..any suggestions anyone, I miss the QTE and the puzzles to solve but this version just makes me wanna give up because im not fast enough no matter how hard I try, but WHAT A GREAT GAME “ it’s beautifully made the graphics are phenomenal and the music just beautifully haunting…. I’d just like to complete :(

  • Heck yeah dudes!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the NG+ Mode!

  • This sounds D’s like a stilod question but … For instance if I am missing some of the Ravens from my original play through if I get the ones I missed on the ng+ will it count towards my throphy ??

  • If New Game Plus isn’t showing up after you updated do I have to rebeat the game over since I started a new game already on there.

  • Hi santa monica thanks for the release update 1.30
    I have downloaded and installed the update 1.40 after installing it i cannot see new game plus option in my game I don’t know why this is happening can u pls help me in this regards

  • this is awesome! Thanks for all your hard work guys!!

  • I downloaded the update, and have beat the game twice (pre-update) and found different items during play through… so my question is, when I start new game+, are both previous saves transferred??

  • I downloaded the update, and have beat the game twice (pre-update) and found different items during play through… my question is, when I start new game+, are both previous saves transferred?? Or do only get items from specific saves?

  • Will there be NG+ trophies? :D

  • Oye eso es un descaro yo actualicé el juego y lo volví a empezar en nueva partida + y salgo sin nada desde ser o y no se por q ayuda por fabor

  • Recommend playing this game 100%, defiantly one of the most fun and best games I’ve played!!

  • I completed story mode and restarted before the new patch was even announced. Can I still play new game+?

  • Great read. Thank you!

  • How do we download/add/play this? Do you have to complete it once first? I have found nothing about it…….

  • I’ve finished the main story of the game and have since started again on a harder difficulty. Game plus mode is not available for me for some reason.

  • After I beat new game plus on give me god of war mode and replay new game plus again. Do the shield skins for beating it transfer over to the next play through of new game plus?

  • There’s a moment in God of War when you realise you can go anywhere. Clear of the opening set up Clear of the opening set up, the game steps back, presents you with a map of the world and says, ‘you know what? You’re a demigod, you’ve got a boat: sort yourself out.’ It’s perhaps the biggest change to the series,

    An incredible spectacle of combat and action
    Great characters, story and a beautifully realised semi-open world
    So much to see, investigate and do

    Upgrades are initially confusing
    It’s not always clear if you have the right tool for an enemy or puzzle yet

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