PlayStation Store: July’s Top Downloads

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PlayStation Store: July’s Top Downloads

Grand Theft Auto V, Rocket League, and No Man's Sky topped the PS4 charts for July

Grand Theft Auto V tops the chart for the second month straight! Is this reignited interest thanks to the Red Dead hype train kicking into gear? Or perhaps it’s the impressive new “After Hours” DLC just added to GTA Online. Maybe it’s that Stone Hatchet you can unlock in GTA and RDR2. Either way, congrats Rockstar!

Psyonix’s smash-hit Rocket League lands a solid second-place, and No Man’s Sky saw a huge comeback, landing at #3 on the PS4 chart after the launch of their game-changing NEXT update. Have you ventured into the infinite cosmos since the update dropped?

Alright then, let’s get to the charts. Leave your predictions for August in the comments!

PS4 Games
1 Grand Theft Auto V
2 Rocket League
3 No Man’s Sky
4 FIFA 18
5 Destiny 2
6 Darksiders Warmastered Edition
7 Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition
8 Fallout 4
9 Need for Speed
10 Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition
PS VR Games
1 Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality
2 PlayStation VR Worlds
3 Job Simulator
6 Arizona Sunshine
7 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
9 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
10 Statik
Free-to-Play Games
1 Fortnite Battle Royale
2 H1Z1: Battle Royale
3 Defiance 2050
4 Brawlhalla
5 Fallout Shelter
6 Warframe
8 Paladins
9 3on3 FreeStyle
10 DC Universe Online Free-to-Play
PS Vita Games
1 Persona 4 Golden
2 Stardew Valley
3 God of War: Collection PS Vita
4 Adventures of Mana
5 Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition
6 Jet Set Radio
7 Ys Origin
8 Jak and Daxter Collection
9 Child of Light Ultimate Edition
10 Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon
PS4 Themes
1 Legacy Dashboard Theme
2 Mega Man X Legacy Collection ORIGINAL Theme 1
3 Forest Mist 4K Theme
4 360 Earth at Night Theme
5 Supermassive Black Hole Dynamic Theme
6 Monster Hunter: World – Theme
7 Mega Man X Legacy Collection ORIGINAL Theme 2
8 Cherry Blossom Lake HiQ Dynamic Theme
9 Wicked Teddy HiQ Dynamic Theme
10 $1 Call of Duty Endowment Donation + Gift
PS Classics
1 Destroy All Humans! 2
2 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
3 Destroy All Humans!
4 Twisted Metal: Black
5 Bully
6 Dark Cloud
7 Rogue Galaxy
8 Dark Cloud 2
9 Ape Escape 2
10 Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

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