We Happy Few Gets a Free PS VR-Exclusive Side Story, Out Today

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We Happy Few Gets a Free PS VR-Exclusive Side Story, Out Today

Spread virtual Joy throughout Wellington Wells in Uncle Jack Live VR!

The world of We Happy Few has proven a true touchstone for a great number of side projects, including this PS VR exclusive. It’s hard not to be inspired by the era, the unique visuals, and the premise of a British town defying acknowledgement of its own history through the use (abuse) of a powerful and dangerous drug known as “Joy.”

The original goal for Uncle Jack Live VR was to provide players with a chance to meet and work with Wellington Wells’ most prominent celebrity figure. Initially, the experience simply involved ways to manipulate a broadcast camera within a standard Uncle Jack episode, but the project evolved from watching Uncle Jack in-studio to actually building a full broadcast with him, featuring dynamic content and multiple outcomes.

We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR for PS VR

We owe the enhancement of the concept to the multi-medium expertise and masterful execution of our partners at Signal Space Lab. By their design, each phase of the broadcast tasks the player with selecting the perfect news article for Uncle Jack to read aloud on-air, ensuring Wellies everywhere stay entertained and remember to “take their Joy.” If you happen to get it wrong, UJ will expertly roll with the punches, spinning the bad news in hilariously positive ways—but you can count on his opinion of you changing as a result. Anger him enough and he’ll outright cancel the broadcast. Make good decisions, and you’ll be his favorite guest producer ever!

We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR for PS VR

But impressing Uncle Jack isn’t your singular concern. There happens to be a Downer Outbreak developing throughout the broadcast center, and it’s up to you to find a way to turn all those frowns upside down (hint: it involves dosing them with a whole lot of Joy!).

We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR for PS VR

Over the course of development on We Happy Few, the team amassed a huge amount of content that we wanted to collect and share with our biggest fans, so we included an “Archive Mode” in Uncle Jack Live VR to do just that. When you’re done playing producer, you can spend some downtime in the media archives where you can explore over 40 Uncle Jack episodes, listen to official We Happy Few soundtrack selections, and watch bonus materials like trailers and animation reels. That’s hours upon hours of content to absorb in a nice cozy virtual space!

We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR for PS VR

Dedicated fans will be happy to know we’ve included plenty of fun We Happy Few Easter eggs within the PS VR experience. You’ll find a number of our favorite assets decorating the spaces, including the “salty dog,” authentic happy masks, a very British phone booth, and a worn-out poster given to us by our good friends at Gearbox Publishing.

We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR is out today and available for free at PlayStation Store. We hope it not only brings you and Uncle Jack a little closer, but also serves as an entertaining introduction to the unique—and often quite insane—world of We Happy Few.

We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR for PS VR

The full We Happy Few game is coming to PS4 and PS4 Pro in just a couple days on August 10. Pre-order now at PlayStation Store and get $10 off plus the exclusive Jolly Brolly weapon at launch!

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3 Author Replies

  • Compulsion Games really knows how to treat their gamers. We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR sounds like a great VR experience. And it’s free! On top of everything else, they have a pre-order with a discount. I’m not a fan of pre-orders, but the vast majority of pre-orders don’t offer a discount.

    I admire developers that don’t try to nickel and dime gamers at every possible opportunity. I am really looking forward to We Happy Few in a couple days.

    • We really appreciate that sentiment. Here’s hoping you enjoy both Uncle Jack Live VR as well as the full game.

  • Not available on North American store yet.

    But I patiently await.

  • I was planning on getting this game down the road, so to speak, but I’m putting in a pre-order tonight.

    $9 discount & you give us much PSVR love.. I’m down like you want me to be.

  • I see it on the store but it doesn’t have a download button yet

    • Yeah man. It’s killing me, Smalls!!

      Seriously though.. it wouldn’t come up in a search a while ago but now it does show. But like you say.. it can only be added to wish list.


  • It’s available in U.K. & Australia stores.

  • Downloading now!

    Thanks much, Compulsion Games!

    • You are very welcome, SirRealDeal! Be sure to let us know your thoughts once you’ve produced a few broadcasts and scoured all the content in the Archives!

  • Excellent job on this free experience.

    I didn’t piss off Jack the first time. I look forward to producing every story for Jack.

    The Archives alone will take HOURS to watch them all.

    Thanks again!

  • I’ve been meaning to preorder We Happy Few, and a free VR experience pushed me over the edge. I’m sad that Compulsion Games was acquired by Microsoft so we won’t get any more of their games, but I hope WHF is a huge success for them as it seems like a really unique experience with killer art design. Good luck on the launch!

    • Seventy5, you can look forward to various free updates and three major DLC episodes arriving for We Happy Few in the future. We’re excited to continue creating content for everyone who visits Wellington Wells for as long as we can!

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