Firewall Zero Hour 101: Attacking and Defending

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Firewall Zero Hour 101: Attacking and Defending

Advanced tips for team strategy in First Contact Entertainment's upcoming PS VR exclusive.

Hi all, I’m back again to share more with you as we ramp up to the release of Firewall Zero Hour! Firewall Zero Hour is the 4v4 team-based tactical shooter we developed exclusively for PlayStation VR.* And it comes out August 28!

Today, we unveil the second half of our Firewall Zero Hour 101 video series. Last week, we introduced the first two videos in the series: Game Overview and VR Immersion. Now, it’s time to delve into team strategy! In Firewall Zero Hour, you’ll play each match as either an Attacker, or a Defender. Within the next two videos of our series, Attacking and Defending, we go over several strategies you can use to lead your team to success.

Firewall Zero Hour 101: Attacking

Here we learn what you do as an Attacker: infiltrate a location, find the access point, and disrupt the firewall. Once the firewall has been disrupted, your task is to find and hack the laptop that the Defenders are trying to protect. Keep an ear out, because your contract handler will give you cues along the way. As an Attacker, you have an arsenal of equipment at your disposal, including assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, pistols, frag grenades, flash grenades, and smoke grenades. With the PS VR headset, you can scan your environment carefully, turning your head in all directions.

Communication is a key element of team success, and you can easily stay connected to your teammates thanks to the PS VR headset’s directional audio with built-in mic. As an Attacker, you’ll want to organize a plan of attack with your teammates, call out enemy traps or locations when you spot them, and of course shout out when you’re down and need a teammate to revive you.

Explore using different Contractors with special abilities that can help when Attacking. Like Fang, who has the Lightspeed skill, which lets him reload magazines faster. Or Red, who has the BangBang skill, giving him a whole extra frag grenade. Or Nala (Contractor unlocked at level 20), her Ghost skill lets her walk past mines without setting them off– easily bypassing the ones placed by Defenders.

Firewall Zero Hour: FangFirewall Zero Hour: Red

Firewall Zero Hour 101: Defending

Here we go over what it means to be a Defender. You’ve been hired to stop Attackers from getting to the laptop. You have a plethora of strategic items at your disposal, such as lethal traps you can set like a C4 Charge and Proximity Mines. You also have other items you can place that will impede Attackers from success. Like Door Blockers (unlocked at level 42), that you can place on doors which Attackers have to dismantle. Or Signal Modifiers (unlocked at level 21), that you can place near the Laptop which Attackers must dismantle before they can begin the download. Strategize with your teammates to set up traps, go on lookout, or camp near the laptop. Protect the laptop at all costs!

Try out different Contractors to see how their special skills can help when playing as a Defender. Like Okoro with his Heavy Duty skill, allowing him to take less explosive damage. Or Raha, her Scout skill heightens her ability to detect incoming enemies (visually via her wrist tablet mini-map, as well as audibly hearing their footsteps). Or Texas (Contractor unlocked at level 10), with her Bullet Sponge skill letting her take less bullet damage overall.

Firewall Zero Hour: OkoroFirewall Zero Hour: RahaFirewall Zero Hour: Texas

Firewall Zero Hour 101: Contractors

Each Contractor comes with an embedded Skill and a customizable Skill. Skills are abilities available for Players to apply to their Contractors to further customize their classes. For example, you can gear your Contractor to be more of a support role in your squad by using the Quick Fix Skill (unlocked at level 38) to revive your teammates faster. In Firewall Zero Hour, you can customize your Contractor to the way you want to play.

Unpredictable outcomes of 4v4 gameplay

Whether playing as an Attacker or Defender, experiencing map layouts in PS VR is a whole new level of immersion. Every match begins with a randomized spawn point for Attackers, and a randomized spawn point for Defenders (and their laptop). With nine different maps to choose from, you’ll have a ton of tactical hiding spots, choke points, staircases, doorways, trenches, and cover points to explore–all in PS VR. Round after round, experience the unpredictable outcomes of 4v4 gameplay based on the choices you make: the maps you play, the Contractors you choose, the loadouts you equip, and the teammates you work with. Progress by earning XP and Crypto after every match, and unlock new Weapons, Items, and Contractors.

Communication is key in Firewall Zero Hour and it starts even before you take on a Contract. You want to communicate with your squad in the lobby and strategize your plan. For example, as defenders, we had multiple Contractors equip the Signal Modifier. The plan was to plant two Signal Modifiers near the Laptop and defend the Jammers, not the Laptop.

We’re excited to see the growth of our community leading up to Firewall Zero Hour’s release date. There will be several Firewall Zero Hour content drops coming up over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more!

*An internet connection is required for all game modes. An active PlayStation Plus membership is required for multiplayer.

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  • Why do you guys have almost 0 press for this awesome game!?!? Kick it up!! Reach out to your contacts at IGN and tell them it’s time to cover some VR! Come on, now. You’re lining this up for a flop.

    • What In the world are you talking about? These are literally the 3rd and 4th promo videos they’ve put out for this game leading up to launch in addition to the e3 coverage and the game being the full blog and YouTube channel banner background for over the past month!

      I can’t think of s game they’ve promoted more in the same timeframe beyond Spider-Man.

      Maybe you should take up the fact that mainstream websites like IGN don’t cover VR content with those outlets and not Sony, who’ve obviously been pushing the hell out of this game.

    • My comment is to the developer/publisher of the game. Sure, PS Blog writes plenty, but that’s hardly going to move units. The readership here is nothing compared to the big media outlets. And without any press on those sites before the game releases, they won’t even review the game.

    • It has absolutely nothing to do with press releases. Look at the entire landscape of VR games. You think NO VR game company is sending press releases to IGN? Really? IGN editors have explicitly stated in conversations with me that they don’t cover VR content based on their personal views on the potential readership. Based on numbers that came from the original crop of VR games they covered at the launch of PSVR, they decided they would avoid it altogether with the exception of games that are tied to properties they think are already popular, like the Marvel Heroes Oculus game. I disagree strongly with that policy, but let’s not make that policy into a fault of the vR devs who are making these games.

      You can be sure PSVR Frank, PSVR Without Parole and the other independent games writes who DO respond to this press releases will be all over this game like they are with each release.

      The failings in regard to VR are that of the mainstream sites, not the people who produce the content.

    • I mean… OK, point taken. But the developer could still leverage the crap Adam Orth went through during the Xbox launch to try and get some attention. I mean, he is the “deal with it” guy, lol. It wouldn’t be bad press. It would amount to some much-needed attention, and then they can take it from there.

    • Qnoir, Adam Orth (the ‘deal with it’ guy) has already fulfilled his contract at the company and left.

      There’s no reason to try and advertise the game is tied to him and it would just make people wary of PSVR.

  • I don’t care if you have to create a storyline around Adam Orth’s comeback (after the Xbox “Deal with it” fiasco). Create that damn storyline and put it into a press release and pitch it. FFS, fire your PR agency.

  • August 28 can’t come soon enough!

  • My son is really looking forward to this. His friend is getting PSVR and this game for his birthday haha! They will have a blast with this in hour increments that is. I will as well! Can’t come soon enough. Been having a lot of fun with Light Tracer as well.

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