Madden NFL 19 Touchdown Celebrations: Inside the Mocap Studio

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Madden NFL 19 Touchdown Celebrations: Inside the Mocap Studio

A rare peek inside the Madden mocap studio, where they are doing hard work and definitely not goofing around pretending to ride bobsleds.

Picture this: you’re a star NFL wide receiver. The play is called in the endzone. You run the route, the ball soars through the air towards you, you’ve just scored a touchdown. What do you do? If the answer wasn’t do a celebration dance, you’re not cut out for the NFL. What’s the point of success on the field if it isn’t accompanied by an elaborate, meme-able celebration? Madden NFL 19 is bringing more celebrations from the NFL into the game than ever before. Watch the videos below to see how we captured them in the mocap studio and how the final versions look in the game.

JuJu Smith-Schuster: Kamehameha Wave

Important distinction: this celebration is a Kamehameha Wave from Master Roshi’s Turtle School, not a Hadouken from Street Fighter. There’s been a lot of debate (not really) about this on the internet and we had to set the record straight. Look at Juju’s stance, the way he brings his hands together to channel his chi/the football. Textbook Kamehameha.

Rating: 10/10, would successfully keep Vegeta from destroying Earth

Green Bay Packers: Bobsled

Now, everything we know about bobsledding comes from Lolo Jones’ Snapchat and the 1993 Oscar-worthy film, Cool Runnings. All this is to say, we don’t know much about bobsledding. But much like in Cool Runnings, experience doesn’t matter—what’s important is heart. That’s what the Packers showed with their bobsledding celebration. A true inspiration for all to behold.

Rating: 4/4, would set world record for NFL Bobsled League

Marshawn Lynch: Get Stupid

This will need further explanation for the less hip among us. See, Marshawn Lynch is from the Bay, Oakland to be specific. Without Oakland, we wouldn’t have slang like hyphy, hella, and yee. Needless to say, in the Bay Area, they dance a little different. What you see here is not teachable. The way Marshawn is moving to Get Stupid by Bay Area luminary Mac Dre cannot be found in YouTube tutorials. This isn’t the Cupid Shuffle or the Cha Cha slide. This is Oakland.

Rating: 510/510, would Thizzle Dance at First Fridays

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