PlayStation Plus: Free Games for August 2018

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for August 2018

Mafia III and Dead by Daylight headline this month's lineup.

Hello gamers! Are you ready for August’s PS Plus lineup?

First up, we have Mafia III. Play as Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam vet who comes back home after years of combat. When his surrogate family is wiped out by the Italian Mafia, Lincoln builds a new family and blazes a path of military-grade revenge through the Mafioso responsible.

Next we have the 4v1 horror game Dead by Daylight. One player takes on the role of the savage Killer, and the other four players play as Survivors, trying to escape the Killer and avoid being caught, tortured and killed.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

Additionally, we’re offering a bonus PlayStation VR game* for PS Plus members this month! From August 7 through October 2, PS Plus members can download Here They Lie free for their PS VR system. Experience the game where death is not a checkpoint. Explore a nightmarish city inhabited by strange, malevolent creatures in this first-person horror game, where unsettling encounters and environments come to life.

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for August 2018

Now, if that wasn’t enough, you can also get Knowledge is Power as part of your PS Plus membership from August 7 through November 6. Outsmart your opponents with a massive variety of trivia questions and tactical challenges. Be sure to have a compatible mobile device and companion app and you’ll be all ready to play!

And there you have it. See you next time PlayStation Nation!

*PlayStation 4 system, PlayStation VR, and PlayStation Camera are required to experience VR functionality.

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  • Not too shabby, and thanks for adding another PSVR game to the plus lineup.

    • Awesome month.

      Mafia 3
      Dead by Daylight
      Here They Lie

      Great month for me. PS+ has been excellent this year. I was so happy with Absolver and XCOM 2 the past two months. I was ecstatic with Deus Ex and MGSV at the beginning of the year. Rime was big. Beyond and Heavy Rain was nice. Bloodborne and Ratchet were huge, i’m happy for those who didn’t already own them. Keep killin it PS+.

    • Im so happy for the ps+Mafia3
      Here they lie ✌

    • Dead by Daylight and Space Hulk aren’t worth much, so being able to pick them up for cheap is nice, alright.

    • Can you guys please make rainbow six siege free for ps plus members for september please, I’ve been waiting for 3 years

    • That’s me done with PS plus. I’ve been holding off since May to buy another 12 month sub, and this has tipped me over the edge into deleting my bank details off my account. Not cos the games are garbage, far from it – this months pair are both pretty good. It’s just always games I’ve already had. There’s no variety in the games they offer. They’re either must haves that any ps4 owner already has like Bloodborne, or stuff you see for 2 quid in bargain bins like Mafia 3. Why not something a bit unusual like Little nightmares, or Gravity remastered. Something not everyone already has, or already looked at many times in a shop and gone meh at.It’s like they’re checking our games lists and giving away stuff the majority of us have already, so they look generous to Xbox owners when in fact they’re not giving anything away. It’s akin to a man knocking on your door, to give you a free door, knowing full well you’ve got one. Giving away Black ops 3, prime example – who didn’t already own Blops 3, 24 people? We will probably get Skyrim or GT sport next month. Most of us got bored of the former in 2011, and the latter is 56p in CEX next to FIFA2014. Poor showing Sony.

    • Who doesn’t own B.O.3? Real gamers, smart gamers, people who don’t like to waste their money on garbage, people smart enough to know that literally every other fps on the market is better than any C.O.D title…..

    • Has anyone managed to play dead by daylight

    • Diz you sound like a spoiled rich kid.

  • Nice line up. I love the fact that we are getting a bonus PSVR game too.

  • The only good games this month are mafia 3 and serious Sam. I don’t think they should give out online only games for plus. Bound by flame is a horrible game that is no fun and draw slasher reminds me of a cheap mobile gsme. Hopefully we get better games next month.

    • While Dead by Daylight doesn’t sound like my thing (and online-only games aren’t generally my thing in the first place, I prefer single-player or couch play), online only games for Plus does actually seem to make some sense, because Plus is, in part, to allow you to play online.

    • Actually, online only games are the perfect games for Plus, because HEY! YOU HAVE TO HAVE PLUS TO GO ONLINE!

    • Actually, online only games are a horrible idea, for Sony & for gamers like me. People that buy plus to play online will buy online only games if they want to play them. Offering online only games gives no reason for someone like me & the person i replied to who like single player games, to subscribe to plus. If they don’t want our money, fine, but if they want to attract the single player gamers who only have plus for sales & the free games, then don’t offer online only games, as it’s a terrible business move.

  • I’m very much not impressed. I see a lot of folks like this months line up, but I think it has a lot to be desired.

    • What free game did you think you were entitled to this month?

    • Yeah…..we live in the “entitled” age. Some people think they deserve the latest and greatest for free…..This month’s offering is great! They don’t have to give us anything for free! Be greatful for crying out loud…..

    • This is a really bizarre setting in which to accuse people of “entitlement.” These games aren’t free, they’re part of a service for which we’re paying. Dissatisfaction with the quality of a product for which you’ve paid is a perfectly reasonable position. The fact that they come free with Plus doesn’t make them some bonus gift about which nobody has the right to complain – the “free” games are part of why people subscribe to Plus. If someone doesn’t like the “free” games they got with their subscription this month, fine. If you do, great. But it’s pretty stupid to accuse people of entitlement for wanting the things they buy to be worth the money.

    • Nah, it’s entitlement.

    • And for the guy saying Sony doesn’t have to give us anything, it’s free and what not. They don’t have to add this program in, just makes it not really worth while. These games aren’t free, don’t get it twisted. You’re paying to be able to play them, paying PS+ gives you them. When your plus is up, you can’t touch them. When you resub, you can play. If they were as free as you make them out to be, they’d be playable by people with the free users on the network. But we all know that isn’t the case, unless they’re gamesharing with someone with the Plus game.

    • Quit calling it entiltement when someone has an opinion. They’re paying for the product, thus can judge. It’s not being entilted when there’s mediocre games.

    • It’s worse that people are acting like they just all out attacked the free games or service. They just stated to them it left a lot to be desired and they were not impressed, despite many others praising the lineup. I see no entitlement here.

    • @Laugh_and_Argue The entitlement thing is based on the fact that overall, you get a lot more than you’re paying for. So asking for newly released games for this price is ridiculous. I’m not sure you know what games they used to give out on this subscription, but an AAA game used to be available once every 6 months or so. I’m actually very impressed and satisfied with the games this year.

    • CallnMrMojoRisin subscribes to loot crate and when they send him a box of random crap from franchises he doesn’t even like he is grateful even though he paid for the premium plan. His whole room is full of those POP! action figures from lootcrates.

    • Typical millennials thinking they are entitled to anything and everything. Lazy people always want a hand out…

    • RodxStiffington its not a handout its things we paid for and we dont want crap handed to us and expect us to be happy, Go buy another lootcrate goof

    • Except we all bought into the service knowing full well that it was going to be a random selection of older games that are never going to be the kinds of games every single person prefers every month. Don’t act like you got tricked into something here, you knew exactly what you were getting into when you signed up.

    • If your paying ps+ for the free games it kind of defeats the purpouse, most of these games are cheap as hell at game shops to keep paying to be able to play is stupid. at the end of the year you are paying alot more for the service than the games are worth. i pay to play multyplayer i could really care less about the line up of free games. but yes its nice when a good game is given but i dont give it that much importance.

  • A decent lineup for once!

  • Liking this months line up, Dead by Daylight and Mafia III is 2 games I have been looking at over last month or so, kind of glad I held off purchasing now lol. Also can’t go wrong with a Bonus PSVR game, so all in all a decent month.

  • No Deception IV this month either…

  • Here They Lie can be played without VR, Incase anyone is thinking of skipping that one ;)

    (Amazing game btw)

    • Thank you very much for the info. I’m one of those that might have skipped it. More VR games should be available non VR. That would only be a good thing for all gamers.

    • Nice! I went straight past it because of the VR but after seeing this, I’m checking it out.

  • Just when Friday the 13th was dying, Dead by Daylight steps up as a free game. I love it. Bless them

    • I actually was thinking that the Friday the 13th would be a really scary vr experience. I think it would be perfect place for a vr game. I have never played it and not my type of game, but in vr it could be pretty cool.

  • Poor Vita :/ – Ps4 and Ps3 lineup is solid though.

  • Nice month and yes Here They Lie is a great game, plus no need for PSVR

  • I sincerely wish there was a credit system in place for Plus members that already own these games… It is, hands down, the fundamental flaw of this program since day 1.

    • That doesn’t make any sense. There’s almost no service that gives you refunds for not using it. Netflix isn’t going to credit your account for not watching anything on a particular month. It’s really just a bad business strategy and would hurt the service more than it would help our wallets.

    • That’d be great. Especially for those of us who preordered the $80 edition of Mafia III. It’s like we get punished for supporting games when they release.

    • Seriously what happened to the vote on 3 INDIE games get one free discount on the other 2 and another random freebie!? People want AAA fine but at least give me a shot at deciding one thing on the list. I bought Armello when this was the plan and have been happy with the purchase since. And since it was a purchase I get to keep it as plus or not.

    • Of course it makes sense.

  • No. Deception IV or nothing at all. You must pay for your mistake Sony.

  • Glad to see psvr get some love! I’d put something multiplayer next time like Sprint vector or eve Valkyrie! And make rigs free permanently or ftp!

  • Mafia 3 is one of the more notoriously broken games ever. Not surprised it’s a freebie.

  • How come the avatars have not been working on the blog for sometime where is the fix ????

    Not the kind of games I wanted this month would of liked these instead

    Gravity rush 2
    gravity rush remastered

    • I think you are confusing Sony for Santa Claus. Just because you express what games you would like to have does not mean you will get them. In fact the opposite is more likely to happen so that you are incentivized to actually buy the games you desired.
      – Hey Steve, look, a lot of people would like us to give them Overwatch for free.
      – Really? Then we will NEVER put it as a free game so that they are forced to buy this game, mua ha ha.

    • If you have nothing good to say than say nothing at all.

  • Really good lineup this month. Two games I was giving a look at, but didn’t want to spend too much for. Now, I don’t have to spend anything. Loved the trial of Dead by Daylight, so can’t wait to be able to play it whenever I want.

  • hmm, mafia 3 has a good plot, but the gameplay is too repetitive, tooo much, dead by deadlight sounds interesting.
    Seems a good tactic an online game, a story game, plus a psvr every 2 month.
    I would like a polling for one of the ps4 games or the psvr at least.

  • I’m disappointed. This lineup is pretty dark. I like getting another VR game but the majority here is the kind of macabre titles.

  • Also make shovel knight free please been waiting 2 years

  • Sweet! Less PS3 games, more PSVR games!

  • Mafia 3 is the most buggy game in the history of gaming. They still haven’t resolved one of the last sitdowns at the end where nothing is happening when you are about to talk to the italian guy. This means you are stuck there with no options to exit scene or enter the map. I played this at release and was stuck, found the game in my collection ages later and decided to give it a go again since there were new patches out. Noooooo, same issue. Just a warning, kinda sucks not being able to finish it

  • Space Hulk seems ok. Still want more Vita games though.That Draw Slasher seems like fruit ninja or something.

  • Aww, I thought Divinity: Original Sin would be one of the free titles, or at least discounted in the summer sale. The sequel is releasing on August 31st, would’ve been the perfect time to catch up…

  • I don’t like these latest month’s games , I feel that they are getting worse and worse , I’ve subscribed in psn plus for a whole year and I hoped that I might get a chance play exclusive games like bloodborne or uncharted series (which I’ve bought four of them and it was absolutely fantastic) , but the freebie lineup is getting awkward every month with trashy games! . I feel like I’ve wasted my money and time waiting for the games to be announced , and it’s really really disappointing . I mean what’s the point to get a trash game like mafia on ps4 , while I can grab it for cheap price on PC in any of summer sales or other sales on steam for even 5$ or less !. sonny’s taste is disgusting in choosing games for ps plus subscribers and that’s one of the reasons why they have a drop in the subscribers number.

    • Bloodbourne was released this past March boyo. Mafia 3 is not a bad game, repetitive yes, but not bad. If you’re not open to sometimes the lot of FREE games don’t ALL hit the mark for you, then please unsubscribe and discontinue posting to save yourself some stress.

    • bacel_gx

      If you have had PS+ for a year you would know that we got Bloodborne free in March. We also got Ratchet & Clank PS4 the same month. Either you are trolling or you just don’t pay attention.

      The past year we have gotten plenty of PlayStation exclusives. Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank, Infamous Second Son, Until Dawn, Heavy Rain, Beyond 2 Souls, Knack.

      The past year we have gotten plenty of big AAAs and quality games. MGSV, Deus Ex MD, XCOM 2, Mad Max, Batman, Rayman Legends, Darksiders 2, Rime, and now Mafia 3. Even Absolver was big. Free VR games like Rigs and Rush of Blood, PS+ has been great.

    • LOL, well fortnite plays a big role in people not subbing for PS+. you don’t need it to play online.

    • If you’ve had ps plus for a whole year you must have really missed a lot. I’ve had it on and off over the last year and wound up with bloodborne (actually the first game I purchased with my parents last year, so I have the disc and the digital in case that breaks), absolver, Deus ex, infamous 2nd son, Rayman legends, beyond 2 souls, would have had heavy rain if I didn’t buy the deluxe of become human, both until dawn games, mGSV if I didn’t already own it elsewhere, ratchet & clank, xcom 2, trials fusion, killing floor 2, and black ops 3.

      Even if mafia 3 is a bad game (mixed reactions is what I’ve seen) it’s hard to go off of anything when you only hear what a terrible lineup they’ve been having without actually saying what you wished they had given away instead.

  • Dead By Daylight is truly one of the most horribly designed games I’ve ever played. It’s great fun for a while and the concept is decent but then you learn how awful the leveling system is and it sucks all of the fun out of it. I know Mafia is buggy but I’m gonna give it a go anyway. Already have Here They Lie because it’s on sale every week.

  • You pay 60$ a year and you want multiple aaa titles for PS4 each month? I’d hate to see what you people do when you start paying your own bills rofl

  • Dear Playstation

    PLEASE bring back Buzz Quiz World for PS4. My family and I miss that, as that is what we played the majority of the time on PS3.

  • Why are there so many Horror/Scary VR games? I mean I get some people like them but damn how about a non-scary game that isnt some 5 minute arcade.

  • Microsoft stepped up their game this month. Sony just face planted. Another epic failure true to form.

    • Lol this comment is so silly

    • Microsoft stepped their game up this month? That’s hilarious. I’m not saying ps plus free games this month are better but forza horizon 2, for honor, dead space 3 (the worst of them all in dead space history) and a Mickey mouse game. But you call that “stepping up” lol. If so your taste in video games is ️️ sorry not sorry lol

  • Great games, and a PSVR game to boot!

  • Well, I have Mafia 3 for Xb1 full DLC so that’s a none pick up, but it is a helluva game. Dead by Daylight I played it and didn’t like it, but I’m sure there are those out there that will love it, Bound by Flame is an awesome game for the era it was made. not a bad line up but just nothing for me this month.

  • So happy. =^_^=

  • Nice, I can get around to finishing Mafia III.. rented it after launch and enjoyed the story.

  • Knowledge Is Power is a great party game.

  • Reading these comments make me sad people expect to get triple A games from a PlayStation Plus 10$ a mounth subscription. Mmmkay you guys are so stupid if you dont like the games dont download them……and buy the games you want simple as that. There isnt any need to post this because ps plus gave you 6 ps4 games all free

    • Lol. What do you think Mafia 3 is? An indie game? If they want they comment their opinion. If they want they download it. If they want they will buy it. You are the stupid one if their opinion are bothering you.

    • I agree with everything you said waka9111. A question though, you said 6 PS4 games. Now lets see…
      1. Mafia three, 2. Dead by D. 3. Here they Lie, 4. Knowledge is Power, 5. Space Hulk (Cross play with PS4 i think) but that’s it.
      I do not think that Draw Slasher is cross play, or am I wrong?

  • i wish they would add Dead Rising Jak And Daxter GTA Vice City and GTA III next month for free

  • Poor. Mafia 3 has a good story. But i wasnt able to finish this game with its rendering problems. Lol. Its a garbage.

  • I am concerned about the number of people who think that these games are free. Also, is dead by daylight online only?

  • Just as a caution to everyone… Bound by Flame is one of the worst games of the PS3/PS4 era… even for free it’s a hard sell.

    That being said, glad to see they’re giving a wide variety of titles outside of that particular title.

  • Waaaah. I deserve 2 AAA titles every month all year to cover my $60 fee! Anything short of this is completely absurd and insulting to me as a customer! WAAAAAH! Morons.

  • Muito obrigado Sony por ter colocado o Mafia 3 para o mês de agosto!

  • The human being is never satisfied with anything.Mafia 3 is a great game!

  • So no crossplay because of possible foul language but I can paly Mafia III full of F-Bombs and N-Words. Uhhh ok

  • Now this is a awesome selection for August Thank You in advance Sony PS!!!!!

  • I see so many people complaining because the games are not to their liking… You’re paying the full price of a new AAA game to get 24 (a bit older) AAA games. Although I do think that the option to play online should be free, these games alone are so much more than worth the price. I didn’t like some of the games either, but about 50% of them I liked/loved.
    I don’t buy every new AAA game either, because I don’t like all of them, so what’s the issue here? If out of the 24 games you have 4-5 that you would have bought, you get your value just out of those (calculated at their discounted price).

  • I was actually very pleasantly surprised with Mafia III. I wasn’t expecting it.

  • I hear these games were popular, but i had absolutely no interest in them. Even free i doubt i will play. I hated Mafia 2 so much that i dont even want to go near 3. Dead by Daylight is such a flawed unbalanced game that seems to be designed for streamers and not for the actual game play.

    I’ll check out the PS3 games. Might be good

  • I could care less about Dead By Daylight… I AM looking forward to Here They Lie, and Mafia 3 though! I will also be going for the PlayStation 3 games when I get my PS3 out again to dust it off and play the free games that were mentioned! :D

  • When is the exact date we will be getting these games?

    • Really?…people still ask that?…next tuesday.1st tuesday of every month=New games on the Plus lineup available on the Store,be so kind to burn that in your memory.

    • I didn’t know that either. Welmosca, some ppl may have just started using ps plus and wouldn’t have known that.

    • . Welmosca, some ppl may have just started using ps plus and wouldn’t have known that.

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