How Erica & Blood and Truth are Changing the Rules of Their Genres

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How Erica & Blood and Truth are Changing the Rules of Their Genres

London Studio’s Stuart Whyte and Jack Attridge from Flavourworks talk player interface, platform innovation and more for their upcoming PS4 games.

PS VR and PlayLink have presented exciting new opportunities for game creators, leading developers to break new ground in well-established genres.

Both Blood and Truth and Erica are great examples. They are both going deep on innovation and in different ways; they are rewriting the design rulebook for their respective genres.

Blood & Truth is an action packed thriller set in modern day London, against the city’s backdrop of glamour and grit. The capabilities of PSVR have allowed London Studio to put you in the shoes of an action hero in a way you will not have experienced before.

Blood and Truth

Erica is an interactive game with no 3D graphics at all, instead offering seamless live-action transitions. The game takes full advantage of PlayLink, using the touchscreen capabilities of mobile phones to let players reach in and leave a physical mark in Erica’s world.



In this Creator Meets Creator video, London Studio’s Stuart Whyte and Flavourworks’ Jack Attridge discuss how their studios are using the latest technology to create completely fresh experiences for their audience.

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  • Any release window for Erica? :) I’m very hyped for that one!

  • Looking forward to Blood and Truth. Hope it delivers the AAA PSVR expereince we need. Between Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Blood and Truth, and Dreams, things are looking very positive for PSVR this holiday. Thank you EU and Japan teams for supporting PSVR so well. Now get us the release dates for Blood and Truth, and Dreams!

    @SIEWWS US Teams Please get on board with PSVR. Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Sony Bend, Sony San Diego, where are your VR projects? San Diego, I want a VR Road to the Show in MLB The Show 2019. Sucker Punch Infamous VR, even if only a 3 – 5 hour AAA expereince, it would be great. Naughty Dog, Uncharted in VR, same thing, a 3 – 5 hour AAA Naughty Dog level VR game would be incredible. Sony Bend, Surprise us.

    VR is aboslutely incredible. This is like PS1 all over again, with potential for new genres, and massive improvements on current games. Put in the effort, and you will be rewarded greatly.

  • With no E3 2018 showing I was getting a little scared there, guys. Hope there’s more at Gamescom.

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