Take to the Virtual Skies in Bow to Blood, Out August 28 for PS VR

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Take to the Virtual Skies in Bow to Blood, Out August 28 for PS VR

New gameplay details and a first look at the voices behind Tribetoy's upcoming virtual reality sci-fi airship sim.

Tribetoy is excited to announce that you will be able to take to the skies in Bow to Blood’s gladiatorial high-flying arena combat on PlayStation VR August 28! Compete to become Champion of the Arena in a sci-fi world’s reality TV show as you pilot your airship, command your crew, and establish relationships with your competitors.

Deals can be struck with challengers and your honor will be tested as you decide whether to stick to the deal or go back on your word to advance your own interests. But beware – your actions will not be forgotten, and selfish decisions can quickly make enemies out of allies. Sacrifice some rewards to support a friend and they will likely return the favor, but betray your peers too many times and they may outright attack you on sight!

Take Command of Your Airship

Bow to Blood

Roam free in Bow to Blood as you pilot your airship through winding tunnels, past grand structures, and over mist-filled valleys. Dodge floating rocks and alien plant life as you evade enemy patrols or outrun your competitors in high-speed aerial races.

Bow to Blood

From the helm of the airship you will manually control the balance of energy between the ship’s essential systems, modifying it to fit the challenge at hand. Route energy into Smart Drones to disable key enemy ships or shift energy into Boost for an extra burst of speed.

Bow to Blood

Joining you on the deck is Marlowe and Elly, your faithful crew who will provide additional support to the ship’s systems wherever you command them. Order Marlowe to the Shields station to coax an extra layer of defense out of them and send Elly to the forward Turret to hear her maniacal cackles as she blasts enemy ships to pieces.

Talented Voice Cast

As you captain an airship and compete to become Champion of the Bow to Blood Arena, you will lead a crew of fearless misfits and contend with challenges posed by the Arena’s Announcer. We’re excited to announce that the all-star voice actors which will really bring these characters to life have been cast and recorded!

Bow to Blood: Erik Marlowe

Erik Braa as Marlowe

An old hat in the Arena, Marlowe is a member of the player’s crew who brings years of combat experience under his belt as an ex-pilot and former underling of the Overseers. Erik is known for his role of Draven in League of Legends as well as voicing characters in World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Ori and the Blind Forest.

Bow to Blood: Vivian Elly

Vivian Lu as Elly

Elly may be the last scion of an infamous corporate dynasty, but don’t let her high society upbringing fool you – Elly joined the player’s crew to satisfy her thirst for danger, blood, and adoration, and the empty shells left in her wake are evidence of her tenacity and resolve. Vivian brings her unique high energy to this role, having lots of experience in animation and commercial work.

Bow to Blood: Greg Deimos

Greg Chun as Deimos, the Announcer

As charismatic as he is enigmatic, Deimos represents the interests of the Overseers as he conducts the affairs of the Arena, exciting the crowds to a fevered pitch and pushing the challengers to their limits. Greg brings a ton of invaluable experience to this role, having voiced characters in games such as Overwatch, NieR: Automata, Diablo III, and many more.

We are grateful to have such a skilled cast lend their talents to Bow to Blood. The difference their voices make on the game is tremendous, and we can’t wait for you to hear it when Bow to Blood becomes available at PlayStation Store starting August 28!

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