Middle-earth: Shadow of War – One Update to Rule Them All, Out Today

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War – One Update to Rule Them All, Out Today

See all the big changes coming to Shadow of War, and download the game's free demo starting tomorrow.

There’s never been a better time to walk into Mordor for the first time, or to walk right back in if you played Middle-earth: Shadow of War when it released.

Here at Monolith, we are so excited for today’s release of our massive game improvement update. Since Shadow of War launched, we’ve had the Flaming Eye pointed directly at our fantastic community, and we’ve been continually watching, reading and listening to your comments, criticisms and recommendations. We want to say thank you because you’ve helped us make Shadow of War into a game we are truly proud of.

We’ve removed the market, streamlined and improved the post-campaign Epilogue, added new player skins, new Legendary gear including Nazgûl masks so you can really confuse those Orcs and introduced hundreds of fixes and improvements.

And if you want to try out Shadow of War before diving into the best version ever of the game, you can play a new demo releasing tomorrow (Update: now live!) in conjunction with the update to experience the dynamic personal stories of the Nemesis System as you conquer your first fortress.

Here are just some of the improvements we’re most excited about:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Free Reign

We’ve completely removed the market and microtransactions from Shadow of War. Now we have the Garrison where Orcs you recruit through Online Vendettas and Ranked Conquests will be stored, and you can now spend in-game Mirian to train, upgrade and customize your personal Orc army.

The Shadow Wars

The post-campaign Epilogue has been massively streamlined and polished to include new narration from Shelob, the Witch-king and Dark Talion. Victory in the Epilogue rewards you with the masks of the Nazgûl, unlocks powerful new abilities to raise the dead, summon more powerful monsters or curse your enemies. And if you want to keep upgrading and defending your fortresses and your army in Mordor, you can do so after the final credits roll.

More Power to You

In addition to new Nazgûl gear, the level cap has been increased to 80, and you can level up faster with greater XP rewards for Nemesis missions, defeating Captains and online fort assaults. New Prestige Skills available after Act III can be unlocked multiple times. You can also spend Mirian to upgrade your gear to your current level if you can complete the upgrade challenge.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

New Skins

Take the fight to Sauron as Celebrimbor, reliving the first War for Mordor or as Dark Eltariel.

Nemesis Improvements

Even the Orcs have some presents for you. There are more Legendary Orcs to encounter, followers can now surprise you with the occasional gift. And if you think your followers are too keen to help and have been stealing your kills, you can turn off the savior feature in the menu.

Thanks so much for reading this. The time has come to head back through the Black Gate and take the War to Mordor. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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  • For someone who has completed the game to 100%, to experience the new additions to the Epilogue, is it necessary to restart a new game? Also, will a New Game + mode be added? Thxs

    • Unfortunately there isn’t going to be a new game plus, they mentioned it in the livestream they did discussing what is in the update and showing off what we are going to see in it.

    • Man this game would be dope with multiplayer coop. I got to pick this game back up!

  • Now would be a good time to put the season pass on sale =)

  • I’m glad you’re finally giving us a demo. I platinum’d Shadow of Mordor but have been hesitant on purchasing the sequel due to the controversial release.

    • The only “controversy” was microtransactions so needing a demo now that they have been removed seems…silly. especially if you enjoyed the original game in the slightest since this game is that x100

      Seems more like an excuse to wait for a sale. You finally get to try the game via the demo to satisfy curiosity but hold off on buying despite the massive amount of post release work based on fan feedback until it’s even cheaper which is the exact opposite way to reward a developer and publisher for sticking with something and making it not only better but right.

    • @d0x360 it seems silly to assume that trendy is making up excuses to wait for a sale seeing how it’s on sale for $20 instead of $50. I personally waited for these fixes to be made and a reasonable discount. Getting any game on sale is fine and shouldn’t be seen as punishment to the developer. They made the changes and just got $20 they wouldn’t have received from me otherwise.

  • Would be awesome if u guys had a deal on this again… Been wanting to buy the gold edition at a good price

  • I think it actually went on sale today

  • I loved this game and can’t wait to play it again from the beginning also if I hadnt bought it I would buy it again. The game is so much bigger than the first in every way. I hate the fact that the people who were critizing the micro transactions really didn’t understand or seem to care it was completely optional and didn’t ruined the game.

    • It did ruin the last act, hence the need for this update.

    • @cyberangel actually it really didn’t…i dont see how people can say this. How exactly did MTX have any effect? Unless you were lazy there was absolutely no reason to buy them. People tend to like to say that it forced you to buy orcs during the last part for the shadow war part or whatever at the end of the game, but that is completely untrue. If you had been actually focusing on building your army throughout the game you are at no disadvantage. I think people who were either A. not very good at the game, or were just too lazy to actually level up their army used that as an excuse.

  • I got this game when it came out and loved it until I got to the Shadow Wars, then it got ridiculous. I think I got to part 8 before I quit because the bosses became impossible. They had traits that resisted every ability and every graug and caragor and weapon, the ability to prevent resurrections and they were rapidly healing, I know it sounds hard to believe to those who played, but it’s true. Hopefully with this update, I can FINALLY see this game through without leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Thank you Monolith!

    • I mean MTX had nothing to do with not being good at combat, not trying to be a **** just saying bro, nothing is gonna help you if you don’t know how to deal with the enemies strengths and weaknesses. At the endgame you can no longer just mindless flip, push, attack, or execute, attack, or any of the cheap tactics most players employ throughout most of their time with the game. It forces you to actually look at their strengths and weaknesses and know how to counter them.

    • So I appreciate the respectful disagreement, let me put a little more out there. So in the Shadow Wars, you constantly defend your foretress and I lost one because there were waves of warlords above the level cap attacking the foretress. I was initially ok with this because in the Shadow series, sometimes it’s fun to lose and get your vengeance due to the nemesis system. So you go and take down all the orcs to weaken the foretress defense, raid the place, but then you get to the throne room. As you know, the lower the level the warlords have, the more weaknesses and less strengths they have, and vice versa. So when I was trying to emphasize that I wasn’t exaggerating, that’s because looking at this particular orc’s stats, there was one VERY MINOR weakness.

    • (Part 2) Keep in mind they just bumped the level cap for the player up to 80, it used to be 60 this guy was level 70 loaded with resistances and strengths and one VERY minor weakness (I think it was that bug’s nest… Which isn’t in the throne room). You stop wailing on him and dodging, he starts to rapidly heal which wouldn’t be an issue if you didn’t have wave after wave of neverending leveled grunts charging at you. And I know they’re neverending because my next strategy was to take them out first, then focus on the boss. This in addition to fire vents in the floor. At this point I thought the game was trolling me. Control one of the leveled orcs, the other grunts wipe them out in seconds. Summon a caragor or graug, had that beastkiller strength or whatever it’s called and one-hits them. Summon your phantom army or raise the dead, did absolutely nothing. My blade did very very little damage and the type of elements I used didn’t matter due to the insane resistances. This dude had a counter for every little thing. It was FAR beyond a skill level issue.

    • With all that being said, I was mainly focusing on the part in the post where they specifically stated that they streamlined Shadow Wars, not the marketplace =/

  • Glad to see you pulled out the terrible MTX, but it’s a little too late to say that you’re genuinely reacting to the negative feedback you got at launch. From where I’m sitting, it looks like you saw your MTX sales dropping in the wake of the uproar over Battlefront 2 and decided to get out after you’d drained us of all you could get. Even still, feel free to pat yourself on the back for doing what you should have done during development a year after you launched. High five.

  • Que bien ! y eso que apenas lo compre.

  • Now that micro transactions are removed, I’m ready to buy and play it.

  • FattyMoBookyButt

    I’m sorry, but I’ll never play this game. You treated your customers with a complete lack of respect with your original launch and I have lost all respect for you. You represent a great and ugly evil in an industry that is supposed to bring joy and entertainment.

  • Any possible chance that shadow will EVER have a PvP mode of some kind? Maybe online fortress v.s fortress or a 1v1 mode? Something like this would be awsome to add. Anybody agree??

  • Thank you for all the fixes… I have started this game few months ago and gave up on it. Although I am a big fan of the first game and I finished it twice.
    Reading all the above is encouraging to wipe the save files and start a clean game play!

    For Mordor!!

  • I’m having Problems with this Update all my Outlaw missions appear one by one and if I die then they don’t appear at all it’s the same with the Slaughter Tribe too
    And when I am playing as Dark Eltariel and I take a fort she wouldn’t be Dark anymore
    Also when I send out a orc from my Garrison they don’t appear in the army at all and they left my Garrison too
    Other then those small things the Update is great

  • I was gonna buy this game day one. I wanna let you know the exact moment I lost interest. It was during a developer interview when they had 2 guys on stage introducing the micro transactions system with an animation of the greedy merchant NPC rubbing his hands together. I knew the progression system was gonna be screwed towards excessive grinding and farming or the pay to progress model used on mobile. I still remember the person smiling talking about this system with that character animation in the back and it broke my heart. Shadow of Mordor was such a great game, I wanted to play the sequel and I’m not even a lord of the rings fan. Anyway I decided to buy South Park day one instead. I’m still scared to buy it because of my back catalogue has grown since OCT 2017 and I should burn through that. Hopefully PS5 is Backwards Compatible so then I can finally enjoy this game! Don’t let us down PlayStation.

  • Great to hear a legit reason to dive back in. Loved the game when released and will be playing again in 5 hours after downloading it again.

  • Hell yeah! As a fan of Shadow of War i’m gonna have ro re-instal the game. Been a while since I slayed a few orcs.

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