Sonic Mania Plus Drop Dashes To PS4 July 17

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Sonic Mania Plus Drop Dashes To PS4 July 17

The definitive Sonic Mania experience launches with new characters, an all-new Encore Mode, and more.

After the launch of Sonic Mania last year, fans kept asking us for one thing: “Give us a physical version, please!” On July 17, your wish will become a reality – and not only will the game come in a physical package, but also, we’ve added more content and amazing bonuses!

Sonic Mania Plus Collector's Edition

If you haven’t had a chance to play Sonic Mania yet, Sonic Mania Plus is the perfect opportunity to experience the definitive version of the game. The game will be available in a collectible physical package, with new characters, features and reimagined zones for new and veteran players alike.

Already own Sonic Mania digitally? We have you covered! The Encore DLC features all of the in-game content available in Sonic Mania Plus. Just head over to PlayStation Store on July 17 to upgrade for only $4.99.

The Long-Awaited Return of Mighty and Ray

One of the new elements we’re most eager to share with fans is the return of Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel, both of whom are playable characters in Sonic Mania Plus.

Sonic Mania Plus - Ray the Flying SquirrelSonic Mania Plus - Mighty the Armadillo

People have asked for Mighty and Ray to make a reappearance for years, so we can’t wait to see you guys enjoy these blasts from the past! Harness the power of Mighty’s shell as you smash through obstacles, or glide through zones with Ray’s flying ability.

Sonic Mania Plus

New Gameplay Modes

We’ve also added an all-new Encore mode, which challenges players to run through fresh new versions of Sonic Mania Zones as they’ve never seen them before! You can now play with up to three other friends locally on Competition mode, or battle for the quickest time in Time Attack mode.

Thanks again to all the fans who played and supported the original Sonic Mania. We’re thrilled for you to continue the adventure on July 17 with Sonic Mania Plus, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it all together!

Sonic Mania Plus

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  • How much is the upgrade if you already own Sonic mania?

  • Sooooo.. what’s the cost to upgrade? It’s not mentioned here.

  • The upgrade cost is $5.

  • Really excited to enjoy the new bonus stage, Mighty and Ray’s return, added zone transitions, and the updated competition mode. Encore Mode’s looking nice, but I kinda expected the bosses to be different, in terms of attack patterns & appearances like how the True Arena mode in new Kirby games did. Oh, well. Perhaps next time.

    Please pass this on to the team that made it that they should include a gallery showcasing the artwork that made the game in the next patch and my thanks to them for making Sonic Mania and Plus. I’d like to see the images not overlapping each other like some are in the art book.

    I really hope they make a new Classic Sonic iteration of Sonic 4 with all the Zones from both episodes & new Zones thrown in with a new structure to the final Zone(Death Egg mk.II, maybe having 4 Acts with a new boss in the end but the last Act containing 2 bosses. Something the Classic Sonic formula should go for as the new mainstay.) when completing the last standard Zone(E.G.G. Station) and before going to the Extra Zone, along with unique tracks for the last sub-boss & last major boss. Some requests I want to see in the next Classic Sonic game. Pass that along, too.

  • I’m so glad this is finally going to be available on disc! I have it pre-ordered already.

  • I can get Sonic Mania DLC on Tuesday on PS4

  • Nearly forgot to say this. Since Classic Sonic now has his canon that includes all events of his past Classic Sonic games, including all Game Gear games, ’cause Sonic 2’s 8-bit version introduced Dr. Robotnik’s Super Badniks, all the way up to Sonic R, but split off from Modern Sonic’s canon as of Sonic Generations & Mania, yet co-existing very well with it, shouldn’t Sonic Mania’s story chronologically take place after Sonic R’s events?

    Just saying from my POV & reminding any who forgot. Think about that.

    Well, we already have a chronological follow-up to Sonic & Knuckles(Sonic 3, Part Two, in truth), Knuckles’ Chaotix, since it took place months after that game. Knuckles did last saw Mighty when he was with Vector, Espio and Charmy, along with Robotnik’s defected Badniks, Heavy and Bomb(everyone has different thoughts on them, but they’re part of Classic Sonic’s canon in my eyes), to stop Robotnik from stealing the Chaos Rings.

    Hope we get to see Knuckles defeat Metal Knuckles someday, ’cause he’s Knuckles’ evil robot copy, not counting Mecha Knuckles from Sonic Advance. Eager for Mania Plus to come!

  • Will this version include a platinum? Regardless, thanks for supporting physical media :)

  • It’s almost 12:45 AM on 7/17/2018 in Green Bay, WI, and there is STILL no mention of Sonic Mania Plus in the PS Store via console/web. Why are you guys doing this to me?

  • Why is Sonic mania plus not in the PlayStation store I stayed up till midnight waiting last night and it still.isnt in store

  • It’s 10:52 a.m. EST on 7/17/2018. No DLC. No mention of issues. Three people in my house stayed up last night waiting. AT LEAST TELL US WHAT IS GOING ON

  • I have not found the DLC for Sonic Mania since I got home from work 2:30 am EST. What happened?

  • It is 10:05 PM in Brazil and 9:05 PM in Washington and not DLC of Sonic Mania for Download in the game or in the store! Why the delay?

  • carlosassisfilho

    Where is the link for PSN Brazilian Store?

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