Co-op Shooter Earthfall Out on PS4 Tomorrow

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Co-op Shooter Earthfall Out on PS4 Tomorrow

Holospark brings back that old-school feel to the modern-era shooter. Fight to survive after aliens conquer the Earth!

Our devs really love co-op gaming here at Holospark. Spending an evening on the couch, talking and joking with our friends online, and bashing our way through a level together is a pretty sweet time. We’re excited to bring you Earthfall, a four-player co-op shooter where you fight to survive after aliens conquer the Earth! And you can join us when Earthfall launches on PS4 tomorrow.

While we’ve enjoyed robbing banks with our friends and slashing at rats from another dimension, we were really craving that run-and-gun feeling of shooting our way through an endless swarm of enemies like in the classic co-op shooter Left 4 Dead so many years ago.

But Earthfall isn’t just a remake. We applied that old-school feel to the modern-era shooter with aim down sights and recoil, and then added new tactical gameplay with portable barricades, auto-turrets, and 3D-printed weapons. The result is Earthfall, where you and three friends team up to battle aliens and keep humanity alive.

To help you survive this battle, we have field reports from the human resistance on some of the aliens you will encounter in Earthfall:


Drones will throw themselves at you wave after wave. But they come in multiple flavors to mix things up. Light Drones go down fast while Heavy Drones will take a few more rounds to the chest. Ranged Drones will lob gooey slime at you from a distance. You’ll have to change up your firing patterns and battle tactics to deal with each of these guys.


Sappers are walking gasbags, full of toxic vapor. If you pop them up close, get ready to choke! You want to take these guys out at range, or shove them if they’re nearby and then pop ’em. For a clean kill, burn them with fire and the vapor won’t hang around to poison you.


Big, bad and ugly, the Beast is a wrecking ball on two legs. Up close it’s devastating with claws and jaws, but at range it can spew a toxic plasma ball that can seriously harsh your mellow. This thing is enormous so it’s easy to shoot, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to take out. You’ll need teamwork to handle this bad boy.

There’s a lot more aliens you can meet and make friends with… just kidding, they want to eat your face. But now you know some of what you’re up against, and maybe you and your friends can stay alive a little longer. And you can all help fight the alien invasion starting tomorrow when Earthfall launches on PS4!

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  • Online co-op only?

    • Hi! We are online co-op, as well as on and offline solo play with AI.

    • Just agreeing with the split screen. I have teen kids now We all play and the last split screen that we played was borderlanders. I’m not signing up for twitter
      People have a point that sometime we don’t like to rely on our internet connection to play a game. Really I’m sick of everything becoming subscription service it really drains the wallet. Look at the tree 1 Mortgage 2 electric 3 internet 4 Purchase game systems plus games 5 psn account 6 games season passes (some games a reaccuring for as long as you play) 7 If your unlucky to get addicted to a game that shoves micro transactions in your face (game use to come with everything upon purchase).
      Anyways it’s just costing way to much to play games and companies don’t even have to be original or give quality it’s turn into competition and wanting to be better then the next person and companies have turn it into a cash cow. I would like to say screw it all ,but then what would I play? I probably left something out in all this but you get the point.
      Sorry went on a rant but still… it’s good to vent. Really just agreeing with the split screen.
      Now I’ll post this totally irrelevant material to this blog and probably never check back… or will I?

    • When does the psn store update me can’t wait (^-^)

    • Whene is Earth Fall going to be availabel on PS store to download?

    • Thundernutts78, thanks a lot for this comment. This is all I think about modern games. True Video Games are split screen. I want to play with my friend next to me, have fun and laugh together in real life not between a mic, alone in my room like a nerd with no social life. I miss Split Screen so much. Last game was A WAY OUT and it was truly refreshing!

  • I hope this has splitscreen. I really dont know why, in the age of big screens, couch multiplayer is often not included. It’s still cool to sit in the same room as your friends and play games together!

    • Totally agree, need more local coop games these days.

    • Split screen is something we would love to do, but we were focused first on online play. If split screen is something you want, make sure you tell us on Twitter or our forums so we can add it to our roadmap!

    • Often my problem with MP only titles is not just that it’s lame not including local couch play, but when online servers eventually go down the player is left with a dead-weight game. Splitscreen guarantees more longevity.

      Good example is the Resistance series (all 3 PS3 titles have multiplayer splitscreen in some form) even though the servers have sadly been shutdown. At least there’s fun to be had with those modes still.

    • I was really hoping this was couch co-op like L4D, but it’s not, smh… I’m going to pass on this game fot now…

    • Need games to play with my kids and wife at home…

    • Totally agree. I would buy this if there was Split Screen

    • Totally agree, we need more splitscreen games specially ones like Earthfall here, I hope they will add it to the game.

  • How much is this game gonna be?

  • So A Quiet Place The Game?! J/K. Please add couch coop! That would be a tremendous bonus for us local coop players. Looking forward to it!

  • So is this left 4 dead for ps4? I would hope there Vs mode like l4d. One main reasons keep going back to l4d on 360

    • I hope it has splitscreen (though I won’t hold my breath). It’s sadly not a common feature anymore for whatever reason. Not every game is as successful as Left 4 Dead, the servers won’t be up forever.

      P.S.- And even L4D 1/2 had splitscreen

      If this does though, then you’ve definitely got a customer right here day 1.

  • will i need ps plus to play online? wish it can be like fortnite where you dont need to be a ps plus to play co op

  • Will there be a mode where you don’t have a task and it will just be basic defense or offense?

  • I cant find earthfall in the psn store to preorder or download will it be available at midnight?

  • Is the game going to cost money or is it going to be a free-to-play game?

  • So does this mean midnight or sometime later in the afternoon

  • Why is this not on the PlayStation store it says it releases today and have recently checked and it’s not out ??? Wondering what is going on and if I should get it on Xbox would rather ps4 but it’s not there

    • Why isn’t it on the PlayStation store it’s 4:31 I’m the morning and it’s still not in the PlayStation store

  • Why isn’t it in the PSN store to preorder? Kinda lame. I would of bought it months ago when I first heard about it.

  • Honestly I’d love to try it but Xbox servers are 100% more reliable I have had countless issues with psn and it is quite annoying. Pick Xbox people psn has to many problems

  • Any news on when it’ll be on the PS store? It looks to have been updated today (as other games have popped up), but Earthfall isn’t there. It is on the Xbox store though.

  • Ayoooo why can’t I buy it digital? Why no split screen? Why did 3d doritos get taken away from the world?

  • tobywabobykanobi

    Honestly, not having splitscreen is a total deal breaker.

  • When does the psn store update me can’t wait (^-^)

  • I could care less about split screen co-op, this game looks fun my friends and I can’t wait to play it great job holospark. just waiting for it to show up on the ps store (wtf sony) guess ill play Octopath traveler until it does

  • I was waiting for a game like dis and was going to buy it stread away because i am a huge fan of left for death en your game looks epic nice and insane but i am a bit disepointed because its not for sale here in europe (belgium) =(

  • The game looked pretty good but without any real local co op I’m not even gonna bother.

  • Is it going tho be availeble for the rest of the world ?? i realy want the game and i know i am not the only 1 pleaze let us know

  • lo espero con ansias dios mio

  • Hopefully developers will patch GameInformers feedback.

  • I’m confused. This article starts out by raving about playing with a friend on the couch, yet this game can’t be played with a friend on the couch? It’s funny, all these games raving about playing with friends and family, yet I can’t simply play the game with someone in the same room. I’m so tired of offline splitscreen co-op being a thing of the past. Any game that brags about being able to play with others, and then I find out it’s online only, is a no buy from me.

    I’m not against online gaming as online gaming can be great, fun, but I’m not a fan of where online gaming is taking gaming as a whole. I’m tired of getting out my old consoles just so I can play a game with a friend in the same room. I won’t be buying Earthfall unless I can play with another human being in the same room I’m in, period. I’m boycotting every game that has online co-op, but not offline co-op. Thank God for the few relics out there that do support offline co-op, like Gears of War, Borderlands, Diablo, etc.

  • Looks promising, if it has splitscreen I’d buy it instantly, please add splitscreen to it!

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