Survival Game Subnautica Coming to PS4 This Year

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Survival Game Subnautica Coming to PS4 This Year

Panic Button leads the charge to bring this futuristic underwater survival hit from Unknown Worlds to PS4.

PlayStation gamers – I am excited to tell you that Panic Button is developing the PS4 version of Subnautica, and Unknown Worlds is launching the game this holiday season! Also, you can pre-order the physical version of the game (thanks to Gearbox Publishing) starting today.

Unknown Worlds made a gorgeous, immersive game a bunch of us at Panic Button have been fans of since it was announced, and we have been hoping to bring it to PlayStation gamers for a while. Everything recently lined up nicely, and we are looking forward to bringing Subnautica to PS4 by the end of the year.


SubnauticaSubnautica Concept Art

So what’s the setup? In the 22nd century, humanity is beginning to colonize planets. You are on a secondary mission to find a missing ship when a massive energy pulse sends you crashing to the planet. You find yourself stranded in your damaged escape pod on an alien, mostly-ocean planet. Now it’s your job to find a way home.

You will scour the planet to find food, water, and materials to make the equipment you need to survive, from knives to diving gear, high-tech watercraft, and more. Over time, you will build your own unique base of operations on the sea floor, with various layouts, components, and environmental factors.

Oh – and the waters definitely become more and more perilous the deeper you go.

Subnautica concept art

What drew me to the game were the gorgeous visuals and the gameplay. There is a wonder and an excitement and a weight that I haven’t experienced with a lot of games in this type of setting.

It’s got a wide diversity of gameplay: scavenging and crafting and surviving, casual to hardcore permadeath options, and a base-building mechanic that makes your gameplay experience unique. Subnautica is a special game, and we’re looking to do some special things for PlayStation gamers (more on that later).

Subnautica will be available for PlayStation Store and physical purchase, and I’m looking forward to you all getting to enjoy it this holiday season on PS4.


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  • Larry Hullum Jr. OK, but does it include the VR mode? There quite few games that came over without there VR mode… Fallout… Elite Dangerous…to starrt.

    • Right now, we’ve just announced PlayStation. We really appreciate the feedback and interest in PS VR, too, so thanks for sharing that.

    • Hell yes would absolutely love some PSVR support for this game!

    • Great news! I’m going to purchase this regardless but I would absolutely LOVE PSVR support

    • when I saw the visuals, it looked like it had potential to render it at lower quality for VR support!

      I think only we PSVR owners are in the camp of “don’t care about graphics fidelity, only care about immersion”

  • I don’t see any mention here of PSVR support. Is that definitely not happening, or might there be future news on that?

    • Right now, we’ve just just announced PlayStation. Lot of interest in PS VR, and I appreciate that feedback.

  • Personaly I am waiting for VR version. I hope so there will be an update about it.

  • Definitely going to pick this up regardless since I enjoyed the PC version but I prefer console gaming, but I’d love it if this came to PSVR as well.

  • I’d vaguely heard about this game, so I’m glad to see it’s coming to PS4! The setting reminds me of an old tabletop RPG, Blue Planet. And that’s a good thing! Looking forward to picking this up :-)

    • Thank you – It is a gorgeous game, and we’re excited about it!

      I had forgotten about that RPG Biohazard Games (nice throwback).

  • Wow, I am really excited for this to finally come to the PS4! My son showed me this game on YouTube and I was instantly impressed. Please give us the PSVR version as well. This game would be magic in VR!

  • This is a definite buy for me.

    If it gets VR mode.

    Otherwise… no buy.

  • Come on guys! Bad reporting! This is highly anticipated for PSVR owners. You need to mention this!
    I’m assuming it is NOT coming to PSVR. Be honest and report it either way!

    • Thank you for the feedback! Right now, we’ve just announced PlayStation, but it’s good to see the interest in PS VR.

  • The game voice sounds like same from No Mans Sky
    The buildings look like same from No Mans Sky
    Everything looks like No Mans Sky, just under water

    • Dude, this game is everything that no Mans Sky wasnt. Great story, amazing Graphics engine and awesome gameplay. TBH i was gonig to retire my PS4 and get a PC just to play this at christmas so this is going to save me a few bucks now lol :)

      To get a good feel for the game watch CohhnCarnage doing a playthrough.

  • Definit buy for me IF it has PSVR support.

  • Is there photo mode? If yes, then I am definitely pre-ordering it!

  • Please include not just trophies but a Platinum trophy as well. Also I know you don’t have plans for it currently but add me to the list of names that would love to see this work with PlayStation VR.

  • PSVR = Definite purchase. Otherwise, not really my type of ‘flat’ game.

  • Wow! What a beautiful game! Adam, i think you could moon light as a politician with these expertly crafted replies to some type of PSVR support :) Please just know that the hype and hope of experiencing this awesome title in VR is VERY real for many of us! Ill keep my hope alive while I await further news! Wish you and your team all the success in the world! Thanks for all the work you and your team do to bring these awesome games to Playstation gamers!!

    • The game _is_ beautiful, for sure!

      Politics? Blergh (no disrespect to the good ones; just not my thing).

      I’m glad we’re getting all the interest in PS VR. Not every game makes sense for it, but we like the platform quite a bit, so I like hearing that feedback.

  • Awesome!!! please bring the VR support! it would be one of the best games on PS VR, a must buy

  • I played it to completion on PC and wouldn’t be interested in a normal PS4 version … but I would totally, immediately re-purchase for PS-VR !!!!

  • This game is amazing for anyone interested (I have it on PC) And I am definitely hoping you’ll consider adding a PSVR mode, and as you have probably seen there is an interest for it :) Nonetheless, glad you all are bringing this over to playstation!

  • Great news! I’m going to purchase this regardless but I would absolutely LOVE PSVR support

  • Would make for an epic PSVR game. This is that AAA title that would sell people on VR. Please bring it to VR!!!

  • PSVR Support, please!

  • One of the few games PSVR owners were craving. Don’t release this without VR support. If PSVR can’t run it, wait until PS5 VR.

  • This was my game of the year last year on PC, so I’m really happy to see it finally making its way to PS4. However the missing VR component is a real shame currently. I really hope they can do whatever they can to get PSVR supported either before or directly after launch.

    The VR needs a lot of work on PC currently too, so I don’t know exactly how that would impact the PS4 version though… I know the PS4 is aging, and asking for VR is a lot considering the status of the PC version with VR, but if the port team really wants to make this game shine, they need to look into bringing VR support over as hard as they can. This done right, could literally be THE PSVR game, period. The game is amazing on PC, and VR is a real trip, PSVR would make this a 100% must own.

    • We like the feedback and interest in PS VR. Understandably, VR has higher performance requirements to make it a good experience, so this game might not be a fit for it. Definitely something to explore, though!

  • Day 1 purchase for me if it has PSVR support.

  • Please add PSVR Support !!! … this would be a dream come true !

  • Here’s 400 more signatures that want PSVR support, and please keep in mind these are only the ones who saw this and signed, there are many more.

    Thank you

  • the developers see us crying out for psvr support through all these comments – it’ll be a shame if they still do nothing about it – psvr is starting to stand for persistently shafted virtual reality

    • It’s not that Unknown Worlds or Panic Button wouldn’t do anything about it; it just might not be a doable thing. I definitely like hearing the interest in PS VR though, and it’s something for us to explore a bit more for this game.

  • I would buy this instantly on PSVR if you guys could pull it off somehow! I’ve heard amazing things about this game! If this and No Man’s Sky got PSVR support I’d be in vr heaven!

  • I will buy this game if only this will support for PS VR…
    Ну серьёзно ребят, такие игры надо играть в VR..

  • Thanks for bringing this to PS4.

    Will PS4 Pro feature 60fps and other technical additions? Thank you.

    • We’re exploring some stuff for PS4, including PS4 Pro; we don’t want to commit anything until we know those can be worthwhile adds to the game.

  • Jot me down as another PSVR hopeful! I used to spend hours watching streamers play this game on Twitch. Throw VR in there and I’ll buy it on the spot!

  • Congrats on bringing it to PS4! Looks amazing! I’m really hoping for a PSVR version, it’s where I do all my gaming.

  • Even though I already have Subnautica on PC, I will buy it again if it gets PSVR support

  • Looks good. I’m only interested in this if it’s coming to psvr. VR is sorely missing an under water survival exploration game. Beg Sony for assistance, do a kickstarter fund, anything, but this needs to happen on this generation of psvr. So VR is my request. I would love to explore this world in vr. Vr vr vr vr vr vr vr VR!

  • Please consider a PSVR support if it is technically possible. I hope you can lower the rendering details on OG PS4 while give some bump on PS4 PRO. Almost 70k of current active PSVR players on Reddit is counting on you ;-)

  • Just stopped in to say that I’ll grab this once it’s available for PSVR.

  • when I saw the visuals, it looked like it had potential to render it at lower quality for VR support!

    I think only we PSVR owners are in the camp of “don’t care about graphics fidelity, only care about immersion”

  • Pour moi : précommande direct, cela fait plusieurs années que j’attends un portage sur consoles. …. Le jeu alla sur xbox puis , il y quelque jours : trailer de Playstation : Subnautica | PS4 . Meilleur moment des vacances . Je ne regrette pas du tout le VR car l’achat d’un casque me prendrait du temps de jeu donc pour moi : FRANCE championne du monde , révélation au tir et subnautica ps4, et la saison 5 fortnite et la santé. … que demande de plus .Hâte de jouer à ceux jeux su ps4 ! !!!!!

  • Just wanted to say a quick thank you as I’ve had my eye on this game for a very long time. As a recent purchaser of PSVR, I just want to say that I’d be happily willing to pay a premium for VR Mode on this game. I really hope you can see there is a market for the implementation as I cant think of another game better suited for a VR experience. I hope Playstation realises this as well and can recognise your game as a huge PSVR hardware pusher and perhaps provide resources to help with its implementation.

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