PlayStation Now Update: New PS2 Games, Summer Price Promotion

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PlayStation Now Update: New PS2 Games, Summer Price Promotion

Streaming game service PlayStation Now adds discounted summer pricing, with special savings for Plus members.

Happy 4th of July! Summer is in full swing, and we’ve got some exciting new additions to the PlayStation Now library, now with over 650 PS4, PS3, and PS2 games. Today marks the launch of 12 games in PS Now, including PS2 classics such as the original Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, in addition to MXGP 2 The Official Motocross Videogame, the frenzied fighting game BlazBlue: Central Fiction, and classic arcade shooter Wild Guns.

With our summer price promotions also running through September 25, you can try the PlayStation Now service for a full month at just $9.99 (new subscribers only) with our special intro offer, or get a full year for just $99.99. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can take advantage of the exclusive discount on the three-month pass for PlayStation Now for just $29.99 ($44.99 regular price).

Here are all the new games available to stream on PS4 and PC starting today:

  • BlazBlue: Central Fiction
  • Dark Cloud (PS2)
  • Fantavision (PS2)
  • Farming Simulator 17
  • Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition (PS2)
  • MXGP 2 – The Official Motocross Videogame
  • Rogue Galaxy (PS2)
  • Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet
  • Umbrella Corps
  • Wild Guns

PS3 > PS4 upgrades:

  • Rainbow Moon
  • Strider

And here are the most popular games on the service in June:

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Fallout New Vegas
  • Mortal Kombat
  • The Last of Us
  • NBA 2K16
  • Sniper Elite 3
  • WWE 2K16
  • Fallout 3
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution
  • God of War 3 Remastered

If you haven’t tried PlayStation Now yet, check out the seven-day free trial for PS4 and PC to experience the streaming service today. PS Now provides unlimited on-demand access to a growing library of over 600 games, with new games added every month, and no game downloads required. PS4 save data in PS Now is also compatible with PS Plus cloud saves, so you can upload/download save files to and from your own console.

The introductory offer of $9.99 for the first month (new subscribers only), the 12 month subscription for just $99.99, and the Plus-exclusive 3 months for $29.99, are all available for a limited time until September 25. So act fast. Note that in order to take advantage of the $9.99 intro offer, you will need to purchase that directly, as the 7-day trial will transition into the standard monthly subscription.

Stay tuned for more updates on PS Now. Happy gaming!

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  • When will we have PS Now in Brazil? :(

  • If a PS3 game can be on PS Now, then it should be in the PS3 PS Store.

  • I like PS Now. It’s a great service and game streaming is definitely the future of the industry. Even Google, EA, and Microsoft are making their own streaming services. But some quality of like choices need to be made. First, why aren’t all of PlayStation’s old exclusives on PS Now already? Not saying Sony needs to put thier new exclusives like Detriot but, there’s no reason that their old exclusives aren’t already there. Even Until Dawn is on there and that’s a newer game. Games like, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, Jak & Daxter (1-X), Ratchet & Clank Collection, Twisted Metal Black, inFamous Second Son/First Light, Bloodborn, The Order: 1886, Drive Club, Gran Turismo 6
    Second thing, the price. Again I like PS Now, but $20 a month is ridiculous. It should be $9.99 for Ps Plus members. $20 a month for non-PS Plus members. And $99 for a one year. These should be permanent options. And lastly, we should be able to stream these games at 1080p. There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be possible if we have a strong connection. If you want people to subscribe and stream games then the quality should match that of a downloaded or a disc game.
    But we may be ae to download PS4 games in Sept. So that would be great.

  • every single post about PS Now, theres always a couple of us requesting this so im gonna keep it up

    all stars battle royale pls <3

  • Going to get me some Dark Cloud action. Good job PlayStation.

  • Is there a reason why Resistance 2 still isn’t available? It’s the only title in the PS3 trilogy that’s missing. I mean, it’s a Sony owned IP, so what could possibly be the issue?

    • The first 2 resistance games arent on the PS store. Only games on the PS store can be on PS Now. But I get your point. All older PlayStation exclusives that can be on PS Now should be on PS Now. It’s there ip, there’s nothing stopping them from putting their games on the service.

    • @UltiGamer500 I stand corrected. Not sure why I thought Fall of Man was available on PS Now along with R3. Anyway, they already went so far as to get a service like this up and running. What’s the big deal to create digital versions of these older, disc-only titles and add them to PS Now/Store. It just seems lazy. Especially when you consider Microsoft’s process for adding backward compatible titles – they actually tune the emulator for every individual game and run it through extensive testing before approval. Not to mention the fact that they even enhance several titles.

    • Several games that were NOT on the PS Store made it to PS Now. For example, God of War 3 for the PS3 was NEVER on the PS3 PS Store but it made it to the PS Now. So did one of the BlazBlue games and Heavy Rain (I think I do not have time to research the others right now)

  • Unless you bring the service back to PS Vita, I’m not interested on PS Now.

  • Disgusting. The last two months have been like a slap in the face. Should we just not expect that any major modern releases will be added in the future? Even more PS3 blockbusters would be great. It’d just be nice to have some type of explanation as to why there aren’t more blockbuster additions instead of padding the library with fluff. Not that I’m against more PS2 titles, either. But… C’mon.

  • Anyone find it weird that they have a summer promo but during this promo the games they’ve added have been lackluster. Dont wanna be ‘that guy’ but they haven’t been great. I’m definitely in favor of more PS2 games, but I’d like to see more blockbusters. Like the Jak and Daxer games, (speaking of which, all of Playstation’s ips should be there already, items their games, nothings stopping them), red faction, destroy all humans, twisted metal black, bully. But, I’m sure it’ll get better. There’s a possibility we could be able to download PS4 games off the service in Sept so that’s cool.

  • Any chance we can see Baulders Gate Dark Alliance or Champions of Norath ?

  • PS Now will need to allow downloading of PS4 and eventually PS5 games, as well as allow them to be streamed at resolutions that the user can select 2160p 1080p or 720p, to all supported devices, and eventually phones and tablets. It is rumored that PS Now will get PS4 downloads this September.

    The PlayStation Vita was a great proof of concept of game streaming on portable devices. New phones and tablets will be more powerful than the PS Vita. I believe this is why the PS Vita2 will never exist. Game streaming is the future. 5G is coming. Competition is creating this innovation now, PlayStation can strike first.

    PS5 should be Backwards compatible with PS4 day one. If we all have to reset libraries again then making a transition to another platform will be easier. Making PS5 Backwards compatible will cannibalize PS Now Service so they will have to think about the future of the service while PS5 is still in development.

    I foresee PS Now and PS plus combined into one subscription service. There is no need to have two subscription services offering PS4/PS5 games. Especially with Backwards compatibility as a PS5 Feature.

    • I agree with pretty much what you said. PS Now should be considered while envisioning the next generation. Conbining PS Now and PS+ would be a logical next step. Or at least offering discounts to PS Now if you have Plus.

      And there shouldn’t be another PS handheld. PS Now should be a smartphone APP. In fact, Sony should start developing a PS Now app for phones right now, and have it roll out by the time 5G arrives.

      I’m not one to speculate or spend time thinking next gen. I’m more of a, ‘live in the now’, kind of person. I’ll think about next gen once its announced. But since it’s related; the next gen PlayStation should be back-compatable with PS4 titles. And if players are subscribed to PS Now, then they will have access to all past generations of PlayStation on one console. Or 4 generations on their phone or PC.

      If Sony did that, the would not only be great, but it would eliminate any advantage their competitors would have over them.

  • it keep saddens me seeing this over and over brought to use by Sony.

    PSnow ……. when Sony already mentioned once ago through a representative that ” we as gamers do not truly want backward emulation on PS4 ”

    YET, here we go more attempts to make us sub for PSNow ‘n telling us look here ‘n look there we got more old titles u may want.

    Why not give us the ability already to play AT LEAST PS1\PS2 classic as a move to show Sony’s good well toward us ?

    I can accept that PS3 emulation is hard at PS4 ” altho if I am a programmer I might say something different after testing”

    But, I am still wanting to have PS1\PS2 emulation on PS4 to enjoy some old titles from now ‘n then

    Just like PC …. 20~ years of endless backward ready … ‘;n counting

    for future references … I will be amazon ‘n disturbed seeing PS5 not been able to emulate PS4/PS3/PS2/PS1 games ….. what gives … ?

    Yes, I keep asking ‘n hoping for a better emulation brought to all of us.

  • Make it available to Australia please I’m pretty sure the Xbox one is abvaibble here but I don’t own an Xbox and there’s not much pac games on their subscribtion so it’s pointless please make now available to Australia I beg you

    • it is not there yet ?

      almost 4 years ‘n Australia did not get the PSnow :( ?

      Aus is one of Big known countries

      This is why Steaming is a negative experience atm for the majority of players … Only a handful of countries can stream it and not everyone in these countries can enjoy a perfect flawless experience

      “perfect – flawless ” as in not only lag free but also no one wants to wake up seeing a game suddenly gone from PSnow after spending countless hour playing it but did not finish it.

      while …. Backward support to download anything we already bought long ago … could have helped :<

      I welcome PSnow as an option to pick from …. not as the ONLY option to have.

      I could have supported both " subbing for PSnow " and downloading/buying some classics from the story 'n play them on PS4
      if they allowed me to download at least PS1/PS2 classics without PSnow sub

  • Is it PS3 or PA4 Central Fiction?

  • Gaunlet: Dark Legacy !!

  • I’ve been meaning to try PS Now for some time now, but my wallet is a little too thin to allow for frivolous purchases. The price reduction for the summer time is very appreciated and I will consider trying it out after I take a look at all of the games currently available. I do hope that PS Now begins to allow for PS1 games to be streamed at one point too- they’re not big, but having access to things like Achievements on PS1 games would be really cool!

    Also, Sony, could you allow Cross-Play with multi-platform games? It would make playing games with my family much more enjoyable.

  • Its soupose to be free but wont let me down load to play

  • Please fix Ape Escape 2. Its annoying that you have a game I want to play that stops working after you loose a bit of connection speed corrupting the saved data. I almost bought it well it was on sale, but I should be able to play it on the ps now service I have paid for

  • Would love to see all the army of two games come to ps now

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