PlayStation Vue Subscription Service Change

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PlayStation Vue Subscription Service Change

Details on an upcoming change to PlayStation Vue multi-channel plan pricing.

We wanted to provide advance notice to our PlayStation Vue customers about an upcoming price change to PS Vue’s multi-channel plans. Starting July 24, 2018, the price for all PS Vue multi-channel plans – Access, Core, Elite and Ultra – will increase by $5. Current subscribers will see this change reflected on their billing cycle after July 31, 2018. PS Vue’s add-ons and standalone channels will not be affected by this price change.

At PlayStation, we are always evaluating the PS Vue service to ensure we are providing a compelling value to our customers. Unfortunately, we must increase the price of our multi-channel plans to keep pace with rising business costs and enable us to continue offering a better way to watch the best in live sports, entertainment, and news.

PS Vue customers will continue to enjoy the rich features that come with their monthly plan, including an industry-leading five simultaneous streams, powerful cloud-based DVR, and unique features, such as multi-view on PS4 – all at no extra cost. Customers will also continue to experience one of the most robust line-ups of channels from top networks such as Discovery, AMC, Disney/ESPN, HGTV, Food Network and Turner, as well as local broadcast stations and sports league networks. We’ll also continue to offer standalone channels without the need of a multi-channel plan, such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and more.

We vow to continue providing exceptional service to our customers, with plans to add more broadcast stations and content that resonates with fans, as well as ongoing feature enhancements. PS Vue was recently listed as the top video streaming service in the 2018 American Customer Satisfaction Index survey, and our goal will be to maintain this positioning as we continue to enhance the service. As a reminder, if you do not wish to continue your subscription, you can cancel at any time, either on PlayStation consoles or online at

We thank you for your continued support.

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  • Bring this to Toronto already.

  • How about allowing me to stream on all my ps4’s in my house, that would be great!

    • I agree. Why can’t we multi stream on more than one PS4?? Dumb decision. That would make up for the lack of channels missing that other comepetitors have.

    • Definitly need to address this. I know a few households that have multiple PS4, and have interest in Vue, but are unwilling to change, because they don’t want to buy additional devices for the other TVs. Let us stream to 5 PS4’s simultaneously, let your customers use your devices to watch Vue, don’t send us out to Amazon, Google, and Apple devices.

  • Bring back BeIN Sports!

  • You shouldn’t have removed comedy, history channels. I had no choice but to switch…

    • History channel? When did they remove a channel they NEVER carried

  • Didn’t you just go up a few months ago? Hopefully this will be the last increase for a while. Love the service but the main reason i came to vue was to save money. Two increases in 6 months make me worry a little ……

    • Worst part about it, in the Seattle area we had all four locals. Then they added the $10 a month to support local channels. Since then, they have had contract disputes with Sinclair and Tribune Media, which lead to us loosing Komo4 ABC and Q13 FOX.

      We absolutely love the service. The DVR and (3) stream Multi-View on PS4 has changed the way we watch Sports and TV Series. These price increases, and channel removals, are making it hard to justfy keeping the service, and even harder to get more people on board.

    • I agree with Redroom5 in that the price increases in this short amount of time is a concern! We signed on also to save money. A co-worker(another PSV customer) and I go over changes as they happen to see if we will stay with PSV as the changes happen. It will be interesting to see what he says about this price increase…again! This type of service is becoming very competitive and a consumer does have choices. I would like that to be PSV!!!

  • Would be really nice if Root Sports North West was added in the Seattle area. No Mariners, is a big deterrent for many, especially when we are paying for the Regional Sports Network Package, and our Regional Sports Network is not available.

    Also, we miss Viacom. Please find a way to add Comedy Central, CMT, and Nickelodeon, even if it is only in the higher teir packages. Shoot, we’d even pay for a Viacom bundle if you gave us the option. Same goes with A&E and History.

    If you can’t make them part of the Bundles, at least give us the option to add them on. That should be one of the benifits of a service like Vue.

  • djscimontemplar

    Didn’t the rates already increase not too long ago? I guess Sony’s wallets are getting a little slimmer these days. Maybe they can take the extra money and make it so I can actually stream on multiple devices like they say I am supposed to be able to.

  • No different than just having cable now.. Plus I now have to watch my data caps.

  • Looks like I’m staying with sling tv. Was thinking of switching to PS Vue when college football started but not anymore.

  • I cut cable and went with Vue, I couldn’t have been happier with the flexibility and service. However with the recent multiple price increases and no 4K streaming, I’ll be paying the same as when I had direct tv, and had Jd.
    It is sad to think something so great is going down hill, not sure how much longer I’ll stay. At least justify a price increase to offer high definition.

  • Include VUE with PLUS only way it’s worth it to many options nowadays

  • Well that’s OK I’m gonna still live this service!
    Please add the A&E Network’s please Thank you, u guys are great with this service!

  • First Sling, then DirectTV Now, and now Vue – everyone is raising their prices right now.

    I thought the point of streaming was to get away from the cable companies raising their rates every year. Guess not.

    First one to find a way to legitimately offer true a la carte pricing is going to be the one that gets my business. I don’t need all the networks all the time, and I don’t want to pay for all those channels I don’t use.

  • I find this pretty insulting. We were just wooed by Comcast to get our current level of Internet service PLUS TV for the same price we’re getting just Internet currently (with no price increase later.) We get most of the content we’re using PSVue for, without the hassle. Given the number of alternative services out there, and the return of the cable giants, Sony needs to rethink screwing over it’s customer base.

  • Did not appreciate the sign-in when I clicked on the PSV application the other day. This happens every so often. Can you send out an email notification for this please where we would have to login with in 30 days? Please consider.

  • Periodical sign in.

    Did not appreciate the sign-in when I clicked on the PSV application the other day. This happens every so often. Can you send out an email notification for this please where we would have to login with in 30 days? Please consider.

  • First off, I have enjoyed the channel line up with the exception of PS Vue not having the History channel. I wish more efforts were being put into bringing the A&E channels to the lineup.

    We joined in April 2017 and the rates went up last November by $10. For this we received nothing new. In fact, I lost my local CBS affiliate. Now, here we are less than 1 year later (8 months to be exact) and Sony is raising rates again.

    I do not appreciate the fact that Sony has not sent out an email to it’s customers personally. In fact, the only reason I heard about it was a post on the Facebook page “PSVUE User Group.” WOW! REALLY! I fork over $81.18/mo and Sony can’t be bothered by sending out notification emails to those of us padding Sony’s wallet? Maybe this is why the subscribership is the lowest of the big 3 streaming services. At least act like you care about your paying customers.

    I will be seriously looking at my plan and trimming it down. This is getting too close to cable prices again. No thank you.

  • Stop paying so damn much for Disney, and bring back the Viacom channels.

    • Yes please, agreed! Or at the very lest give more options a la carte, I don’t have kids, I don’t want the Disney Channel!

  • At $80 for ultra you surpassed Max tv rates for tds, rcn, crapcast, etc. As someone who does installs for a cable company that switches them to this service, I can no longer recommend it to them as viable option, nor does it look like I can continue to be a consumer of this product. It was nice but, alas, cable and tv companies will always control tv and cutting the cord is just a passing trend like snap bracelets, beanie babies and furbys.

  • Apparently all streaming services are raising prices because Networks are charging more for their content.

  • I like the service, however it was ALREADY too expensive. I only paid $40 a month (for “core”) as a convenience. $45 (with NO ADDITIONAL CHANNELS or SERVICES) has now priced the service out of consideration for me. I will NOT be renewing my monthly subscription PS Vue.

  • It is a shame that a service that saw so much promise early on has become “just another cable company” only with more restrictions and fewer channels. The price rise is understandable given the market conditions, however I will be saying good bye to PS Vue as soon as the World Cup is over.

    The problems are ones that Sony and PS Vue could solve *if* the channel providers would let them. I think this is an area where a lot of people really don’t understand the horrific nature of content licensing. The providers put restrictions on everything and the only way to lift the restrictions is to pay more money to them and, by extension, pass that cost on to the consumer.

    I don’t blame Sony or the PlayStation Vue team for the pricing or the restrictions. The service is very good and could, easily, have been a game changer. They were, unfortunately, victims of the blinkered mindset of the traditional providers. Such a shame.

  • Looks like I stopped just in time. I just recently ended my service to save $60/mo, but at this rate I don’t think it will be worth it to try and come back.

    I did enjoy it as it had a little bit of something for everyone in our house. It was one of the few services that checked all our boxes while also having AMC and HBO to add on for me. Still cheaper than other options in my area, for now…

  • For me I’m going to be cancelling PlayStation Vue effective immediately. I will go back to my cable company and I will purchase a bundle that will give me internet and cable for less than that what I was paying for separately, which was the whole reason why I left Cable in the first place! Does PlayStation not even understand that in order to keep subscribers they have to compete in the market or people are going to do this all the time? I will always pay for good internet but I will not always pay for TV. And I don’t care what format you give it to me in.

  • So you’re adding nothing but raising the price by $5 across all plans? When are you going to do something about some of the channels just looking bad, yes, even on HD, watching the WC ON FOX the quality looks shady AF! Maybe thats on FOX more than you guys but come on, that one gaming channel that you get with the elite plan looks terrible too.

    The UI could be improved to just getting to the Live Channel list is too many buttons presses.

    Let us use on-board storage for DVR storage? encrypt it with something if you have to so its pirate proof.

    Come on.

  • People mistakenly assume that they should receive some big prize in exchange for paying higher prices for pay TV, but that’s not how the industry works. Cord cutters should know that from their past experiences with cable and satellite. It’s the big media companies like Sinclair, Viacom, and others that hold all of the cards. Even a giant like Sony can’t change that. Getting pissed off and cancelling your Vue subscription won’t make the problem go away. Sooner or later you’ll end up seeing more price increases down the road with other pay TV providers you try. For me, Vue still represents the best value. It didn’t win top honors in the ACSI customer satisfaction ratings by accident.

  • Well, this just stinks. Seems too familiar. Why I switched because of rate increases. I don’t understand why we can’t even get all our local channels. I can watch them on the antenna for nothing, just can’t record them. Packages with channels you don’t want for prices that go higher. A La Carte!

  • Sorry but Sling TV Blue with the comedy add on for $5 extra for a total of $30 monthly scatches all my itches…!

    • To anyone considering Sling instead, I’d like to point out that I canceled Vue and switched to Sling about a year ago.

      Well, I’ve been back for a few months now. Sling was better in every way for me except for one minor thing…
      It stuttered and stopped playing pretty much every night around prime time while my girlfriend was watching.

  • I just canceled my Vue subscription with this latest update… Last year they had a 30% increase and now this 10% increase….
    I didn’t watch ANY of the sports programming… only AMC and Fox News.
    Probably going with either You Tube TV or Hulu Live TV which includes Hulu’s Huge library plus live TV

  • i was paying $35 but at $40 dollars its no deal anymore. i can bundle cable and internet for the same price. and get comedy central and all the other channels vue doesnt get.

  • Too bad, no longer a good deal. Considered jumping ship the last price hike, definitely out now. YouTube TV here I come.

  • Bring back Comedy Central and the Viacom channels. Who was the Sony Exec that messed up that deal, please fire that person.

  • I started subscribing in the Summer of 2015. I found the Core service with the sports channels a great value at $34.99. Since then Sonly has had 3 price hikes and now charges sales tax. So what I started paying $34.99 for 2 years ago will now be $55 starting next month. That’s too much without the history channel. Unfortunately I am switching to Sling or Direct TV now.

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