Strategic Team-Based PS VR Shooter Firewall Zero Hour Launches August 28

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Strategic Team-Based PS VR Shooter Firewall Zero Hour Launches August 28

First Contact Entertainment shares new gameplay trailer, pre-order details, and PS VR Aim Controller bundle details for their upcoming multiplayer VR FPS.

Hi everyone, Damoun Shabestari here from First Contact Entertainment. We know our fans have been wondering what we meant when we said Firewall Zero Hour was releasing “very soon.” Today, we are excited to announce the official release date for Firewall Zero Hour will be August 28.

For those not up-to-speed, Firewall Zero Hour is our 4v4 team-based tactical PS VR shooter where players must use teamwork, strategy and an arsenal of equipment to either acquire or protect a cache of sensitive data.

New Gameplay Trailer

In honor of the release date reveal, we also have a new Firewall Zero Hour gameplay trailer. You’ll see what it’s like to assume the role of a mercenary Contractor and work with your team to attack or defend the sensitive data housed in laptops. You’ll hear communication between teammates, and understand how teamwork is key to your survival. You’ll see some of the equipment you’ll use, from assault rifles and shotguns, to deadly C4 and grenades. You’ll get a taste of the exotic locations you’ll be working in–with nine map locations in Russia, the UK, and the Middle East.

You’ll feel the tension of tactical combat and experience the unpredictability that comes from playing in a team of 4 humans vs. 4 humans in PS VR. Firewall Zero Hour also offers Training modes where you can train alone or with others against AI.

Earn XP and in-game currency (“Crypto”) as you progress with your Contractor. Firewall Zero Hour is built from the ground up for PS VR, and is compatible with both the PS Aim controller and DualShock 4 controller. An internet connection is required for all modes of Firewall Zero Hour, including Single Player Training Mode. PS Plus is only required for Multiplayer Training and Multiplayer Contract modes.

Pre-order Exclusives

Firewall Zero Hour Pre-order Bonus

We’re also excited to announce a special pack for those who pre-order Firewall Zero Hour, starting today.

In the Zero Hour pack, you’ll receive:

  • Exclusive Character Camo
  • Exclusive Trinket
  • Exclusive Weapon Camo
  • Exclusive Face Paint/Camo
  • Exclusive Velcro Patch
  • Extra In-Game Currency
  • Double XP for 24 Hours
  • ‘Texas’ Contractor Unlock

One of the highlights of the Zero Hour Pre-Order pack is the ability to unlock Contractor ‘Texas,’ aka Sarah Wells, on day one. Texas hails from the U.S. and has a unique skill that allows her to take less bullet damage. Here she is sporting all of the exclusive items you’ll receive in the Zero Hour pack—cosmetic items that you can apply to any of your Contractors.

Firewall Zero Hour Pre-order Bonus

Firewall Zero Hour PS Aim Bundle

Firewall Zero Hour will be available digitally at the PS Store and physically at retailers, and we’re excited to confirm that Firewall Zero Hour will be available as a bundle with the PS Aim Controller! Keep your shots lightning fast and deadly accurate with the precision motion tracking of the PS Aim Controller. From aiming down the sight of your weapon to firing around corners, Firewall Zero Hour with the PS Aim Controller transports you into the heat of intense FPS action. The Firewall Zero Hour PS Aim Bundle is available for pre-order beginning today. The pre-order includes the Zero Hour pack of exclusives.

Firewall Zero HourFirewall Zero Hour

There will be tons more to share leading up to release, including tactics and techniques that will help you strategize, communicate, and dominate in Firewall Zero Hour.

’Til next time, Contractors!

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  • YES ! ! ! !

    Thank you so much!

    Patience is indeed a virtue!!

    I seriously cannot wait!

  • Was definitely a favorite from E3. Counter strike in VR. The rush of being the last man standing and taking out the entire enemy team was amazing.

  • This game looks so good. I gotta get PSVR now! Have to!

  • Excellent news, this game will sale like hot cakes.

  • Me and a lot of people who invested in aim are looking forward to the next farpoint, and by that I mean a polished single player experience. Could you elaborate on that type of content? Can I expect something like terro hunt from rainbow six? Every psvr game focused on multiplayer is a ghost town past the first month… It’s sad but true.

    • Try persistence, gunheart, seeking dawn or evasion. I think that most games are trying to put aim support in, but you never know because it’s not well covered.

  • During testing, who has the advantage DualShock 4 or Aim controller? I imagine the DualShock is more precise. Kinda like keyboard/mouse vs. controller, they can’t be equal.

    • I imagine the immersion I’ll get using the Aim Controller shooting blind around corners will be far better than using a dual shock & not shooting around corners at all.

      In other words… if someone owns both controllers & they use the dual shock in this game… well that’s just crazy talk.

      And I’d also say good luck with that.

    • I do have the Aim which is why I asked. Fun (Aim) vs. Accuracy (DS4) is a no-brainer in a single player game. Any excuse to dust that thing off. In a competitive online multiplayer game, I’m curious to see what the balance will be with 2 radically different control schemes.

    • If I recall correctly, one of the developers of Firewall prefers the dual shock.

      So there’s that.

    • @four24twenty at E3, one of the devs mentioned the controller works like the aim controller, in that it tracks the light bar so you can aim down sights, blind fire over cover, and peek around corners with it.

  • Wow! This looks spectacular! Cannot wait to add this to my PSVR library. Thank you for making this real locomotion and not teleportation. HYPE!!!

  • “An internet connection is required”. Why? The game looks great but I will have to pass on it because of this. Good for others that don’t bother but I don’t like to spend (waste) money on a game that becomes useless the day you decide to close the servers.

  • I am interested in the connection requirement. What download/upload speed is needed? Thx!

    • Don’t remind me… my download speed is faster than my upload.. so I’ll be downloading your bullets into my ass faster than I would be shooting them into yours… Advanced Warfare all over again…

  • Hyppppe

  • my “download” counter says that the game is downloadable december 31 2018. Is that just a placeholder?

  • I took a screen shot here is the link

  • Now only if they had a ZOMBIES MODE this game would be unstoppable!!! Please do this!! Someone!!!?

  • I’d like to know, how long a person can play this game before feeling noxious? Every game I’ve played on PSVR has made me sick to my stomach after at least 30mins of gameplay. Anyone else feel this way and what do you do to cope with this issue?

  • I never heard of this game but after doing some research about the game and looking at the gameplay trailer i’m hyped for this game, being retired military I love shooter games and seeing that team work and communication is a VITAL for survival and completion of the mission this game will be a great addition to the PSVR game library.

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