PlayStation Plus: Free Games for July 2018

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for July 2018

Heavy Rain and Absolver headline July's lineup for PlayStation Plus members. Enjoy!

Update: An earlier version of this post featured an incorrect PS3 title for the July lineup. We have updated the list below with the correct PS3 title for July.

July is almost here and summer is in full swing, so let’s take a look at the July lineup for PS Plus members.

But before we begin, did you watch the E3 showcase? If you happened to miss the news, PS Plus members can get Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 right now as part of your membership. This bonus title is in celebration of the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It’s available from now until July 11.

Now onto games for July!

PS Plus July 2018

First up, we have Heavy Rain. Experience the gripping psychological thriller that is filled with innumerable twists and turns. Spanning four days, hunt a murderer known only as the Origami Killer – named after the calling card they leave behind at crime scenes. Four characters, each following their own leads and with their own motives, must take part in a desperate attempt to prevent the killer from claiming a new victim. How this story ends is entirely up to you.
PS Plus July 2018

Next is the intense fighting game, Absolver. Go behind the mask of this customizable and fluid martial arts-focused action game. Players can build combinations of strikes, parries, and feints to make their own unique fighting style, all while exploring a dynamic world with dedicated PvP and PvE areas.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

PlayStation Now

As if that wasn’t enough gaming goodness, we also have an extra special PlayStation Now promotion running for a limited time, exclusively for Plus members. Between now and September 25, PS Plus members who join PS Now–or extend their current paid subscription–will get 3 months of PS Now access for just $29.99 (normal price for 3 months–$44.99). This PS Plus-exclusive discount will let you play PS Now’s collection of 650+ PS4, PS3, and PS2 games for one low price*.

And there you have it. See you next time PlayStation Nation!

Unless canceled, this subscription will auto-renew at a 3-month subscription price of $44.99. Please see here for details.

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  • Gee, thanks for more David Cage junk. This month sucks.

    • my birthday present are bad games

    • Gee, thanks for more junk statements. This comment sucks.

    • I’m also let down by this. David Cage needs to stop being supported by Sony. After the creepy Ellen Paige stuff, he uses her as an example of why he can’t by a misogynist, because he knows a woman. He also responded to people saying he was homophobic by name dropping a gay person he knows. He says himself he wants his games to have no meaning, yet chooses subjects like race while saying it is just about androids. We don’t need stories based on the struggles of American people of color as told by a white guy in France that admits he doesn’t care. All unproven accusations aside, interviews show that he’s terrible, and Sony keeps pushing him.

      I won’t download these for free. I’ve played them before, they are pretty by restricting what the camera can see to focus graphic power on one shot. That isn’t bad, but I’d love to see it used for better stories by people with better stories to tell.

    • I’m not renewing my PS Plus, and I’ve been a member since the first year it was out for PS3. This isn’t the only reason – lack of crossplay is huge and I’ve moved to Xbox One X for that as well. I started as an Xbox 360 person, PS Plus with free games made me a PS person for a few years, barely touching my 360, and I didn’t buy an XBONE until the X was out cause it is damn nice, but while it used to be Sony that listened to fans (remember copy protection stuff when the PS4/Xbox One were first announced etc), they’ve stopped caring.

      But yeah stop promoting David Cage. If it wasn’t for that, I was considering getting a PS4 Pro just for God of War – I don’t want to play it in 1080 now that I have a 4k HDR set – but I just can’t give them my cash until they stop the many crappy things, with this and crossplay being the main two pushing me away. I can do my crossplay elsewhere and would continue upgrading my Sony systems for exclusive games if I didn’t feel like my money was going to the wrong people who aren’t making decisions with me in mind lately.

    • “Hey, Sony. Stop promoting one of your 1st party developers because some guy on the internet said so.”
      Some of you people need to grow the heck up.

    • kids make so many whiny excuses for changing platforms. either get them all or move on and stop announcing it like people care.

    • Unfortunate_Neko

      Absolver isn’t free yet…? Doesn’t let me get it, just add to cart even though it is in the free games section

    • What happened to Deception IV?

    • Were the neck is deception 4 ? Sony explain now

    • Were the heck is deception 4 ? Sony explain now

    • What happened to Deception IV?

    • fr_jack_hackett_

      so black ops 3 is free for america only? come on sony we pay just as much as everyone else for ps seriously thinking of moving to microsoft..very unfair..

    • fr_jack_hackett_

      i take it all back..i was redirected to my country’s page from the link to a paid BO3 page but it is available for free if you go into the ps plus section on your account..apologies sony..

    • Yeah the game’s this month are nothing special.. That’s why Summer suck’s especially with the Heatwave as well. But if the game’s this month are so bad then why didn’t Sony give there Plus member’s some E3 demo’s to try out???

  • Whomp whomp. Was really hoping for a Firewall Zero Hour surprise ahaha. Absolver looks interesting though.

    • If you like ‘real’ martial arts action, you’ll love Absolver. Its fighting system is quite deep.

    • Can we get Mortal Kombat X for the month after

    • sKuRsKy please tell me you are joking Firewall Zero Hour hasnt even been released yet & besides that they would give away for free right out the game on plus at least

  • First Beyond, now Heavy Rain. Save some time and give us Detroit next month.

  • And the killer in Heavy Rain is……
    Won’t spoil it to everyone. Great game though.
    I’m excited with Zero Escape on the Vita. I heard a lot of good things about it.

  • Nice! I’ll finally check out Heavy Rain.

  • Loved heavy rain very happy to play it now on ps4 don’t know about absolved.

    Here are some games I would like to see on plus in the future


    • Overwatch gets free weekends, and those are Blizzard’s idea.

    • I still cannot believe that Octodad has never been free. It’s a launch Indie for Pete’s sake. I keep not buying it for the inevitable Plus freebie that never comes.

      Also waiting for Full Throttle Remastered. Double Fine’s other point and clicks all ended up on Plus, so it is only a matter of time…

    • I’d be very happy with fire watch or doom or overwatch I kinda want dead pool or one of the old god of wars to though

    • Octodad was free a long time ago, not sure if it was with the monthly games, or if it came out mid-month.. but I got it for free. Was probably a couple of years ago now though.

  • sweet right after offering Heavy Rain as a bonus with Detroit

    • soundandvision77

      Yeah, thanks a lot Playstation. Don’t you realize there is probably a large overlap between PS Plus members and those who bought a deluxe edition of Detroit: Become Human and got Heavy Rain as one of the incentives to buy that version? I haven’t even had a chance to play Heavy Rain since finishing Detroit. Maybe you could have waited at least a few months to give it out for free?

    • Hopefully one of these days people will learn that the gaming industry does not reward you for buying a game early.

    • What “large” overlap? Detroit sold about 2 million and Heavy Rain was only included with 1 version of Detroit. There are over 30 million PS+ subscribers. There’s not much of an overlap

  • I am pretty disappointed with the games this month. I guess I will check out heavy rain, but still I was hoping for fallout 4. ( I only saw now that CoD BO3 is free too pretty happy about that)

  • More crap games for PS4 and PS3 and one okay game for the PS Vita. I don’t know why Sony doesn’t put some decent stuff out for the PS3 and PS Vita, seeing how they are phasing them out. As far as the PS4 goes, they could have offered something of quality, Not this garbage. Eniugh about the games.Now, we will see these idiots harping about unnecessary cross-play for 2 games and their embarrassing PlayStation I’D name. Give it up already! Sony doesn’t need to do cross-play anytime soon, they are going to cross 90 million consoles sold by the holiday season, if not sooner. And it isn’t Sony’s fault that you chose a stupid screen name.

    • Clearly you don’t really know what quality is….

    • Hilarious how entitled you are in what you want for free but yet critize others for wanting easy to implement features just cause YOU don’t care if they have them or not.

      Bet you’re great at parties lmao

    • Listen, MyDeadSoul, stop being so needy. “Oh, I want this, oh I want that.” PlayStation didn’t even give free games before, so just be thankful that they are doing this at all! It’s kind of sad that so many people are whining like babies about FREE GAMES! Just be thankful for what you get. Now I suggest that next time you see some games that you don’t like, keep those thoughts to yourself. Nobody needs to see, “This is garbage!” Because everyone has their opinions.

    • AndrewQ22 “Playstation didn’t even give free games before, so just be thankful that they doing this at all”? Really? Can I remind that, though it seems ages ago now, online play used to be free. So you say they didn’t give away free games before, but they also didn’t charge me to play online. So what’s your point?

  • So glad I didn’t purchase the Deluxe release of Detroit.

  • came here to read all the entitled kid gamers complain about this month’s selection.

    looking forward to trying out Absolver.

  • Well, at least Absolver will get a breath of life. Bought it at launch and it was empty mostly. Will replay next month.

  • Can it be? Both Heavy Rain and an actually good Vita game???!!! Okay, keep delivering the quality stuff and I will feel the need to pay for it. Nice work.

  • Zero Escape.. Nice! Glad I held off on buying it during last weekend’s flash sale. Also looking forward to finally playing Heavy Rain.

  • Nice heavy rain. Never completed it on PS3 because I’m lame like that so I’ll download that. I’m looking the discount for PS plus subscribers. I hope this tactic becomes the norm.

  • Interesting! I’ve been wanting Heavy Rain for PS4. Absolver is a cool choice, and will give me a reason to return to its unique world.

  • Woo! Another great line-up of PS+ games!

    As I already played Heavy Rain on PS3, I’ve been avoiding re-buying it on PS4. I can’t wait to jump back in. Jason!

  • Glad to see Zero Escape on the list. I never found time to play it before packing away my Vita. Time to dust the ol’ baby off.

  • Is Red Dead back on PS Now?

  • I’d rather have the download queue fixed for Vita and PS3 when trying to download via the app and website. Anyone still having this issue? The free offerings for Vita and PS3 will be pointless if we still can’t push them to download on our consoles.

    Liking this lineup though, I’ll be busy this month with this and Nier Automata on Xbox One!

    • how would they be pointless? you can still download them from the PS3 and Vita. you don’t have to push them from the website.

  • Just so everyone knows Zeros Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is the third game in a trilogy. You will be able to play it just fine without having played the other two but there will be parts that you may not get and understand. That being said it is an absolutely amazing game and I am very happy seeing it free just so it can get more love. Not enough people know the series exists.

  • Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is the only thing that saves this list. Everything else is forgettable

  • It’s a crap time to be a PS+ member. There’s been almost no cross-buy games for quite some time, meaning PS+ members are lucky to get just two (pre-paid, not free) games a month. Compared with Xbox Gold members, who are guaranteed four XBox One games a month, it’s pretty miserable.

    • Playstation covers three platforms. Not two.

      Feel free to tally up the amount of games given throughout the year, versus a year subscription.

    • That ends in what iM-A-tRuMsTaH? 6 months? It’ll be 1 console at that point.

  • Excellent line up. Would really love to see PSN Blog incorporated to the PS4/PS4 Pro Dashboard.

  • I can’t wait greay games and i can’t wait to extended my now stuff thank u guys

  • Nice selection but can you guys port jean darc to the ps4 please. Id love to play it just like how you ported patapon… a nice little trophy set to go with that. Yes please.

  • Will Rayman/Deception also have the PS4 versions?

  • Everything here I either already have or don’t care about

  • I will get to a few of these as soon as I’m done with Bloodborne. That game alone has almost been worth the price of my plus membership for the year.

  • Hey!
    I’m really excited for Heavy Rain. I remember that was my very first PS3 game way back when! So playing it again on PS4 will be fun.
    I’ve been wanting to try Absolver so that game will be fun to try!
    Super excited for Deception IV and Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma! I will get lots of enjoyment out of those games! I’ve already played 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward, so it’ll be nice to finish the trilogy! Good month for PS Plus!

  • Weak selection this month. Heavy Rain was a great game, keyword there is “was”. It does not age well and all I can think of is screaming out that name for what seemed like an eternity. Also, if absolved was worth anything it would have done better at launch. Way to let us down again Playstation. It is such a bad selection they had to remind us that BO3 is free before getting into july’s games.

    • “Also, if absolved was worth anything it would have done better at launch.”

      Slap yourself. Marketing and quality aren’t the same thing.

  • Maybe not what I was looking for but top quality picks none the less. I like being surprised and attempting games I wouldn’t normally buy is fun with low risk high reward. Seriously who has time to embrace everything fully. My gamers backlog will be the death of my all free time ha, ha ha.

  • Ive always wanted to play Absolver had my eyes on it since it was revealed

  • Not bad with Zero Escape. It looks like it’s a nice game.

  • Sooo, we got Beyond and Heavy Rain, obviously to promote Detroit.

    Can we follow that logic through and assume that the Rayman: Legends and now Rayman 3 PS+ release mean a new Rayman game is coming?!?!?!

    Pretty Please!??!?!?!

  • Eh. Well, the good months couldn’t last forever. Hopefully, the next month will be better. Not that there’s anything wrong with Heavy Rain, but anyone who got the deluxe edition of Detroit already got it as a pre-order bonus and I played it way back on PS3, so I’m good. Compared to the last few months, this is a weak month.

  • All right! Absolver and Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess are two games I have been contemplating buying. I played through Heavy Rain on PS3, but would love to give it another run through.

    Thanks for The great games, again!

  • YEEEEEEEES! Thank you! I know Heavy Rain is old & all, but I actually lost it and all my motion accessories way back in the day when my 80GB MGS4 PS3 went and died by YLoD.

    Though, I’m more excited about Kagero/Deception – it’s the Director’s Cut version and while I wasn’t keen on the original print of the game, I’m extremely excited to go back and see all of the new stuff.

    Heavy Rain, Deception, Zero Time Dilemma……maybe I’ll try Absolver (it looks interesting) and Rayman 3, this is an amazingly great month in my opinion when we’re getting two big Japanese games for PS3 & Vita, and then a very solid cinematic title for PS4 keep it up PS+! Only a limited number of PS3 months left…..

    More Japanese game series please! Moooooore! :D

  • Still waiting on For Honor to go free…

  • I bought Zeros Escape like a week ago. I thought PS Plus was done giving us free PS vita games. -_-

    On the up side I only paid $7.

    • we’ll continue to get PS3 and Vita games until next year. As of March 2019 we’ll only be getting 2 PS4 games.

  • Come on Sony we need Rise of the Tomb raider

  • Titanfall 2 should be free.
    Would be great to Boost up its player base to be honest.
    Oh well, missed opportunity I guess…

  • Nice nice nice nice

  • Oh great another David Cage game -_- put more VR games on here, july is lame free content.

  • Really nice to see Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma get some more attention.
    The Zero Escape games are all great, despite how complicated things may get later on in the series.

  • Not bad overall, its not what I was hoping for but you know what? Its still free and its going to be fun. I look forward to every month now regardless of what we’re given, even if its a bad game its still good for a laugh.

  • Yay heavy rain in ps4!

  • Much better choice for a vita game this month, Zero Escape. Shame I already bought it though since I love the series but it’s a great game

  • I think we should get a farcry game OR GTA

  • So glad Absolver is free this upcoming month. I’ve heard some things that really strike my interest, but I’m not a big multiplayer fan, so I’ve held off buying it in the past. Can’t wait to finally try it.

    • Yo, Absolver is a great game. I myself am not a PvP fan and like to do more PvE than anything, but think of it like this. The enemies are ai, with the bosses being slightly better ai. Humans are a much harder ai but the combat flow is much better. Great game though :D

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