Tips and Tricks for Tera’s New Class – Gunner

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Tips and Tricks for Tera’s New Class – Gunner

The team at En Masse Entertainment shares their secrets to get you ahead of the competition

Hello! I’m Matt Denomme, Senior Product Manager at En Masse Entertainment. Today, we’re launching a new class as a free update to Tera on Playstation 4 – the gunner!

I rounded up a few tips from our team to help you level up fast and get the most out of playing her.


  • Between you and your constructs, you’re a one-woman trinity! Summon your HB and ST units to act as your healer and tank, then get ready to let loose with all the DPS you can muster.
  • Aim for crit, power, and damage bonuses on your gear and glyphs.
  • Always be on the move. Learning to dodge enemy attacks is a great way to learn how to make sure enemies don’t dodge yours.


  • Lead your opponents with your Arcane Barrage skill, then detonate it at just the right time for maximum effect.
  • Build up your Willpower with bombs, Scattershot, Mana Missiles, and Arcane Barrage, then cut loose with your heavy-hitting Bombardment on a group of foes, or unleash a percussive batch of Burst Fire into one or more opponents.
  • Use Bombardment early and often in fights against crowds or Big-Ass Monsters! While Bombardment consumes a lot of Willpower, every missile hit restores a bit of Willpower. Then, when the time comes, unleash Balder’s Vengeance as the ultimate finishing move.


The gunner is easy to pick up and fun to master. We hope, like us, you’ll find she’s a blast to play!

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  • You cant take screenshots like that in-game, its very misleading to show graphics that are rendered and show it here.

  • Also if you want a boost of playerbase make sure to add trophies with every patch.

  • I love the screenshots. Total misrepresention of the actual game. Folks the game does not look that good. The game has framerate issues, the draw distance is awful ( Objects will pop-up within 10ft.), and low res texures. Once you get to the main city it’s close to unplayable.

    The PS4 can obviously run this type of game look at The Elder Scrolls Online or FFXIV. They both look good and run almost perfect. This game is so unoptimized. I just wanted to give all my fellow PlayStation fellows the warning.

  • Yeah, how about working on the framerate issues first before the false advertising? It seems like there’s no problem adding cash items to the game, which I understand to some extent. But if the base game is kind of meh, you’ll be losing players. It’s not like the game engine is super new. It’s running on an old version of Unreal. Was super hyped when the game came out for PS4, but then dropped it a week later because no progress on framerates.

  • The starting city actually isnt that bad. Yea it does lose frame rate cause the mass of players there. But so does highwatch. And high watch might be worse when first teleporting there. But its not near unplayable. And the game. Looks alot better on pc which is where the pics they show are from im sure.

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