The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/26/2018

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/26/2018

Sail, fly, and drive across the United States in The Crew 2, launching June 29 on PS4 with Gold Edition early access starting June 26.

The vast United States is your playground in the open-world racer The Crew 2, launching June 29 on PS4.

With a staggering map of the United States to explore, from the Golden Gate to New York City, The Crew 2 invites players to compete across the country using a variety of motor classes. Hundreds of cars, motorcycles, boats, and planes are available to race in one of the most ambitious open-world racers to date.

For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop!

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PS4 — Digital
Atomine is a twin stick procedural rogue-lite shooter set in a virtual world with minimalist design.
PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out 6/29)
Crew 2
In The Crew 2, take on the American motorsports scene as you explore and dominate the land, air, and sea of the United States in one of the most exhilarating open worlds ever created.
Dimension Drive
PS4 — Digital

Update: Dimension Drive has shifted to a later release date.

PS VR — Digital (Out 6/29)
As one of a small number of citizens who have been endowed with the power to move objects with their minds, you have been enrolled by the government to undertake a series of tests to show that you are in control of your powers.
PS4 — Digital (Out 6/29)
Eventide 3
Step into the shoes of Mary Gilbert – world renowned botanist and guardian of Fern Flower – to once again explore the mythical realm of Slavic fables.
PS4 — Digital
Far Cry 3 Classic
(Re-)experience Far Cry 3 Classic Edition. Create your own adventure in a single-player, open world island of danger and discovery as you journey through the dark side of humanity.
PS4 — Digital (Out 6/28)
Fighting EX Layer
Arika’s classic EX characters come together once again for another intense battle! Featuring the new Gougi system that redefines the basics of fighting games!
PS4 — Digital
Grave Danger
Wanted: Dead and Alive! Dante, Malice, and Elliot have all been cast as outlaws, and it’s up to you to help them clear their names. In a world that wants you both Dead and Alive, there’s no rest for the living and/or unliving.
PS4 — Digital
The best game in the Arabian Gulf, enjoy stunts and the drifting style called Hajwala. Customize your car the way you want and design your driver character as you like.
PS4 — Digital (Out 6/29)
Ikaruga is a unique shooting game with white and black polarity. Switch polarity and absorb enemy bullets. Defeat three enemies of the same color in succession.
PS4 — Digital
Journey Down
Far below the noisy metropolis of St. Armando, Bwana follows in the footsteps of his lost father together with Kito and Lina. In their search for the mysterious Underland, they discover a dark conspiracy shrouding the fate of Captain Kaonandodo.
PS4 — Digital
King of Fighters Collection
Featuring the most extensive KOF collection ever! This compilation contains five complete games: KOF ’94, KOF ’95, KOF ’96, KOF ’97, and KOF ’98. Jump into the original KOF story arc featuring the beginning of the series’ most famous rivalry: the death feud between Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami!
PS4 — Digital
Lumines Remastered
Lumines Remastered brings minimalism to the puzzle genre where the fusion of light and sound sets the stage for a two-color falling block experience in HD and 4K.
PS4 — Digital (Out 6/28)
Next Up Hero
Fight. Die. Win! (And probably die some more.) Next Up Hero is a dungeon crawler featuring hand-drawn heroes that hack, slash, bongo-drum, boomerang, and jet their way through Ventures.
PS4 — Digital
Night Journey
Explore a vast, mysterious landscape on a spiritual journey. Immerse yourself in the visual artwork of internationally acclaimed media artist Bill Viola and the interactive designs of the award winning team at the USC Game Innovation Lab.
PS Vita — Digital, Retail (Out 6/29)
In a town ruled by opposing clans and overshadowed by superstition and legend, a child is born with the dreaded mark of a witch. She conceals her identity until the theft of a mysterious relic brings to light a series of staggering revelations.
PS4, PS3, PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy)
Rainbow Skies
Rainbow Skies is a fantasy RPG with turn-based battles and a humorous story. Immerse yourself in a colorful and vibrant world, filled to the brim with friends and foes, murky dungeons, turn-based battles, towns, shops, and everything else your role-playing heart desires.
PS4 — Digital
Realms of Arkania
Star Trail is a faithful remake of Realms of Arkania’ss classic sequel. This hardcore RPG features dozens of talents and spells, distinct races and character classes as well as a challenging isometric turn-based combat system.
PS VR — Digital
Salary Man
Salary Man Escape is an edgy, satirical VR physics puzzle game where the player must use skill and tact to help a disgruntled Salaryman escape his life.
PS4 — Digital
Slime san
Slime-san: Superslime Edition includes all three major campaigns as well as some brand new, exclusive levels and features! Happy sliming!
PS4 — Digital (Out 6/25)
Super Kids Racing
Get ready for the ultimate racing adventure! Face eight challenges with 100 different cars in a game that both you and the family will enjoy.
PS4 — Digital (Out 6/28)
Tour de France 2018
Embody the greatest champions and hit the official track of the Tour de France 2018! Enjoy all the intensity of this legendary race: attack, follow the best trajectories, and carry out the finest racing tactics to lead your team to victory and earn the mythical Yellow Jersey LCL!

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  • It would be nice to know how much Lumines will be… tried looking around and cant really find an answer

  • I don’t think there was a The Drop for the weeks of 6/12 and 6/19, so the chance of putting a spotlight on Muv Luv, the best visual novel ever, was missed.

    The neglect the Vita gets is just mind shattering.

  • The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit?

  • Hi Sony. You really need to allow players from other platforms to cross play with your system.
    You used to do this with PC gaming back when the PS4 first launched.
    PlayStation brand is getting a pretty bad slander from everyone on the internet as well as the cable main stream media.
    It’s not a good thing to lock people from playing on different platforms.
    You might just loose next Gen gaming if this issue isn’t resolved quickly… I don’t want that to happen.
    Start by not locking people’s account so that they can play it on other platforms they own starting with Fortnite.

    • What does this have to do with the Drop? Nothing.

    • if you want to be right, they did pc crossplay since ps2. ms spit in their face time and time again from ps2 to start of ps4. if you want the real cause you have no one to blame but ms. also they still do pc/ps4 cross play.

      ….and no they are far from “losing” anytime soon. xbox is struggling and nintendo lacks service.

    • This crusade is silly. Cross-play doesn’t benefit the one in the lead from a business perspective and Sony has to consider the wishes of their investors. When people decide which system to get they also consider which system has the most players if they’re into multiplayer gaming. This means that more people will buy a PS4 based off player numbers.

      Another thing, cross-play wasn’t even an issue until Fornite and even then the number of players that would cross-play with eachother on say PS4 and Xbox is very low. All of this is just a bandwagon people have jumped on.

      After a while this bandwagon will die down and people will move on. Because it doesn’t matter.

    • I agree, Tiger. My nephew plays on Xbox and I played on PS4. It is unfortunate, but the negative comments are correct. Sony is not for the player, they are for the investor, always have been.

      Luckily, now that Fortnite is on Switch, I am able to play with him, but I’m sorry for your situation.

    • They might LOOSE the next gen? Guess they better tighten things up.

      Sony supports cross play. They have games you can cross play on. It’s the developers that don’t want to go through delayed release times on updates because of Sony’s required certification process. Not Sony’s fault there.

      Locking accounts? Lol. Cuz sony hacked into the developers servers, and modified their code to limit what people can do in their games huh? Makes total sense. The end of your post explains so much. Fortnite fanboy. Everything you said is wrong. Please, get educated before you whine about fake news.

    • You can always deny the problem.
      But I don’t see why PlayStation won’t allow some games to play on other platforms.
      We have cross-play with some PC games.
      Heck, in Japan, There’s cross-play with the PS4 and Wii U for Dragon Quest Online.
      Why will you lock a Fortnite account to PlayStation and force people to start a new profile from scratch?
      It doesn’t make sense, games between Facebook and Android don’t do that and you can bring in your Apple iOS account.
      None of it is locked. This is PlayStation excluding themselves from the rest of the world.
      This isn’t making investors money, they will be loosing money in the end.
      And their stock dropped due to that so it’s not a good sign.

  • How much will Ikaruga be? I´m getting that and Lumines!

  • Ikaruga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!1!1

  • I’ve been waiting so long for another fighting game from Arika. Nothing is gonna stop me from picking up Fighting EX Layer.

  • Anybody playing the Crew 2 beta enjoying it? I have done the first missions of the plane and car stuff and the initial training and I am just not feeling it yet.

    Have I not given it enough time?

    • Me too. Played the closed beta. Everything feels like you’re driving a bar of soap. The first Crew was the same

  • I’m so glad to finally see Ikaruga on sale again since I last played it on GameCube like 20 years ago lol

  • Am I the only person buying Rainbow Skies?

  • So excited about Ikaruga!! I also played it on the GC a long time ago.

  • Awesome to see Rainbow Skies finally made it! Hello Vita version!!! :D

  • CarnivorousCloud

    I for one, am glad this is back to updating every week. The week before and after E3 always kills me!!!! WHERE DO I GET MY NEWS!!! LOL!
    Welcome back, and keep up the great work!

  • Ikaruga for me this week

  • Wish I could pre-order The Crew 2…the game is lit.The improvement over the 1st one is massive,ubi really went with everything they got on this one.Amazing game.

  • The crew 2 looks interesting, maybe a bit too outlaw for me. One of my favorite Atari 2600 games was “Enduro”, which was a cross-country race game with fantastic transitions between day/night, and highly challenging stretches of fog. It also had snow stretches, but no rain I think.

  • WTF is going on with The Drop?!
    It’s now July 9th, and I haven’t seen a new The Drop post, since this June post.
    I’m kinda ticked! I depend on these posts to tell me what’s coming up. That way I can budget my $ to get what I think I want.
    But this is just another way Playstation screws things up for the consumer. I’m just going to take my $100 + monthly spending over to X-Box. At least they’re not screwing up, or around with, all the settings and layout every month. Because the way PS screws with the stuff, I’m constantly having connection issues.

    • The Drop is the only reason I come to the PS Blog, but now they don’t even bother to post upcoming releases anymore. What’s up with that?

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