5 Reasons to Return to the Onion Kingdom for Overcooked! 2, Out August 7

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5 Reasons to Return to the Onion Kingdom for Overcooked! 2, Out August 7

Fancy yourself a master chef of the couch co-op original? The second serving adds online play, new characters and recipes, and more.

In the first Overcooked! Chefs gathered around the couch to save the Onion Kingdom from the threat of the Ever-Peckish. Now a new threat has arisen and it’s time to return to the Onion Kingdom. However, some things have changed since you were last there, so here’s five reasons to return to the Onion Kingdom for Overcooked! 2.

Overcooked! 2

Overcooked! 2Overcooked! 2

An Online Onion Kingdom!

The top fan requested feature from the first game is here; chefs around the world can now unite for some chaotic cooking. Seasoned professionals and new chefs can gather round a TV for couch co-op or jump online to assemble their teams.

Crazy Kitchens

These are by far the most devious kitchens yet devised. There are travellators that will speed you round the kitchens, gusts of wind that will blow you away, and portals you can use to teleport around the kitchen. You’ll have to learn new mechanics such as throwing to overcome the challenge of levels that dynamically change as you cook.

Overcooked! 2

Overcooked! 2Overcooked! 2

Tasty Recipes

We’ve expanded the menu to include delectable dishes from all over the globe including sushi, dim sum, pancakes, pizzas and burgers. And with the new menu comes new cooking tools you’ll have to master such steamers, blenders and mixers.

Spoilt for choice!

The heroes of the Onion Kingdom have returned and are joined by a courageous culinary company of chefs. First game favourites such as the Racoon chef return alongside Octopus chef, Mouse chef, Croc chef and more!

Overcooked! 2: OctopusOvercooked! 2: MouseOvercooked! 2: CrocOvercooked! 2: Mole

More Kevin

We heard you loud and clear that you wanted more Kevin so we’ve gone ahead and hidden bonus Kevin kitchens around the map, just look out for Kevin’s symbol…

Overcooked! 2

We’re looking forward to jumping online to play Overcooked! 2 with you when it launches on August 7th 2018!

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  • Hey guys, loved the first game and for sure will love this one, my only complain/request is the issue with the trophies, for some reason on the first game the last 2 trophies (finishing the game and earning 3 stars in all levels)when playing coop were only available for player 1 when all the others were earned by both players, is not deal breaker but still a minor issue

  • Can’t wait for this game! Will there be a platinum?

  • As long as you have removed those dang rats I’ll be happy. Those things are the worst. :-)

  • I enjoyed playing the first game with my wife and kids. The only issue I had is the star rating requirements were too high and required to unlock the later stages for the skills of my group playing it so we couldn’t get very far together.

    I hope the new one lets people enjoy all the stages even if they can’t master them for the 3 star ratings.

  • Would be awesome if it had some sort of crossplay

  • I was hoping the game would incorporate other aspects of the restaurant business, such as:
    Waiting on tables
    Impatient patrons

  • Looking forward to co-op with a friend, loved the last one.

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