Have a Party While Saving the Planet in Animal Force for PS VR

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Have a Party While Saving the Planet in Animal Force for PS VR

Oasis Games shows off their new PS VR party game launching in July, including three asymmetrical multiplayer modes.

As we get ready for summer, Oasis Games is preparing to bring you guys a fun new party game for PS VR. It has animals! It has aliens! It has fun local multiplayer! It’s… Animal Force!

The game takes you to a cartoony alternate earth where humans are under attack by aliens. If only there were superpowered animals on a rocket that could fight back! Oh wait, there ARE superpowered animals that can save everyone—and you get to control them.

Animal Force for PS VRAnimal Force for PS VR

Using the Move controller, you’ll control a rocket that can scoop up animals and move them around to fire at attacking aliens. You can guide them yourself, drop them in a good spot to defend or just make them wiggle and spin around if that makes you happy. There are 11 animal heroes in all, ranging from Panda to Cat to Eagle to Rhino, and each have cool abilities that you can upgrade.

Your Mission Is to… Complete Missions

The single player Story mode comprises seven distinct chapters with over 30 missions total. Starting in grasslands with simple enemies, you’ll move to desert, snow and city environments, a neat island, a dangerous volcano and finally, the alien lair itself—if you and your animals survive. (You probably will; you have a PS VR and that means you’re pretty awesome.)

You can attach more than one animal hero to your rocket at one time; you can “snake” together (no pun intended) several of them at one time. Combining animals with different powers is a good idea. For instance, putting Panda with his fast DPS attack, Rhino that can freeze enemies and Pheasant’s protecting shield together can make a strong team!

Animal Force for PS VR

Animal Force for PS VRAnimal Force for PS VR

There are 20 enemy types and seven bosses in Story mode, one boss for each chapter. You’ll encounter simple Scout enemies first and then more difficult and varied baddies that can fire at your animals, summon other enemies and otherwise make life difficult for you. There’s also a tower defense mini-game to play just for kicks.

If that sounds complicated, perhaps you need to relax for a minute and watch this video to what it looks like in action:

But What About Your Friends?

Sounds pretty fun to play with VR, but what about your cool friends waiting for their turn? Well, up to three friends can join in for three types of local multiplayer minigames using the TV and DualShock 4 controllers.

In Steal the Statue, the DualShock players will be disguised as enemies trying to get past the VR player without getting shot. In Odd One Out, the VR player presses a button to make robots—and players trying to hide as robots—move while trying to detect the players before they escape. In Divide & Conga, the DualShock players try to collect 10 humans so they can escape on the rocket—their only problem is the VR player can zap them as in a match-3 game, making up to three humans disappear at once!

Animal Force FTW

Animal Force will arrive on PS VR this July, bringing its special brand of zany party good times to players. Until then, we’ll be working hard to put the finishing touches on the game—can’t wait to deliver it to you!

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