Introducing PlayStation Hits: Great Games at a Great Price

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Introducing PlayStation Hits: Great Games at a Great Price

Catch up on some of the biggest PS4 experiences you might have missed, now at a new lower price.

If you missed out on some great PlayStation 4 games that came out a few years ago, we have exciting news! We’re introducing PlayStation Hits, a selection of incredible PS4 games that are easy on the wallet. From award winning epics to family friendly favorites, PlayStation Hits offers an awesome lineup of games for $19.99 USD (MSRP) each on PlayStation Store and select retailers across the U.S. In Canada, PlayStation Hits games will range in price, starting at $19.99 CAD (MSRP) each at participating retailers and PS Store.

At retailers, PlayStation Hits games will come in red packaging instead of our usual blue, and at PS Store the games will have red banners that’ll make it easy for you to identify which games are part of the Hits lineup.

Below are the list of games that will become available in this new program starting June 28 in the U.S. In Canada select titles will be available – check out the Canadian PlayStation Hits page for details.

PlayStation Hits

We’ll continue to add to the PlayStation Hits lineup, so stay tuned. Let us know which games you’ll be picking up in the comments below. Happy gaming!

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  • ohhhhh, definitely gonna pick up those Yakuza games for sure. Question. Does the DriveClub comes with all the Dlc or do I still have to buy it separately?

  • ChiefHylianSolid

    Cross platform pls

    • Not just no but HECK NO!

      The age old unbiased advice whenever someone asked what console to buy is “Buy whatever console your friends have!”

      Last gen, for the longest time, this was the 360. This gen, it’s the PS4 by a LONG shot. Having a HUGE community of players is an advantage. Pretty much every multiplatform game sells more on the PS4 than Xbone AND PC combined.

      Why would Sony essentially give that away and allow Xboners to join it’s 80 Million (give or take) players?

    • No playstation no crossplay keep dropping hot games

    • Crossplatform! I want to play fortnite and minecraft with my daughter. Also MMOs would be way better

    • @RGS396 – I don’t get it. Why are you arguing against your own interests? Do you WORK for Sony? That is the only earthly reason you should be defending the fact that your gaming experience is *less fun* than that of all the PC, Switch, and Xbox guys.

    • As someone who has been playing Xbox One games on both XBO and PC via the Xbox Play Anywhere system, I DON’T WANT cross-play infecting the Playstation playerbase. Even a game as casual and low stress as Sea of Thieves is completely upended by having different playing communities with different chat preferences and widely different visual and control settings all in one pool. More competitive games like Gears of War had to partition off entire modes for competitive balance between PC and console.

      Crossplay is a nightmare to manage. The only reason Microsoft keeps bringing it up is because they know they’ve lost this generation and they’re trying anything possible to put egg on Sony’s face. Microsoft wants to be able to say they have more online players than they really do by counting all the cross play users from Nintendo and Sony. No thanks. As for Fortnite and the Switch issue, take that up with Epic.

    • Cross platform play, much like changing usernames, should happen. Choice of platform shouldn’t isolate players from their friends!

    • Don’t do cross platform. Don’t give in Sony.

    • Yes cross play.

  • Release MGS Collection on PS4!

  • Do they come with DLC? Pretty bad deal if not because most of these are under $20 already… Hell, half of them are under $10.

    • I agree..

    • I was thinking the same thing.

    • Where do you find these brand new at retail for under $10?! Or are you talking used and digital? In any case, this announcement is officially making the MSRP $19.99 so retailers won’t have to pay as much to restock. Yakuza 0 and Uncharted 4 both had a MSRP of $39.99 before this move regardless of what anyone was selling them yet.

  • Please give us cross-platform play with other consoles! #blamesony

    • No one cares.


      No one cares. I don’t, at least.

    • You can keep shouting about this but the fact is that No. One. Cares.

    • No blame Epic for letting it happen.

    • Actually millions of people care, give us CROSS PLAY.

    • No. If anybody here is to blame it’s you, and the others who decided to play that sorry excuse of a video game on PS4 have only themselves to blame. Sony will not give into your demands by crying and complaining about a feature a lot of people don’t care about. Keep crying while the rest of the REAL fans enjoy some of these modern day classics and cult hits!

    • Dude, who cares. You can already play with mobile/tablet friends. Last Gen, it was Xbox denying cross-play. With the tables turned, now it’s Sony’s turn.

    • Hahahaha. I love this response of “no one cares” when there’s angry people constantly talking about how much they care.

    • Blame Bony

    • Noooo dont do it sony

    • @GhostOfSparta332 have a spine. This isn’t about crossplay. For all that it’s worth your point is invalid because I can play on PC with PS4, Xbox, Switch, whatever.

      It becomes a problem when a company holds 3rd Party accounts ransom because they feel superior. That’s stupid and extremely anti-consumer. No one cares about brands anymore, it’s stupid and antiquated. Just let gamers play games instead of locking them down.

    • I’m sorry, but why in hell would any consumer argue that Sony should keep their content held hostage so they have FEWER people to play with? Why are you all sectarian troglodytes?

    • No one really wants cross play.

    • Absolutely agree, Sony should enable cross-platform play. At the same time: improve backwards compatibility/older games catalogue, and allow users to change their usernames!

    • Buy a PS4 if you want to play with the PS4 players.
      It’s not Sony’s fault you bought a failed system like Xbox.

  • Release Fight Night Champion for PS4

  • Great! I thought this was NEVER gonna be a thing, but there is 1 problem…the red cases! They don’t match any in our sea of blue cases.

  • Man I just bought Yakuza last week for 30 dollars. Oh well. I like having the OG rather than the red case. I really hoped they would have Lost Legacy, Shadow of the Colossus, and Persona 5. But oh well, these are great titles. But I can get them cheaper almost anywhere else. Except Yakuza 0 of course.

  • Good!! Please make Gravity Rush remastered a PLAYSTATION HIT title please.

  • So… you just made it official that these games are priced this low instead well amazon which has had all these titles that cheap for a few years now… and most sales on psn bring them down to the 5$ range…

  • Digital too? I’ve been itching for DOOM!

  • Yakuza games for me :)

  • Tyler_Durden6999

    At least 1/3 of these I got for free with ps +, I can wait for the rest.

  • Should Definitely Add Fallout into the Mix

  • The Last of Us Remaster and Yakuza 0 for me. Can’t wait!

  • Yakuza 0 is a must-buy for everyone. Story is crazy good

  • Street Fighter V is $20 too expensive. No one in their right mind would get that over SFVAE considering how expensive that game DLC is.

  • Cross-Play FOrtnite issue

    Sony, you really need to be on the right side of this issue as it’s only going to weaken your position going into the next generation. if I have a choice between inclusive platform where me and my friends can play where ever we want VS what your current policy is then I will be changing where I play games.

    this might be about money to you but it will only serve to drive people away from the PlayStation brand.

    • Agreed. The console market no longer exists Sony. You have GOT to adapt.

    • Wanted to share a life pro tip for ya, this just wastes your time and adds spam to the board.
      It’s off topic, will be skipped over, and the social media person that writes about the updates has zero pull on issues like this.

    • The console market does exist, people saying this show how out of touch and ignorant they are when they say such things. The fact your on a Sony website talking about wanting a feature, I can safely say 90% of the gaming public havent even heard of, says platforms exist. Spend your money else where and get the same tired IPs over and over or go to the third place complain about cross play I actually actively avoid cross ppay games because I dont want to play with people on PC if I wanted to play with people on Pc Id get a PC.

  • Thats nice and everything but what happened to the ps2 classics?

    • I want ps1 classic, it will be really cool to play legacy of kain soul reaver and castlevania symphony of the night again on ps4, with upgraded resolution like ps2 classic of course.

  • How did Phantom Pain make the list? The game is terrible, unfinished and a complete joke. And I am a MGS 1-3 fanboy.

  • Red boxes? really? Couldn’t have gone with Clear or a lighter shade of blue?

  • Wow, that’s some steep pricing. Way to much for alot of those games. Especially if you buy them digitally. Can find these from retailers cheaper then this. Alot cheaper for some of them.

  • I play alot of games but wtf is MGS don’t think ive ever heard of it

  • Ohhh yes! I was a fan of this with previous generations, going to love this now too! I was late to getting my PS4 (Pro), I think end of 2016?… so I have a lot of older titles that will be sure to hit this mark!
    I am really excited for the Yakuza games here, it’s a series I really wanted to get into, but it wasn’t going to be super easy haha with the pricing on some of the older ones, availability, or being on older hardware… these ones here are a no brainer for me!

  • More PS1 & PS2 classics please

  • Now I definitely have a reason to pick up Uncharted 4!

  • Canada gets the short end of the straw like always. Its a miracle that the games will be 20 CAD. Looks like the only difference between the US and Canada selections of these games is DOOM, but we’ll see how many fewer games Canada will get in the future.

  • Five of those were given away for free to PS+ subscribers (6 if you count MGS5 Definitive as two games): MGS5 (and Ground Zeros), Infamous Second Son, LittleBigPlanet 3, Bloodborne, and Ratchet & Clank. Driveclub has a freemium PS+ edition. Meanwhile, almost every game on that list has had flash sales on the PS Store over the last year, with deeper discounts for PS+ subscribers.

    Sure, I’m aware that not everyone was subscribed over the last year when all of these games were given out but I’d argue most of us who would be interested in “greatest hits” versions already were. At retail, I can already find Doom, Battlefield 4, TLoU Remastered, and several others on the list for under $20 so in some cases this constitutes a price INCREASE rather than a decrease.

    The only two I see really worth buying at the lowered price are Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami. Lots of content for the price.

    • Not to mention now that these will be greatest hits the used price will most likely go down even more

  • Feel like this generation didn’t actually need a greatest hits.. most of these games could already have been had for under $20, digitally too.
    It’s not like previous gens where games would come off store shelves before hitting low prices and greatest hits was like a re release at a lower price, now I feel most of us are buying digital and being treated with fairly regular sales to acquire whichever games we choose.

    They’re gonna have to use the Greatest Hits to permanently drop the price on newer games, games like GTA V and Black Ops 3 that just won’t drop in price, or to bring attention back to older releases like Shadow Fall and Uncharted 4 or the team ICO games

  • Look, right now you can get Horizon Zero Dawn complete edition for 20 bucks, and I don’t believe it fits the greatest hits criteria as yet. But if you can get that for $20 some of these need to be like a $10 msrp

  • The fact that Yakuza games are being considered as “Playstation Hits” makes me so freaking happy.

    They brought back that red case as well. Kinda cool. I’ll still prefer the original versions though. They may become more valuable now as well because of this “Hits” version.

  • Super excited..until you see Canada gets screwed over big time.
    Why less titles and why no Doom? I would pick that up in a heart beat. I don’t see any reason for this at all.

  • Infact..Doom is the only one not coming to Canada…why???

  • I think you’re all getting cross play games confused with exclusive IPs lol. Just because a console allows for crossplay does not mean that it will not have it’s own original titles, like (Bloodborne, Uncharted, Horizon, Etc.) . I vote Yes for cross play knowing I’m still gonna get the games I love on the Best Console Period… PLAYSTATION!!

  • Considering you giving all these games away for “free” in the past, buying these is actually a better deal than purchasing a subscription to PlayStation Network because you don’t have to pay to play

  • Nier please

  • Just tell us about Playstarion Now download already

  • My coworker told me that since I liked nioh so much I should try bloodborne. And now I am. Thx

  • US only, of course. As a Canadian I don’t know why I expected anything different.

  • Will Street Fighter V be the Arcade Edition or the initial release version? Also, any chance of Dragon Quest Heroes or Star Ocean coming to Playstation Hits?

  • I may finally pick up DOOM. DOOM with a red case will look awesome.

  • You could bring these prices to Brazil, with this price of games there it costs 4 times more expansive if we talk about Brazilian money and I didn’t mention the taxes. We would love to have some of these great games for an excellent cheap price here. Thanks!

  • @ Lettuce_Prime.

    Why do you assume that it’s in MY interest to play with and against Xboners and PC players?

    Do YOU work for Microsoft? Is that why you want Sony to accommodate Xboners?

    The FACT is that I do not want to play with/against Xboners nor PC players. I have quite a bit of fun playing only with PlayStation players, while on my PS4 that is.

    I can guarantee that I would NOT have fun playing a shooter game against PC players. If Microsoft adds Kb/M support like I’ve heard they are doing, it also will not be fun playing shooter games against them.

    • This isn’t just about Xbox players, it’s about letting all gamers play with each other, regardless of platform they own. Allowing PC, Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, iPhone, and Android gamers to all play together opens up gaming beyond whatever hardware you own. Minecraft has crossplay and people love it, same with Fortnite.

  • Literally all of these are already $20 or less for a hard copy most are less than $10 if you lowered the price to meet that I would buy all of these as is ill buy used and you wont make anything Playstation needs something like gamepass I dont pay for it on xbox because gold cost already and most of the games suck but I would pay for day1 access to all PS exclusives

    • I just replied to someone else stating the same thing. Where do you people live that you get brand new, retail games for under $10? I cannot believe Yakuza 0 was under $20 brand new, not on sale. Previous to this announcement Uncharted 4 and Yakuza 0 both had a MSRP of $39.99. Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Edition was $29.99. Sure, that doesn’t mean retailers charge that or they can put the games on sale but they would be taking a loss, especially if they still had stock that they paid over $50 each for (which is what they pay for a $59.99 game). If by chance the games were really that low, by lowering the MSRP it helps the sellers and can help them restock and continue to sell low if they want to. I also assume each publisher had to agree to lower the MSRP for its games to be included in the Hits line. There are an awful lot of complaints on this thread and it makes me wonder what people think the MSRP should be on games…$4.99?! Publishers might as well go digital only at that price point. Lowering the MSRP on any games is only a good thing for buyers; I just don’t get all the negativity.

  • WTF Sony?…seriously what is the problem of you guys?…I was actually thinking some days ago how great it is that we’re years in the PS4 life and we don’t have bs like “greatest hits”.I cannot believe you guys made the same mistake…those damn ugly red boxes again with those damn ugly stamp of “hits”.Jesus Christ it’s unbelievable how people don’t learn from their mistakes.You wanna go all digital and still screw physical collectors as much as possible hu?…stupid stupid idea.

  • Last of us was 20 dollars on PSN it didn’t need to be in the lineup

  • Ugh, ugly label strikes again.
    Time to hunt for a standard Yakuza 0 game before they disappear into the ugly red greatest hits oblivion.

  • Looks amazing

  • Awesome

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