10 Things to Try During The Crew 2’s Open Beta

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10 Things to Try During The Crew 2’s Open Beta

The Crew 2 Open Beta races to PS4 June 21. Here are some tips from the developers for you to get ready.

Get ready to hit the road, take to the sea, and fly away: The Crew 2 Open Beta is coming to PS4 from June 21 to June 25, giving thousands of players a chance to get their hands on Ubisoft’s ambitious new take on the driving genre before the game releases on June 29.

The Open Beta, which you can pre-load here, will challenge players to test their skills on all kinds of motorsport disciplines across the game’s huge re-creation of the United States. Racers will compete and progress through more than 30 events across eight different motorsports disciplines: Street Race, Drift, Rally Raid, Motocross, Aerobatics, Jetsprint, Powerboat, and Touring Car. Countless activities and challenges are scattered all over the USA, which players will be able to take on solo or with friends. The Open Beta will enable players to take their pick from the game’s more-than-250-vehicle line-up, and enjoy total freedom to explore The Crew 2’s huge and fully accessible open world. If you want to absolutely ace the Open Beta, here are 10 things to put on your to-do list.

Tear up the Vegas Strip

Street racing fans can take their favorite ride to Las Vegas and compete in The Strip South event. Don’t be fooled by the shiny facades: this city is filled with shortcuts and tight corners that only the streetwise will master. Here’s a tip: wait for sunset and roam the place at night, when all the lights are on in Sin City.

Tame the Wild in the Mercedes X-Class

The US countryside is the perfect place for pure off-road fun. Head down to Palm Springs and take part in the Rally Raid Mercedes-Benz X-Class Event. Behind the wheel of this stylish 2.2-ton behemoth, you’ll tear through mud, shrubs and rocky hills to beat the clock to the finish line. Win the event, and you’ll take your ride home. Just make sure you don’t use all of your NOS right away; you’ll need it when the terrain gets steep!

Unlock ground/water/air vehicles so you can Fast Fav

Freedom is key in The Crew 2, and it’s highlighted by the Fast Fav feature, which enables you to switch between your favorite ground, air, and water vehicles with a press of the left stick. Make sure you unlock all four motorsports families (Street Racing, Off-Road, Pro Racing and Freestyle) and hit their respective HQs to collect your first vehicles for free. They will be automatically selected as your favorites, and you can start using the Fast Fav feature any time you’re in freeride. Of course, once you buy more rides, you’ll be able to change your Fast Fav selection to make them your favorites.

Take a leap of faith on the top of the Über Dam

Powerboat racing is about riding each wave and mastering the perfect line to sweep across waterways at maximum speed. On the Colorado River, the challenge comes with a twist: a surprising free fall off one of America’s most massive concrete constructions. We advise you to stick around after the race and change into your favorite plane for a nice low-altitude session; the contrast between the red rocks and blue-green waters makes for the coolest pictures in photo mode.

Sail the sea of clouds into the sunset

Getting in the cockpit of a plane always inspires some exhilarating moments. Your first aerial feats will probably include spinning between trees and buildings, flying upside down in breathtaking perspectives, and speeding so low above water you can see your reflection. Don’t stop there! When the clouds move in and it starts raining all over America, your wings can carry you through the mist, far up above, where the sun shines bright over the horizon.

The Crew 2

Race in the rain and master the track

The Crew 2 open beta will allow you to unlock the game’s two first levels of progression. Once you’ve gone from Rookie to Popular, you’ll get access to four new disciplines – one in each family – including the Pro Racing family’s Touring Car. Near the outskirts of NYC, the Jersey Race Track holds a very special challenge: master the line under heavy rain. Be warned: this challenge isn’t for amateurs, since weather will impact your vehicle’s feel and handling. For maximum immersion and a nice windshield-wiper ballet, try racing in cockpit view!

Burn up the tarmac in Miami’s airport

Popular street racers will earn their way to the Drift discipline, the realm of NOS-and-handbrake kings and queens. The world of The Crew 2 is a unique take on the USA, one specifically created to entertain motorsports fans. That’s why you’ll find challenges in the most unexpected places, like Miami International Airport’s Terminal D. Drift is a score-based discipline, so make sure you check out the leaderboards and show the thousands of champions in this Open Beta what you’ve got under the hood!

Explore the caves of Maine and play in the swamps

The Jetsprint discipline will be a surprising rush of speed for most players. Those tiny but highly responsive boats can speed through swamps and narrow rivers like no other ride. There’s an incredibly fun and original challenge to take through the Las Vegas Waterways, but make sure you also hit the Maine Highlands Cave for a thrilling ride across lush vegetation and drenched wetlands. On that note, know that Jetsprint boats allow you to cut across curves by passing over land – only for a short distance, though, so don’t get cocky!

Get some two-wheeled off-road fun in the heart of LA

There’s something for everyone in the City of Angels, including Motocross fans. The Wolf Territory event in the Hollywood Hills is tailored for those who want to take every jump with perfect timing and land with style in a splash of mud. Here’s a piece of advice to all two-wheeled adrenaline junkies: don’t forget to use your emergency brake to take banking curves like a pro, and keep some NOS handy for a welcome speed boost before a jump.

Go home and customize your whole experience

There’s no place like your home in The Crew 2, a cool penthouse in Miami where you can display your whole vehicle collection and customize every bit of your experience, from your ride’s visual design and performance to your avatar’s clothes. Just make sure you hit the Street Racing family trial event first to unlock the sticker editor. And don’t forget to share your creations on social media with the game’s photo mode and video-sharing tool!

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