Fan-favorite “Back in Black” Maps Arrive for Black Ops 3 & Black Ops 4

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Fan-favorite “Back in Black” Maps Arrive for Black Ops 3 & Black Ops 4

Pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 from PlayStation Store to play remastered versions of fan-favorite maps from Black Ops 1 & 2 in Black Ops 3 now.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will hit shelves October 12, and as the launch date draws closer, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the remastered maps coming to the game, as well as to Black Ops 3 if you pre-order Black Ops 4 from PlayStation Store.

The Back in Black Maps pack is a mix of fan-favorite maps from Black Ops and Black Ops 2, currently available only for PS4: “Firing Range,” “Jungle,” “Summit” and “Slums.” Now totally remastered in high-definition, each of these classic maps is hand-picked from the Black Ops portfolio and upgraded with the evolved gameplay, advanced graphical fidelity, and new mechanics of any recent Black Ops release – making for a versatile play experience.

That versatility continues with more ways for the Black Ops community to interact with their favorite maps, as players can get their hands on the Back in Black Maps pack in both Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 4 Multiplayer. And with so many upcoming changes to multiplayer in Black Ops 4 – like gritty, grounded, tactical gameplay – Back in Black Maps owners who download the pack in both releases will enjoy two different, yet equally enjoyable ways to play.

Start Here

Those who already own Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 can immediately unlock the maps by digitally pre-ordering Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 from PlayStation Store. After pre-purchase, the maps will be available for immediate play in Black Ops 3. And upon release on October 12, the Back in Black Maps will also be playable in Black Ops 4.

Those who don’t own Black Ops 3 can still easily access the Back in Black Maps if they are members of PlayStation Plus. Just log in, and Black Ops 3 will be available to download from PlayStation Store for free until July 11. Then, get the Back in Black Maps by pre-purchasing Black Ops 4 from PlayStation Store, and explore the pack in Black Ops 3 while counting down the days to play it in Black Ops 4.

Now, let’s get reacquainted with these Black Ops community favorite maps!


Call of Duty Back in Black Maps Pack: Summit

Set in a blizzard, atop a tightrope-thin range along the USSR’s Ural Mountains, Summit has a natural place of prominence among the Back in Black Maps. Take to this Soviet snowscape and revisit the setting that hooked the world on Black Ops, as you fight and flank your way to victory. Surrounded by steep drops into sheer nothingness, Summit works well for varying playstyles while drawing players to the highly contested map center for engaging gunfights.

Firing Range

This close-quarters Black Ops map is set in a [CLASSIFIED] military location. With narrow vantage points, small houses and sheds, and a central tower, Firing Range is a hot, dry arena primed for fast-paced skirmishes, heart-pounding competition, and a range of combat styles.


Call of Duty Back in Black Maps Pack: Jungle

Another favorite map from the original Black Ops, Jungle leads players through a Vietnamese riverside village, rife with plummeting valleys, dense forest, and teetering vantage points. With winding, open lanes, tons of opportunities to flank and high verticality, Jungle is an incredible space for players to reinvent classic Black Ops gameplay.


Call of Duty Back in Black Maps Pack: Slums

From Black Ops 2, set in 1980s Panama, the small but focused Slums map is perfect for a challenge, with zero room to flank – players face the enemy head on. SMG gunners and equipment-heads alike will find rewarding gameplay along the urban, war-torn streets, which are home to an abandoned laundromat, a desolate parking lot and a central square that hosts point “B” in Domination. Slums makes for a classic face-off-style battle, as enemy teams duck and dodge to see who dominates first.

Enjoy classic Black Ops combat locations with the Back in Black Maps, coming to Black Ops 4 October 12! Pre-order from PlayStation Store to start playing the Back in Black throwback maps in Black Ops 3 now.

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  • Will this be exclusive only to those who pre-order digitally or will we be able to get it a little later down the line as a seperate map pack purchase if we decided to pre-order a physical copy of any edition(In my case, Pro Edition and with proof of purchase)?

  • Wow! Lazy. You understand no call of duty fan wants maps they already own, then have to pay for the maps a second time because your development team is to lazy to make new maps. Stop trying to get every penny out of your customers with little work. Do your jobs! Give us nothing but new maps.
    Looking forward to a day when call of duty reclaims it’s historical status of Best First Person Shooter on the market.

    • I agree ! Bad enough they turned in to Xbox by starting to charge their customers to play online which sucks ! Free online gaming was the reason I enjoyed PlayStation and I’ve owned every consol besides Sony ! The games are expensive and to play them online is even more ‍♀️ Where’s the old team

  • Why did I preorder at game stop the pro edition and not given access to the maps for bo3?? That ain’t right!! Fix it!!

  • CannabusChris936

    What if you already pre-ordered COD BLKOPS4 and you already own BOPS3 and your already a PS PLUS MEMBER. how do I go about getting my BACK IN BLACK MAPS ?? I still don’t know how to download the COD4 BEATA can someone help me please??

  • Should of had hijacked and nuke town 2024 . I mean that’s only if it isn’t already on there

  • I can’t believe how wrong you treat loyal players by offering something to those who preorder a digital copy versus a person who already paid at the store fix that error fast

  • Why? How about those of us who already preordered hard copies the loyal fans who didn’t question a new black ops but preordered I even bought the BO3 ps4 but getting screwed out of the new maps because I don’t preorder a digital copy is just wrong.

  • Yes please fix this ASAP. I jus my preordered this too but at GameStop.

  • Just* not jus my smh

  • So I pre-ordered BO4 before I got BO3, and this is digitally too, but I don’t have access to the back in black maps

  • It’s too bad these games are so expensive and to add on every DLC Map Pack, not to mention the money that needs to be invested to buy gear during the game or you will always be beat every single game. Already having paidbfor maps and now purchasing them again and still having to pay to play online is a little much. The fantasy future warfare is not interesting anymore. The COD Infinite Warfsfe was certainly crap and BO4 must have been to far along to cancel the work. How about a realistic first person shooter game no frills and all thrills and climb back on top as a good company versus just being money hungry.

  • Yes I preorder my copy when they 1st became available to preorder. Had it paid off before they even came out with a pro edition! So now I took that and changed it to pro edition. Fit it please

  • I can’t my Wait 4 black ops 4

  • They should have made it for the people who also purchased the disc. It’s unfair for the people who paid the same amount to get the disc instead of digital but can’t have none of the old maps for pre-ordering black ops 4. Trayarch needs to fix that because for us to have those maps we have to repurchase black ops 4 but digital that’s so messed up.

  • LTShinnySide3085

    Black ops sucks now that company just want to make anything just to get your money no imagination they copy other games like halo now they copying fortnite with that battle royal

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