The 23 Biggest Trailers From E3 2018

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The 23 Biggest Trailers From E3 2018

Grab the headphones, hit full screen and settle in: here are the biggest videos from this year’s show

Dazzling new reveals and expanded looks at hotly anticipated games: yep, it’s E3 season alright. With the dust barely settling on this year’s conferences it’s time to relive the biggest new trailers of the past four days (or watch them for the first time).

Carve out some time out from your schedule, grab your headphones, and settle in. It’s a great time to be a PlayStation gamer…

  1. Anthem
    BioWare’s took the wraps off its open world sci-fi adventure and it’s looking spectacular. Get a first glimpse of the locations, creatures and combat that await on February 22nd 2019.


  3. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
    Selectable characters, branching narratives and a heavier RPG touch: get ready to explore Ancient Greece come October 5th this year.


  5. Battlefield V
    DICE’s vision of multiplayer warfare continues to amaze with its ambition and graphical prowess.


  7. Control
    New from Max Payne/Alan Wake studio Remedy, Control is a supernatural action-adventure with a memorable cast of characters and a twisted story from Creative Director Sam Lake.


  9. Death Stranding
    The fourth trailer for Hideo Kojima’s enigmatic new PS4 game introduces the games two heroines, played by Lindsay Wagner and Léa Seydoux.


  11. Déraciné
    An all new adventure game that brings Japan Studio, FromSoftware and director Hidetaka Miyazaki together for the first time since Bloodborne.


  13. Destiny 2
    Bungie reveals more about its shared world shooter’s upcoming expansion.


  15. Devil May Cry 5
    Nero and Dante make their comeback, with the stylish action that’s defined Capcom’s series in tow. DMC has never looked better.


  17. Fallout 76
    Bethesda Studios goes back to the beginning in the online prequel to its adored post-apocalyptic action RPG.


  19. FIFA 19
    Three words: UEFA Champions League.


  21. Ghost of Tsushima
    Following its spectacular reveal at Paris Games Week 2017, here’s your first look at gameplay from the new action adventure game from inFAMOUS: Second Son studio Sucker Punch.


  23. Just Cause 4
    Gorgeous sun-kissed locales: check. Extreme weather: check. Lots of destruction: big ol’ check. Welcome back Rico.


  25. Kingdom Hearts 3
    Find out which of your favourite Disney characters are joining Sora and the gang for the action RPG’s E3 trailer.


  27. NBA Live 19
    EA’s basketball franchise moves the action out of the stadium and into the street with a slick, ever-stylish trailer.


  29. Resident Evil 2
    Get a fresh perspective on a survival horror classic in Capcom’s stunning remake of Resident Evil 2 for PS4.


  31. Sea of Solitude
    Gorgeous, haunting and with an undercurrent of horror, this surprise reveal by German outfit Jo-Mei Games made for one of the most beautiful trailers of the show.


  33. Marvel’s Spider-Man
    Marvel’s Spider-Man faces a legendary threat in the new E3 Showcase trailer.


  35. The Crew 2
    See what next week’s open beta has in store with Ubisoft’s open world racer.


  37. The Division 2
    Ubisoft’s team-based action RPG shifts its focus to Washington D.C in the wake of the deadly viral outbreak.


  39. The Last of Us pt. 2
    Check out the gripping gameplay premiere for the keenly anticipated sequel to Naughty Dog’s acclaimed post-apocalyptic action adventure.


  41. The Quiet Man
    Prey developer Human Head Studios is back with a mysterious new project.


  43. Unravel Two
    Utterly captivated by this platformer sequel with optional co-op? Good news: you can grab it on PlayStation Store and play it right now.


  45. Wolfenstein: Young Blood
    The next instalment in the Wolfenstein series is a co-op game set in 1980, 19 years after BJ Blazkowicz ignited the second American Revolution in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

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  • Come back with the press conference as it was before in 2015 and 2016, players do not like this Showcase format, lots of talk gets boring, we just want games, leave interviews with the development teams for the day after the conference. – Announcement of new games, gameplay, release date.

    • I concur. This year conference was horrid!!

    • Agree 100%.This year’s conference was a mess…felt like something badly planned.

    • I agree too! I liked what they show in terms of games, but the design they use to do the E3 was poorly done and they were talking to much to the point it started to get boring. Plus, don’t get me started on the Intermission thing they did during the event lol!

  • @honismo – Agree fully.

    The showcase kicking off with someone telling us that we shouldn’t expect surprises and big reveals during E3? C’mon… this is the time to hype your games, platform, and to get people excited.

    The past two years have been terrible.

    • The games that show are spectacular, but the Showcase was confusing and with a lot of talk, the PSX last year was horrible and they did not change that.

  • Why is my epic account locked to PS4?

  • Best 23? Was there even 23 games shown? Because I must of missed some during that 1:17 pathetic excuse of a show! I agree with others who think the current people at the helm are NOT gamers just people looking to increase sales by doing it all wrong. Dont want to blow me away and sell me on some upcoming games? Fine, i’ll spend my money somewhere else…!

    • God-Of-Lyf – Do not confuse, the games are the best we are complaining about the interruptions with a lot of talk, it is to re-do the press conference as it was in 2015 and 2016, show only games without by people to be talking a lot

  • Sid Shuman E3 is the apex to announce games, 2017 and 2018 have not done so, do not do more musical performances on stage, just games, we wait a year to see E3 we players just want to see the games

  • The games are amazing but the shows is not good, I want e3 2016 show, it’s the perfect mix of games and people talking on stage.

    Also, playstation is the market leader this gen but why most of 3rd party exciting new games (like dmc5 and sekiro) is announced on xbox conference?

  • Clearly something for everyone

  • I miss Kevin Butler

    • Agent_Jones NO, it’s totally the opposite, we do not want much talk during the conference, more trailers, gameplay, release dates. as it was in 2015 and 2016, Shawn Layden speaks 1 minute at the end of the conference to thank and finalize.

  • por que no se puede reservar el resident evil 2, aqui en latinoamerica??????

  • Metro Exodus was the best trailer shown.


    Firstly, myself and MANY others have already given you guys enough (I hope) feedback on the format and presentation quality of this year’s E3 conference so I’ll just leave it at that. However you’re stating that these 23 games had the best trailers…you seem to be forgetting one that your competition ended their conference with? Cyberpunk 2077 is receiving numerous Game of Show awards and you don’t even mention it? Did they not have a build up and running on PS hardware with PS button prompts?! Does this mean it’s console-exclusive to Xbox?!

  • From what I’ve heard from friends that attended the conference… It was great in person… But to the viewers at home… It wasn’t the same experience… Site specific theatre doesn’t work unless you are on site, and then trying to fill in the gaps with the ps blog peeps wasn’t a good trade off in my opinion…

  • You’re missing Cyberpunk… Also stop the crossplatform lock

  • Resident Evil 2!? Man,I’m so excited,I can’t wait. They totally brought the story back to life. Worth a replay and a purchase. I had been playing the original,wondering when we would get a remake like the previous entries…but this,this is more than a remake. This is RE2 reborn. Man,just imagine how part 3 will be…all the terror suspence,and horror…most of all….Ssstttaaarrss.

  • Maybe I missed it but, how could you not include
    Dying light 2 to this list? I must have scrolled to

  • People watch these shows too see release dates. Like Days Gone coming out 02/22/2019 ps4 exclusive ? Well why has my ps4 still say 12/31/2019 and no preorder only on amazon and other places when its a PlayStation exclusive . PlayStation should have the right release date before anyone else .

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