PlayStation E3 Showcase Recap

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PlayStation E3 Showcase Recap

The biggest reveals and updates from our E3 2018 Showcase.

Our E3 2018 Showcase is over! And I hope you agree that the future of PlayStation is looking brighter than ever.

Hot on the heels of God of War and Detroit: Become Human, PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios are brewing up revolutionary new games designed to push the medium to new frontiers.

We got an extended look at The Last of Us Part II, Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated follow-up to one of the most iconic games in PlayStation history.

PlayStation E3 Showcase Recap

Sucker Punch stopped by with a tantalizing new look at Ghost of Tsushima, a new open-world epic destined to inspire an entire generation of gamers.

PlayStation E3 Showcase Recap

Marvel’s Spider-Man swung in with some huge news — the return of a legendary threat that will prove to be Peter Parker’s greatest test yet.

And Death Stranding made another jaw-dropping appearance, once again confirming that Hideo Kojima is a vital voice in the videogame medium.

PlayStation E3 Showcase Recap

We also got a first look at Resident Evil 2 from Capcom, as well as Trover Saves the Universe, a hilarious new game coming to PlayStation VR from the mind of Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. Plus, Remedy is making its return to PlayStation platforms with supernatural adventure Control.

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Next, we’ll turn our attention to E3 proper, including two jam-packed days of livestreamed game demos, interviews, and deep dives into the most interesting games at E3.

Thanks, as always, for joining us on our journey. I welcome your feedback!

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  • Fui al evento en village de Avellaneda ( que no me quedaba nada cerca) y no apareció ni una persona de Sony y los teóricos regalos no aparecieron ( ni los digitales)

    • I’ve got some praises and some complaints about the E3.

      First the bad. What in the world was this presentation?
      It was horrible in the way it was setup. If it were a score of one to 10 it would be a -4. Yes negetative 4.

      I’m sure someone said, “Well how can we make it bigger and better than last year?” And though multiple places to present was a good idea, it wasn’t.

      The 2 music intro were so long and grinch, people just wanted to see the games. You can have the musicians in the background playing while you are showing the trailer. But it’s not a concert and people didn’t came to see them play Banjo or whatever the other guy was blowing on.

      Just terrible on how it was presented. Also, you’d need to grow your studios, make games faster and get more studios that would work on shooting games.

    • Now for the positive. Which was not the presentation at all.
      The games were absolutely amazing, simply mind blowing.

      I can’t say enough good on how Spider-Man looked and played as well as Ghost of Tsushima and Resident Evil 2. The last of Us 2 was brutal.

      I wish there were more new games announced. Last year was the same games as this year. Bring some more new games.
      You need more studios and different games. More shooting games.

      I can’t wait to see Dreams finally released, because I never want to see those Dreams transitions in any other E3 or PlayStation event… It was Grinch as well.

      But it was a solid presentation of games and that’s what saved the show.

      I know I seem to be hating PlayStation but I’m not. I love PlayStation and I want them to be successful.
      I’d buy a PS4 Portable if it existed. But I guess the only way to do so is to take apart a PS4 and built a laptop and I ain’t starting that kind of project.

  • A los que fuimos al evento de argentina en Village cines en Recoleta no nos dieron ninguno de los regalos, ni físicos ni digitales mencionados en este blog, sin mencionar que no había nadie de Sony

  • Una verguenza la organizacion en pilar, no aparecio nadie de Sony y nos vienen con una excusa totalmente absurda como la de que se confundieron de dia. Totalmente decepcionado.

  • A very different kind of showcase this year, but I’m very pleased with what I saw. Nice to get an in-depth look at some amazing looking games :-)

  • Fui al evento de village pilar, no apareció ningún representante de Sony, no nos dieron los regalos prometidos. La excusa? Que los organizadores se confundieron de día… Una vergüenza. Tienen nuestros emails para que aunquesea manden los obsequios digitales ya que el póster y demás no lo vamos a tener.

  • Very good! You guys guaranteed people will buy PS4 exclusives releasing in 2018/2019 by showing actual gameplay.
    Shawn Layden, I like the way you’ve been handling the @PlayStation conferences thus far. No need to talk, let the games do the talking.

    However, I feel like E3 is dying with the new technologies we have available to us. Everything can be streamed. I feel like your press conferences should continue to evolve on this year, with the focus being primarily on what exclusives PS4 and eventually PS5 owners will be able to play in the same year as well as the upcoming year.

    Personally, I’d love if Sony just held all their reveals for the annual PlayStation Experience Press Conference. All of the gamer’s focus would be on you and our community. Make it into your very own personalized Nintendo Direct.

  • Gastamos mucha plata en juegos consola de Sony y ni un presente tuvieron en ninguno de los cines d argentina una vergüenza

  • Sorry, but that was a weak, sad showing. Very disapointing but then again have been with Sony for the last 2 years…!

  • Que mal fue la e3 experience en argentina. Nadie parecio de sony, nos dejaron en el cine con la luz apagada, nadie ni nos dijo que teniamos que salir….no dieron los regalos. Tan poco respeto por sus fanaticos.

  • Sorry Shawn, but that didn’t give me any good vibes about the future of PlayStation.

    The way TLOUPII was presented was hard to watch. I don’t want to come off to harsh, but be careful with the how highly you elevate Naughty Dog. I liked what I saw in the footage, but if the company doesn’t stay humble about the products, it will push people away.

    I really liked the Ghost of Tsushima presentation, but I think the Live performer would have been more powerful, if they played to a trailer. Both performances were great, but it came off akward, like singing to someone at random.

    My biggest issue is where is the platform/ecosystem heading. I know bringing the competition up is kinda taboo, but Microsoft layed out a beautiful vision for the future, and we got nothing for your team. What is happening with PlayStation Now? PlayStation Vue? What new features are coming to PS+ (Name Changes, Cloud Storage Increase/Improvements)? Any hint of new hardware or ways to deliver games?

    • Make sure to keep going full steam ahead, and keep us in the loop. There is a lot of competition coming in the next few years with new hardware, and streaming services, and you are in position to take charge before others can get a footing. Don’t let this become another iPhone situation, where you had the PSP and could have turned that into iPhone before Apple even got started. Get out ahead with PS Now, and make yourselves the leader in Streaming across all platforms. Attach downloads to PS Now for people with PlayStation Hardware. Get a mobile device on the market for the gamer. Give us the ability to play where we want, when we want before others do it, and sweep this market out from under you.

      I have watched Sony own the, Movie, Music, Television, Mobile, and Gaming markets. Over the last 2 decades I have seen Sony waste massive oppertunity and market share in Movies, Music, Television, and Mobile. Please don’t let Games suffer the same fate.

    • You think Microsoft is headed in a better direction? Seriously? Look at the past few years, look at this year. Sony is dominating.

      You question what Sony has coming?

      The Last of Us II
      Ghost of Tsushima
      Death Stranding
      Days Gone
      Nioh 2
      The Forest
      Concrete Genie
      Yakuza Kiwami 2

      PSVR games – Blood & Truth, Golem, Starchild, Beat Saber, Tetris Effect, Ghost Giant, The Persistence, Firewall, TES Blades, Vacation Sim, Creed, From Software game, Trover, Ace Combat 7, Gunheart.

      Dragon Quest
      Shenmue III
      Death’s Gambit, Eitr, Vane, Omen of Sorrow
      Medievil Remastered Collection
      Blue Point Remake
      The Quiet Man
      Babylon Falls

      This was off the top of my head. It’s a joke to suggest that Xbox has more coming. Halo,Gears, Forza, Ori, Below, Ashen. Microsoft can bs people all they want, but there’s a reason why PS4 outsells XB1 three to one..

  • For the love of God, Demon’s Souls Remastered!

    And I would appreciate an accessibility update for PS3–remapping of buttons.

  • I think this event will get a lot of criticism, maybe a lot of it is warranted, but I also do think fans need to look toward the future and understand that pacing is important. Wanted to see more games? Ok sure…but if there weren’t as many now, it means there will likely be more in coming years….what ELSE could be coming in a few years that would require a bunch of new games….make sense?

    For what it’s worth, the spotlighted games that were shown looked AMAZING!! Maybe it was a bit heavy-handed on some of the gore, but the games are going to be incredible there is no doubt about that, and there is something to be said about quality.

    That said, my only piece of feedback is that the 5 Countdown to E3 announcements, would of probably had more playing power IN the conference, as opposed to the week leading up, especially since the showcase was lighter and more focused this year. For better or worse, regardless of what expectations were set in advance, people will want surprises and tons of announcements. The 5 countdown items could have added to that.

  • E3 was terrible this year for all companies felt like a copy paste from last year it felt like a lot of major properties were missing and a lot left unsaid

    • says LegacySpOrt before he goes off to make a triple A game that will knock our socks off.
      until you personally do something meaningful to the rest of the world no one cares about your commentary on how well those of us who actually create things are doing our job.

    • @ cleversignin – LMAO so you dont want gamers and consumers commenting do you?…only devs and such?…haha seriously where is your head with the kind of thinking that before we criticize we need to actually go and create something better?

  • Shawn Layden, Do not put more people chatting during an E3 this is annoying, just show gameplay and game launch dates

  • I love what I’m seeing, but no skate 4?

  • That was a very bad show. I don’t understand why you would have the TLoU 2 in a different building. Sure it’s neat for the people at e3, but 99% of people watching are not there and don’t want to see only one game in a 30 minutes. Come back from intermission and you have flute guy for some reason, all of that really ruined the mood of the show to me. Games looked great, but you still made it a bad show.

    • Sony won E3 easily.

      TLoU 2 and Ghost of Tsushima were the best trailers at E3.

      RE2 Remake and Control were stunning.

      Spiderman and Death Stranding were excellent.

      Nioh 2 was big.

  • Ayer fui al “experience” Argentina en village Recoleta. La verdad fue una verguenza. Uno gasta bastante dinero en sus productos para que, despues de anunciar un gran evento, nos dejen tirados como perros.
    No habia niingun reprrsentante de Sony en el lugar y en el cine nos apagaron directamente la luz. A un amigo de Village Pilar le dijero que se confundieron de dia… Lamentable.
    Espero que esto sea una ultima vez, y exijo que me den una direccion para ir a buscar mis ” obsequios” y me envien a la casilla de correo los obsequios digitales prometidos.

  • sorry Sony, bur I really wants to say thats I loved your E3s conference, but Im very disapointed
    The organization of event was very confused, even the performances of artists to show Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us are good still became bored when you pass from this to conversation
    And have the video and sound problems who cause more frustration. I admit, I shout out loud when I see PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3 version and all games avaliable, Death Stranding its so confusing and interessing, Resident Evil 2 Remake I almost fall from chair with so incredible trailer, The Last of Us Part II its so awesome and Spider-Man its so amazing. With this I wanted so much a PS4 (probably Kigdom Hearts version), but… the show was so weak and disapointed.
    Waiting some more planning for PlayStation Experience (sorry for bad english, Im Brazilian fan and my english it`s medium yet)

  • In general, me liked E3 from Sony. But I so hoped to see big announcements for PS VR… Probably 2018 of a decline for PS VR, it is sad. I have gone to save up money for powerful PC (( I will now have to save money for a powerful PC (((well that Oculus I already have.
    Eh, Sony, Sony, I understand that VR is not the most profitable industry, but you could release some cool AAA game under ps4 but provide it with PS VR support. And it looks like PS VR is waiting for the fate of PS vita ((

    И сорянчик за неграмотность, как видите моя по русски шпарит))

  • Yeah we all love Sony and was excited, but the pacing was so awkward. I had to get up and leave during ghost solo music. Normally I’m glued to feed the whole time. I thought Ubisoft music with Mario Rabbids was nice cause it went along with video I feel like we knew what TLoU and Spideman were about. Ghost and stranding was new.

  • Hola

    En México (forum buenavista) igual muy decepcionante la organización, solo un par de jóvenes con playeras de playstation y una litografía del evento y no mas, ni regalos físicos, ni digitales, me siento ENGAÑADO por el evento, lastima que amargaron mi experiencia de una buena conferencia con estos detalles, me hubiera quedado en casa a seguir la conferencia

  • amazing games all with gameplay absolutely loved it. changing up the format was interesting but the best sony press conference in recent years was 2016 one, with that format and the amazing lineup of games next year could be the greatest showcase ever.

  • I really enjoyed it. I love the fact that PlayStation has exclusives. Also, exclusives that are going to be spectacular. Death Stranding looks phenomenal and scratches that Sci-Fi itch that I have often. Spider-Man, what can be said seriously, it looked and played like a childhood Spider-Man fantasy game. I remember tying string to my wrists and then to the lamp and making the Thwip noise over and over. September cannot get here fast enough. The Last of Us Part 2 looks like another possible GOTY candidate. Ghosts of Tsushima totally took me by surprise. Look, you are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. The E3 venue was different and that’s ok. The games you showed wowed me. In PlayStation I Trust!!!

  • And once again, not a single mention of Twisted Metal, which is the only reason I pay any attention to E3.
    No new game, no collection, no HD remakes, no ports, nothing.
    So Sony yet again completely dropped the ball, and is just sitting on a goldmine that they are doing nothing with. Wasteful on your end, Disappointing on ours.

  • Disappointed you didn’t announce a date and location for PSX. Unless your cancelling it.

    E3 is the perfect time to announce it, and begin a 6 month marketing plan. PSX should be your Wrestlemania, not an afterthought that gets the scraps of everyones time.

    I hope you either treat it properly, or get rid of it. The last couple of years have been just a waste of potential and time.

  • What you opened with Shawn Layden was down right despicable. Comparing a E3 press conference to church and telling people there obligation to church this Sunday was fulfilled is just plain wrong, how dare you. I pray GOD will open your eyes, and bring you and everyone that is about to hate this comment and probably persecute me for it, to salvation in JESUS CHRIST. To everyone that does hate this comment Thank you, I love you, more importantly GOD loves you. I’m sure this will get taken down immediately because for some reason it’s not okay to discriminate against anyone, except christians, which is not surprising, GOD tells us all this in HIS Word. We all fall short of the Glory of GOD, and JESUS is the way, the truth, and the life.

    • You are joking, right?

    • Agreed. Showing a lesbian scene in “church”, is tantamount to sacrilege. Liberal agenda infestation into video games is really disappointing. And could her nose have been any more “pointed”…

    • Gfdsaadgggghy654

      Can someone send me a invite to Fornite

    • @ Onthafly – Oooh glad someone else got that part of the show.I was really disappointed with Sony and ND for that…really not liking the route Sony is taking doing that sort of thing.Really makes me worried as a longtime PS and Sony fan.

  • Great line up. We really need dates though?

  • Great games but was hoping for PS4 portable, Fallout 3 Anniversary edition, sly cooper anthology. Speaking of Fallout, shelter would have been perfect for Vita.

  • This conference was so bad I really don’t know what your marketing team is doing. Who thought it was a good idea to have an intermission in the middle of a press conference? Also how did MS who has so many less exclusives than you make it look like they have more games coming out? I understand you don’t want to announce games that are way out and concentrate on games coming out soon, but why can’t you highlight all these other games that are coming exclusively to your console?
    Why didn’t you show The Quiet Man, Babylon’s Fall, amazing looking Dragon Quest, Fist of the North Star, or Kiwami 2, all coming exclusively to the PS4?
    You even ignored your own first party which blows my mind.
    Where was Dreams? I saw the demo at E3 and I was blown away. Why is Days Gone and Concrete Genie not in the showcase?
    And what about all these awesome PS VR games you have? Why did you relegate the new From software VR game to the aftershow?

    And then there are third parties. How can you not get DMC 5 reveal on your platform when the game is deeply ingrained in the PS echo system? Where was your Read Dead Redemption 2 deal?
    Only Sony can make themselves look they have way less exclusives than their competitors.

  • Shawn Layden, Come back with the press conference as it was before in 2015 and 2016 gamers do not like this Showcase format, leave the interviews with the development teams for the day after the conference. – Announcement of new games, Gameplays, Release date.

  • Hi,
    I don’t know if you already read about this, but last night while the E3 showcase was taking place, meanwhile in Buenos Aires at the event organized by Sony for fans to “experience” the E3, Sony forgot that it was on Monday and left them stranded on the selected cinemas. Incredibly so, the management from the cinemas came out to speak to the fans and explained that Sony thought that the event was on Tuesday and therefore there was no one from the firm to organize the event. And nothing was said, no apologies from Sony, the bag of digital and physical loots and posters that were explicitly promised at the original blog post with the event info was also never seen.

    Luckily, the cinema people took charge of the situation and at least let the fans watch the keynote as it was scheduled. But it was a huge disappointment for the fans down here in Argentina, it’s unbelievable to think that Sony Arg could confuse such a date. Some people had to travel for 2 hours to the venue for such a disrespectful treatment.

    This is the post where all the info of the event was:

  • Really, Shawn Layden? The game that you just released a couple of weeks ago is called Detroit: BECOME Human, not Detroit: BEYOND Human. Please correct it!

    Btw, awesome conference, I watched it at the cinema in Mexico City.

  • PrincessPeach867

    Shawn Layden, the opener for your event left a bad taste in my mouth as did the new Last of Us trailer.

    Shawn Layden, your opener for this event left a bad taste in my mouth as did the trailer for the new Last of Us game! You think that your little comments are clever and amusing, but your eyes are closed to the truth. I go to Church, not out of obligation, but out of pure love for Jesus, to praise and worship Him and to study and learn God’s Word, His lifeline to us. Let me ask a question, would you guys have mocked a mosque in your presentation, or would that offend too many people? Well, if you are a Christian and are not offended by this, then you need to examine your faith and your priorities.


  • Fui al evento en Village Recoleta (Argentina) y no sé entendía nada, ni un solo cartel indicando algo, un póster, una hoja escrita a mano y lo que prometían como regalos, no apareció nada de nada. Escuché a un pobre chico preguntar a alguien del cine “si con el papelito que le dieron” cambiaba por el poster y se le fueron en la cara.
    Hasta dieron una excusa ridícula diciendo que pensaron que se hacía un día después, la gente de Playstation en Argentina me refiero.
    La verdad que una falta de respeto para el público en general, pq no siquiera salió alguien a dar la cara o decir algo por lo menos.
    Ojalá que esto no quede en la nada

  • Here in Argentina the Experience was an insult to Sony Playstation. The organization was very bad, totally absent. They opened the doors of the cinema and left us alone. There was no a minimum poster or indications that it was a Sony Playstation event. Not even a logo. An organizer told to some attendees before they escaped .. THAT THEY WAS WRONG, TOTALLY CONFUSED THE DAY OF E3 TRANSMISSION AND THE GIFTS WERE DELAYED. Evidently, everything was a lie. I want to record that they left us totally alone. Argentina spends a lot of money on the games and as they announced here on this blog, the fans expected what they promised. They really disappointed us and I hope that those responsible for Playstation Argentina do something about it.

  • If I had to give a award for Best E3 2018 Conference then for sure it would NOT go to Sony. Microsoft did well with that with back to back game announcements and their purchases of some known game companies.

    Now if you ask me about games, then for SURE Sony took this hands down. This years conference was a experiment that was not well received. Almost felt like a Sony (Direct). With a preshow segment IN your main show event. Sure it was for a transition to a different venue but yikes.. interviews and useless banter should be for the after show. Banjo Man and Flute man should combine forces and become a super group with the dreams musicians.

    Don’t get me wrong.
    Games were great… Presentation was terrible.

  • The presentation was flat out bad. I won’t go into “The Kiss in church” as I just don’t want to go down that path…But the intermission?!! Right after showing arguably PlayStation’s biggest exclusive?! And seriously, enough with long intros with people playing instruments! Have them play the instruments DURING game footage instead! Also, you allowed Microsoft to create the illusion that a lot of major multiplatform titles are either exclusive or coming first to the Xbox One. Where were your trailers for Metro, Cyberpunk, Devil May Cry and more? Luckily as an educated and fairly hardcore gamer I’m aware that most of what Xbox showed is also coming to PS4, but I still can’t help but feel like they just gained a lot of traction with this year’s show. Add to that the whole Fortnite controversy where PS4 players can’t transfer their account info or play cross-platform with the Switch and I think PlayStation’s reputation took a bit of a hit this year to be honest.

  • All that being said, I’m still firmly entrenched in the PlayStation camp and am looking forward to true exclusives such as Spider-Man, Days Gone, Last of Us 2, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima. Also, as a fairly new PSVR owner I’m very excited for some of the stuff coming and hopeful for ports of some great games from the other VR platforms.

  • I enjoyed the showcase this year, it was very different but it’s all about the games and @shawnlayden I can tell you the industry and it’s all about the games and nothing else. Actions speak louder than words and you definitely proved that, however I felt it was weird when it came to the interviews on stage felt dry….like it was lacking the spunk from the years before. I can’t wait to see what PSX brings later on this year. Keep making great games but please add a little more spice like we’re used too, not good slow dragged out E3 that just felt soo off.

  • Sad to see the lack of psvr support. I know there were games there xc and a couple of them looked promising, but it all still feels a little lacklustre.
    Psvr has so much potential, but it seems just to be going to waste and being led down the same path as the psp, Vita, PlayStation TV etc etc.
    Psvr is a new way of playing games. A more immersive way of actually being in the games, so why not rehash a few games over to psvr?
    It’s not all about the graphics, but the experience. Point blank, earlier gta titles, project zero, alien isolation etc etc.

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