Control is a New Supernatural Adventure From Remedy Entertainment

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Control is a New Supernatural Adventure From Remedy Entertainment

The studio that brought you Max Payne and Alan Wake takes a step in a new direction.

Hello, PlayStation nation!

In making games, it’s hard to think of a moment more thrilling and nerve-wracking than when you reveal the first glimpse of the game you’re working on. We’re happy and proud to share this moment with you now with Control, the latest Remedy game in the making which will be published by 505 Games.

We know you love single-player games with deep stories and worlds, so it was a special honor for us to be able to globally premiere the trailer at PlayStation’s E3 Showcase. This is only the beginning…

So what is Control?

On the surface, Control is a supernatural action-adventure with a memorable cast of characters and the kind of twisted story you expect from Remedy, and from our Creative Director, Sam Lake.

Jesse Faden’s troubled past has led her to New York, to a huge concrete skyscraper known as the Oldest House. Within lies the headquarters of a secretive government agency known as the Federal Bureau of Control. At Remedy, we like to say that things go horribly, horribly wrong. And for Jesse, they really do: the Bureau is invaded by the otherworldly Hiss, a force that corrupts everything in its way and kills the Director of the Bureau. Through mysterious, ritualistic events, Jesse becomes the new Director and sets out to take on the Hiss with newly enhanced supernatural abilities. She also has something called the Service Weapon, a special, supernaturally enhanced gun that only the Director of the Bureau can use, which can change form at her will.

If you dig deeper into Control, you will find a gameplay-driven experience that is far less linear than our previous games. A big part of this is the setting of the game, the Oldest House, which you can glimpse in the trailer. The HQ of the Bureau is a strange place of power, a building that is vastly larger inside than its outside appearance would lead you believe, with a shifting floorplan filled with secrets to uncover.

Despite her abilities, Jesse won’t have it easy in her new role as the Director. Control is going to be a challenging game, so you’ll have to make use of both your destructive supernatural abilities as well as the transforming Service Weapon to fight back the Hiss. We want to give players a lot of choice on how they approach combat in our gameplay sandbox.

We hope this all has you curious about the secrets of the Oldest House. We have a lot lined up for the rest of the year and beyond to give you more info on Control.

Control - 1

Finally, I’d like to introduce our community managers who will be supporting Control from a community perspective: Lucas at 505 Games and Vida at Remedy. Lucas will be in the comments below to answer questions you might have — let us know what you thought of the trailer!

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