Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Joins PlayStation Plus Starting Tonight

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Joins PlayStation Plus Starting Tonight

Dive back into the Black Ops universe for free before Black Ops 4 launches later this year.

PlayStation Plus members! We’ve got a special E3 2018 treat for you. We’re celebrating the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 by giving all PS Plus members Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for free on PS4, from tonight until July 11.

We want everyone to experience this cutting-edge shooter, set in a dark future where a new breed of Black Ops soldier emerges and the lines are blurred between humanity and technology. Black Ops 3 combines three unique game modes: Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies. It’s a great way to dive into the Black Ops universe before Black Ops 4 launches on October 12.

To further sweeten the celebration of this beloved franchise, if you pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 through PlayStation Store, you’ll get the “Back in Black” maps for Black Ops 3. Back in Black maps are immediately playable for Black Ops 3, and include fan-favorite maps – Jungle, Summit, Slums, and Firing Range – and they are available only for PlayStation fans. This pre-order offer is open to all PS4 owners via PS Store, so don’t miss out.

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    • I’m trying to download the game right now it’s july 11 7:17pm and it’s not in the store anymore.

  • Oh wait it expires July 11. No backsies man! Lame. ;)

    • UPDATE
      Yeah the working is tricky above. But I found the store listing and noticed it says free price is only available till July 11th which means we get to keep the game as any other free plus title so I take back what I said NOT LAME. Thanks Sony that was really cool of you!

  • Wording is unclear, but I think they mean you have until July 11 to claim the game, once you do, it’s yours for good.

  • Hola
    Pregunta. Es juego o es demo? Y se podrá seguir jugándolo despues del 11 de julio?

    • no es una demo, es el juego completo. puedes quedártelo después del 11 de julio siempre y cuando lo reclames y aún tengas playstation plus

      (mi español no es muy bueno, lo siento)

    • @socraticmuffins: por qué te disculpas después de expresarte de forma PERFECTA?

    • Es el juego completo, agregalo a tu libreria antes del 11 de julio, mientras sigas teniendo plus podras seguir jugandolo

  • Is free forever once downloaded or free to play unti June 11

    • free to play as long as you have an active subscription of PS Plus

    • If the ps+ expires u can’t play it any longer?

    • Im not really sure, but I believe you can keep it even if it expires. As it is not a monthly game.

    • @Raydragoo No. If you have an expired subscription, you are unable to play the game. my PS+ subscription expired two days ago (june 18th) the same day I installed the game. I only got to play the game for atleast an hour. When I tried to start the game again, it said my ps+ is expired. Which is weird because im able to play my other digital copies, just not COD BO3. Smh

    • @SOLUSSTO87 There is a difference between a digital game you bought with your money and a digital game you bought/purchased using your PS+ account (got for “free”)

      games gotten with PS+ are LINKED to that online account
      games gotten with your own money are games you can play even without the ps+ (unless you NEED to go online with the game to actually play (those games know who they are)

  • Free forever once added to account right ?

  • Ohh yh after this download, selling my CD

  • I can’t find it in the UK PS Plus games. Is this offer for the US only?
    Does anyone have a link to it in the UK store?

    • It works in the UK as well, just downloaded it. Just go to the store->ps plus->scroll right to the next page, after the monthly games until you see the “bonus game of the month”

  • Okay probably total n00b question, but I can’t seem to find the game on Playstation Plus. I am a subscriber, and went into PS+. I see all the games I have downloaded already, and the few games p for grabs for June that I haven’t downloaded, but no Black Ops 3. Am I looking in the wrong place? I rebooted the PS4 several times to see if that helped, but it didn’t.

    • Okay, I found it. It was buried in the one of the Playstation Store menus, but for some reason wasn’t coming up in a search of Black Ops 3. I apparently had to navigate all the way down to the Playstation Plus menu in the Playstation Store and found it there. So if anyone else is having trouble finding it, go into the store, drop down to “OKaystation Plus” and it will be on the lower right of three games. Well two games and some discounted avatar.

    • I found it yesterday with the tag “Special game for plus” (something like that) under the Plus category


    When i go to my playstation store library it seems that black ops 3 is not under the ps plus games category but just under the category of games i bought myself…!?!

    Does this mean i get to keep the game after my subscription has ended!!!!

    And has this also happened to you guys? :D

  • but i cant add you

  • Has anyone else had a problem where: you already had Blops 3 installed from a disc, “bought” the digital version now its free and when you click start it comes up with the “following applications disc is not inserted :” screen?

    • Delete the disc version app of the game and install the digital copy. I had to do this after I bought my digital copy of GTA 5.

  • if you have disc, upload your saved data and then delete your installed disc copy. You’ll be able to download the digital copy.

  • Perfect game for Plus…only way for me to get CoD nowadays is like this for free so well done Sony although the way it was given out it was weird.Why not the same “add to the library” option like all Plus games?…and why does it show a lock above the Plus symbol of it when I look at the game in ma library?…you guys hiding the game away in the Store doesn’t help either,can almost hear y’all saying “look we’re giving this for free but we hope you don’t find it” lol.I mean with all the advertise you guys do for CoD you’d expect to see B.O 3 for free all over the Store but I know it must’ve taken quite some $$ uh….convincing to make activision allow a CoD for free.

  • I’ve downloaded the game but it doesn’t show up in my library or play-station plus library? Can I not delete the game and re-downloaded it like anything else?

  • So in library for duration of ps plus or just until 7/11?

  • hewlettjasonadam

    If I own the game on disc plus I own dlc 5 Chronicles n all maps if I delete disc version off my PS4 n get this free one will I lose any my zombie maps n saves n have all the zombies maps completed don’t want start over just to give my disc to my son

  • How come you don’t take Call of Duty and simply make it compatible with the Aim Controller like Farpoint That is an Excellent Game? And when Sony releases Ace Comat PLEASE BE SURE TO MAKE it COMPATIBLE with T. Flight Hotas 4 because I spent a lot of money on that. Also Bravo Team is a horrible first person shooter VR game Sony really dropped the ball on that, Expensive crappy!!!! Game, I was Extremely Disappointed!!! Sony has to do better in the future if you want people to continue to purchase, VR Headset not that you’re off to a bad start you just need to take a good look at games you have released in the past and make them compatible with VR Aim Controller Move Motion Flight Stick!!!!! And Racing Wheel Please It’s got to be as easy as that. Just gather up all of your creative people and hammer out these issues, I truly believe it can be accomplished!! Sincerely Mr. Anthony Cruz

  • Today is July 11th… The email says Free through July 11th, but it shows $59.99 when it’s in the cart… Is this deal done?

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