Hit Rhythm Action Game Beat Saber Coming to PS VR

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Hit Rhythm Action Game Beat Saber Coming to PS VR

Stay on beat and slash your way to victory.

Beat Saber is an action rhythm game like no other. Wield your PS Move controllers to slash and cut coloured cubes as they travel towards you, synchronised to a pulsing electronica beat. Each cube has an arrow indicating which angle you need to attack it, with every successful strike generating a unique sound that builds into that level’s track.

The sense of satisfaction – getting immersed in the track’s flow, feeling the rhythm in every fibre of your body, landing perfect attack after perfect attack – is unparallelled. It’s an astonishing, addictive experience.

Each level is paired with original music, created exclusively for Beat Saber by Los Angeles-based composer Jaroslav Beck.

One of the biggest advantages of this game is its simplicity. You can grasp its mechanics in seconds. This makes Beat Saber the perfect pick up and play game for PS VR, whether you’re a VR vet or newcomer. And if you are the competitive sort, you can make your mark on our global leaderboards.

We’re really excited to bring Beat Saber to PS VR. We hope you are ready to join the beat when the game releases on PS4.

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  • When is it releasing?

  • So stoned for this! Will it be playable at E3 this week?

  • either way, I suppose, works.

  • Very excited to see this make its way to PSVR! I’ll definitely be picking this up, I’m really hoping I’m gonna be good at it, but I fear I might not be haha!

  • I am sooooooooo looking forward to checking this out. I love rhythm games in general, but playing one in VR (Thumper was awesome too) especially with physical movements, sounds so enticing.

  • Really looking forward to this for PSVR ever since I saw a demo of it for Oculus!

  • This game looks SICK!! Been needing a reason to dust off the old PSVR. Looks like this is it.

  • O I got the PS4 Pro and a 4K HDR Bravia tv. When Black Friday or Cyber Monday roll up I’m getting a PSVR. There are enough games I won’t on it to warrant a purchase. And this is one of them.

  • Any chance PSVR will allow for custom tracks like the Vive version?

  • Im sure this has been said many times before but, oh how easy it would be to skin this as a Star Wars Light Saber game. Can remain a rythym game of maybe even slowed down and modified to become something more. On rails or otherwise it would sell like hot jawa cakes.

  • I’m happy and all, but we are already knew this was coming to PSVR. I was kinda hoping for a shadow drop, or at least a release date.

    • I guess this looks cool, but honestly I was really hoping when I heard that it was a VR game that was highly anticipated, that it was hopefully maybe VRChat, still waiting for that to come so I can play it to it’s fullest since I only have a PSVR. But anyway, that’s my thoughts on that, so yeah. Bye now I guess.

    • They know we already knew it was coming. Maybe we’ll see a quick trailer for it tomorrow during E3 with a release date or a hopeful, “and it’s available, TODAY.”

  • I literally just bought another VR headset for PC just for this game lmao

    Oh well at least i get the user-created songs hahaha

  • So that’s what we got building up to E3. Microsoft had a pretty solid show and as usual, the world waits eagerly to see how the juggernaut PlayStation replies. I’m a bit worried though. Days Gone, The Last of Us II, Death Stranding, and Spider-man– which is all good but I’m hoping theres some surprises coming they’re throwing us off, because of they hold true to what they’re saying, dang it. Might be a disappointing E3 for Sony, the first in a long time.

  • i am 99% sure I already saw this was coming to PSVR. That 1 % is only because this was suppose to be a new announcement?

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