Unravel Two is a Platformer Built for Two, Available Now on PS4

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Unravel Two is a Platformer Built for Two, Available Now on PS4

Play the surprise sequel to 2016's heartfelt puzzle-platformer alone or with a friend.

“The yarn represents love and the bonds that we make, and it unravels because that’s what happens when we’re separated from what we love.” That’s what Creative Director Martin Sahlin told the world when Unravel first debuted, and it’s still the truth in Unravel Two. But now those old bonds have been broken, and you need to weave new ones. Thankfully, you have a friend by your side to help.

In Unravel Two, you play as two Yarnys (tiny magical creatures made of yarn and joined by a thread) in a puzzle-platforming adventure. Run, jump, swing, and solve your way through a world of natural beauty and shadowy dangers, either on your own or with a friend in local co-op.

Unravel Two

The Ties That Bind

Your job is chase a mysterious “spark”– one that two young people dearly need. Yarnys are protectors and helpers that guide the people they’re connected to, and your journey takes you deep into their most important memories. These two only have each other (just like their Yarny guardians) and as you explore the world, you build the bond that holds them together.

Their tale takes you through a variety of environments, from a gorgeous Scandinavian-inspired wilderness to urban rooftops and construction sites. Unravel Two’s story is told wordlessly as you learn what’s happened to your humans, and why they need your help. While you’ll see plenty of signs in Swedish, we want this story to speak the heart, regardless of language.

Unravel Two

Unravel TwoUnravel Two

Swing into Action (and Danger)

The bond between Yarnys changes the way you play in a tangible way. In Unravel Two, you move through the world by solving physics-based puzzles that rely on a liberal use of yarn. One Yarny can act as an anchor while the other uses their shared yarn to swing across a perilous gap. Yarn bridges turn into springing platforms that help the Yarnys reach new heights. And a yarn lasso is great for pulling objects down from above – that’s an easy way to turn a seesaw into a catapult.

Unravel Two also brings a faster, more energetic feel to the series: these Yarnys can use their thread to swing through the air with the greatest of ease, crossing huge areas without touching the ground. They can also jump up walls and swim for short periods of time, so they’re able to move around the world quickly and without fear.

Until monsters show up, that is. Each environment offers its share of challenges – falling rocks, scorching machine parts, hungry birds – but the most frightening of all are creeping shadow creatures that dissolve any Yarny they touch. You have to use all of your skills to dodge, outrun, and escape them throughout your journey.

Unravel Two

Unravel TwoUnravel Two

Make It Your Own

Along the way, you’ll stumble on unique challenge maps meant to test your mind and reflexes even more than the main game. Other Yarnys are trapped in these levels, and by completing each challenge you can free them.

Rescuing Yarnys earns you new patterns that you can use to customize your main characters. Visit the “Appearance” tab on the menu screen anytime to try out different heads, eyes, bodies, and colors of yarn – everyone has a Yarny, and you can use Unravel Two to create yours.

Unravel Two is available now on PlayStation 4. We’re excited to share this game with you, and can’t wait to watch you chase the spark of adventure.

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