Suit Up: Anthem Soars to PS4 February 22, 2019

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Suit Up: Anthem Soars to PS4 February 22, 2019

Pilot one of four Javelin exo-suit models — Ranger, Colossus, Storm, or Interceptor — in BioWare's massive new living world.

From the studio that created Mass Effect and Dragon Age comes a new world full of mystery and danger: Anthem. It’s been a while since we first unveiled the game, and now we’re back with a closer look at its intriguing gameplay.

In Anthem, you and up to three teammates assume the role of Freelancers, donning powered exosuits called Javelins to take on the biggest threats to humanity. Javelin armor is designed to provide its pilot with incredible offensive and defensive capabilities. You’ll move at incredible speed, rocket across the skies, and safely roam watery depths, progressing both your own abilities as a Javelin pilot and the combat and traversal capabilities of your exosuits.


There are four models of Javelin: the versatile Ranger, the heavy-hitting Colossus, the destructive Storm, and the lightning-fast Interceptor. While each suit plays differently, they all dish out plenty of firepower. Players will be able to collect a full arsenal of exosuits so they can match their play style to the mission at hand — or just to how they happen to feel that day.

Each Javelin is highly customizable, from your gear and weapon loadouts to the look of the Javelins themselves. All gear and weaponry will be unlocked through progression and the only microtransaction content will be cosmetic items. That means no pay-to-win and no loot boxes.

The world itself will be shared across the entire Anthem community, Whether it’s night or day, whether there’s stormy or clear weather, every player in Anthem experiences it at the same time. The world will be changing as well, with the promise of new stories and missions being added after release along with the possibility of some world-shaking events. All of this is made possible because every game is hosted on dedicated servers.


While the game is meant to be played as a group, you can play through the story on your own. BioWare has stressed that grouping up will be as painless and rewarding as possible, to incentivize even the hermits among us to find a squad to join.

Anthem launches February 22, 2019. You can pre-order now and get VIP access to pre-launch playable demos.

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  • R.I.P. Days Gone. We barely knew ye…

  • So I’m guessing it isn’t possible to play offline?

    • Anthem is NOTHING more than EA’s attempt to clone Destiny. It may very well be a great Destiny clone. EA wants a franchise with a big hook for post-purchase transactions. Be prepared to spend a lot of money. Even though Dragon Age is apparently next up for Bioware after Anthem, early hints indicate a new direction. Apparently story-driven single player games don’t make enough for EA. It’s unfair to them to sell a game that requires a one time purchase.

  • I LOVED playing EQ (EverQuest) for nine years of my life. To the point that I played no other game whatsoever. The computers I built were solely with EQ in mind…

    While I have ‘dabbled’ in “Destiny” a bit, and a few other MMOs, I just do not think that I really want a “group experience” anymore (speaking only for myself).

    Solo-only-play in a living world *does* however interest me! Much like “Warframe” delivers…

    Pre-order? I think I will pass. But I will watch and learn and hope…

  • Can someone tell me in the clearest term if this is online only/always online? I get that impression because they said shared/living world but they do not just say it.

    • It was confirmed in the Game Informer rapid fire questions that the game is ALWAYS online, but you can play by yourself.

    • @ Gohan16ken… I’ll try… Anthem is “ALWAYS ONLINE” for the simple reason that Anthem is GaaS (Game as a Service) and EA is going to be pushing Micro-Transactions hard in order to keep that constant revenue stream coming UNTIL They (EA) decide to shutdown the servers.

      At end of the day…Remember, IF you, i or anyone else paid the $60 entry price to play Anthem (on top of any $$spent on Micro-Transactions) We don’t really own the game and we’ll Only be allowed to play it UNTIL EA decides to shutdown the servers.

      You wouldn’t even get past the Title screen if for reason you had a bad Internet connection or decided to tighten your belt for financial reasons and drop your Internet service provider.

      This is why i tend to frown and dismiss ALWAYS Online / Online required games.

      My Cash on February 22 is going to Days Gone ;)

      My .02

    • Awesome, thank you. I will checkout the Game Informer video.

      Given that I buy games digitally, I do not buy always online/online only games.

    • @IcedDice777 I am surprised gamers still think this way. Regardless of you a buying a disc, cartridge, or digital, you never own the game, you own that physical disc or cartridge that just so happens to have the license to play said game. Publishers and or developers own the game and its in their right as a business to shut down servers for games that no longer make them a profit or garner a community big enough to sustain the servers. I am hoping Anthem rights the Bioware ship and is a hit out of the gate, if it falls into that wait a year after launch for the “real” game like Destiny and Division it may not get tue same chance the other two did.

    • @ Drago1082, you’re unfortunately do not understanding the concern. Take Persona 5. I own the disc. As long as I have a functioning PS4, I can play Persona 5 anytime. Period. Persona 5, I believe, is also one of the now too rare games to have no patches, so a 100 years from now, it would play perfectly. Yes, Atlus owns the game, but they don’t my disc. Likewise for digital. As long as Playstation is active, the digital will be active. Many games for PS3 have been delisted. Even so, if you own the digital, you can still download and play it. For online games, this is completely NOT the case. Even though you can play, to give two examples, Destiny solo or DC Universe Online solo, once they turn off the servers, it’s game over and all the money invested in it is GONE. A physical would have no real value.

  • Lol, Days Gone is fine. Multiplayer vs Single-Player. Although… it’ll lose its hype fast with this on its heels.

  • It looks crazily fun. The way how they represent and gave a sample of what else is in the game just brings me so into it.

  • I know I’m in the minority for saying this, but this game does nothing for me and i don’t know why. Maybe the beta will change my mind.

  • Luxo de jogo ! Correndo completar minha lista de games atrasados pra jogar o Anthem com toda a calma e gosto que merece. Obrigado Bioware !

  • NehemiahAlcendor

    Cool but are you gonna need PS+?

    • That seems like a silly question at this point in the generation doesnt it? Anthem is not F2P like Fortnite, nor does it have its own subscription like FFXIV, so yes Plus will be required.

    • NehemiahAlcendor

      I don’t mean for the multiplayer. I mean just to access the game.

  • Anthem is looking very good, super excited for this now, but I’m gonna be grabbing both this and Days Gone at launch now. Bye bye money.

  • Oh yeah, like it should be seen as okay to charge money for cosmetics that should be purely unlockable in a game that costs full price. Screw you gaming industry, especially you EA.

  • 2-22 definitely sucks and both Anthem and Days Gone are going to lose sales day one. At this point, for me, Days Gone is a must. Anthem, is a hopeful must. I just hope Bioware delivers us a massive world that is fun to play in and has enough end game content to keep players like myself and friends engaged. Destiny is, at it’s core, an absolutely solid shooter and game. However, we’re always left with a vanilla version that gets old very quickly. In addition to strongholds and assuming there’s raids there needs to be more to do. Grinding for weapons and playing the same old strikes/strongholds or Raid once a week only goes so far end game. Looking forward to Anthem though. I just hope they deliver both a great game to play and one that offers sustained engagement from those of us who play too much.

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